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    BACKLIGHT : A Web Publishing Suite for Lightroom Users

    Yes, it's more demonstration than tutorial, though serves both purposes. Many of our English-as-a-second-language customers find the video easier to follow than the written documentation. That said, the full setup process is also laid out step-by-step on our wiki.
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    Upgrading MAC OSX - Problems?

    Upgrading OS X is generally safe, but there are a few hard lines that Apple has drawn. For example, OS X Lion killed Rosetta support for PowerPC (pre-Intel) applications, and Mountain Lion removed X11. In the latter case, this more affected developers than standard users, but it has had an...
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    BACKLIGHT : A Web Publishing Suite for Lightroom Users

    And you don't need to have any such knowledge. There is literally nothing in Backlight that requires such expertise; you can personalize your site completely through our designer interface, and can easily format all of your text using Markdown. We do support various options for advanced users...
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    BACKLIGHT : A Web Publishing Suite for Lightroom Users

    I really would encourage interested parties to check out our demonstration video on YouTube, as it shows how quickly and easily you can have galleries online; this process is also fully documented. From there, it's a matter of personalizing your site, and you can spend as much or as little time...
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    BACKLIGHT : A Web Publishing Suite for Lightroom Users

    Hi Tom, I'm on the development team. I would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have, or feel free to visit our user forum or Facebook group if you'd like some perspective from our clients. Cheers, Matt
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    Film look

    They don't come cheap, but VSCO's film emulations are pretty fantastic. They used to have a free-to-download "Film Pack 00" with 10 presets, but it doesn't seem to be available now. Maybe check out the "Film Essentials" pack.
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    Recovering Deleted filles

    Depending on whether or how much you've shot on your memory card since the files in question were there, you might have an easier time running data recovery on your memory card than on your hard disk. Worth trying, anyway. In the past, I've had good luck using Data Rescue.
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    BACKLIGHT : A Web Publishing Suite for Lightroom Users

    BACKLIGHT allows photographers to create a website in mere minutes, then to be publishing image galleries via Lightroom's Publish Services immediately. Literally, go from install to images in minutes. Backlight is created by The Turning Gate (TTG), creators of Lightroom's most popular and...
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    Google only finds an xml file when you search for my LR web gallery

    There are several third-party solutions to this problem, Lightroom plugins that allow you to create websites. My own plugins at are one such solution. You may investigate offerings from other vendors at and...
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    TTG Cart CE -- Shopping Cart System for Lightroom -- Released!

    JUNE 7, 2011, LOS ANGELES, CA -- The Turning Gate has released TTG Cart CE, its new shopping cart system for Adobe Lightroom. Until now there have been shopping cart galleries, but TTG Cart CE marks the first Lightroom-centric shopping cart system. A single, central cart installation serves...
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    Create a Stock Website?

    Expanding on johnbeardy's explanation above, keyword searching does indeed require a log of server-side processing. Typically this would include a large amount of PHP and a MySQL database to keep track of images and keywords. Limitations then parade through the discussion, being as Lightroom's...
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    Moving catalogs between Mac & Windows

    I think Victoria's thinking is in line with what I had in mind, and I'm glad to hear it from a second source. That's probably the way I will go, as I'm uncertain whether computers at this production studio are networked. I'm guessing not, as things seem to be scattered on several portable hard...
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    Moving catalogs between Mac & Windows

    Gads, I hadn't thought of that. Not quite sure how to go about using or setting up a UNC share. I'm going to need to make this as foolproof as possible. Any ideas?
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    Moving catalogs between Mac & Windows

    I may be taking on a Lightroom consulting job with a client that would require development of a large catalog that would need to be accessible on both Mac and Windows-based systems. I have some ideas about how this will have to work, but wanted to put out a call for any general advice on the...
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    Any one have TTG Stage for LR 1.x?

    According to my changelog, the last version that supported LR1.x was TTG Stage 1.14. Unfortunately, I no longer have many of the older versions of the galleries; I had them for a while, but lost my backups in my own hard disk fiasco.