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    Lightroom 10 Keeps wanting Catalog update

    Thank you for your reply. That is the first thing I checked. It is set to open the Last Catalog opened. Which was an already updated catalog. I have looked at everything i could. If I go to the actual lrcat file and click it will open correctly. If I click on the LRC icon for the program it...
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    Lightroom 10 Keeps wanting Catalog update

    After updating to Lightroom 10 and updating the catalog to the new version. Evertime I open my catalog , I am forced to update the catalog to version 10 from the non version 10 catalog. what is triggering this updating and how do I stop it. Thanks
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    Editing in Photoshop from Lightroom CC

    Operating System:Win 10 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info):Lightroom CC When I open Photoshop from Lightroom Cc and edit my image, the edit image is not showing up in CC. I have tried both Save and Save as. I know I am missing something, any help is appreciated. thanks
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    Hangs up importing from Catalog

    I am attempting to import a catalog with 88,000 images into one with 161,000 images. I gets about have way and hangs up. I let it sit for 12 hours and didn't move. does anyone have any thoughts on why?