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    custom metadata fields

    Check this Plug-in, maybe it works for you: Franz
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    Correct setting to export to JPEG without huge file size

    Sorry, if I was confusing but I assumes that "Quality" is somehow correlating to "File-size". But for me any scale which goes from 0/1 to 100 is Percent (per centum = out of hundred). I wanted only to show that this behaviour described by Jeffry Friedl is also in LR 8. When you compare the file...
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    Account details

    Hallo Johan Maybe my title was not clear, I wrote about the Forum Software. and my account details here in this Forum. My LR Software is 8.1 Franz
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    Account details

    In the Software Version selection field the Versions 8.0 and 8.1 are missing, only Classic 7 is available. Franz
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    Correct setting to export to JPEG without huge file size

    Just tested with LR 8.1 100% 2868 KB 93% 2868 KB 85% 2041 KB ..... 8% 254 KB 7% 232 KB 1% 232 KB 0% 232 KB Franz
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    Correct setting to export to JPEG without huge file size

    A nice reading to this theme by J. Friedl: An Analysis of Lightroom JPEG Export Quality Settings Greetings from Vienna Franz
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    Reverse geo encoding

    Still working, this will happen in November. Then it will be Geosetter + Friedl Franz
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    Reverse geo encoding

    After putting in the GPS-data it doesn’t show the “famous” proposals for location, street,..... I tried all possible settings in preferences, set back all preferences, now out of ideas. It’s also not text colour grey on grey as I found somewhere as possible cause. For me it’s only a small...
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    Interaction Between Monitor and Printer

    On the site (german only!?) you can find specs and info vor approx. 13.000 monitors, with filters for tens of parameters and much more. Unfortunately I couldn’t find an English version of this site. Greetings from Vienna Franz
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    Autoplay problem after update

    I upgraded from 5.7 to 6.14 without any problems, everything is ok. The only small problem is Windows7 related. After putting in a SD-card autoplay shows a lot of programs including LR5 but not LR6. I know that this is controlled by the registry but not how. Is there an easy and...
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    IPTC Date Created

    Try 1984-00-00 Works in my German Version: IPTC/Bild/ erstellt am Franz
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    Process named amecommand.exe using 70%+ CPU

    Another opinion: What is amecommand.exe ? amecommand.exe info What is true ? Franz
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    Is there a functional DNG viewer for Win 10 ?

    Export full size JPEGs AND full size TIFFs (= RAW). Then you have both worlds - lossy and lossless. And independent from Adobe! Greetings from Vienna Franz
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    Metadata argh!: Can I include EXIF date/time but exclude keywords?

    Another Version: 1. Select all images 2.) Right click -> make virtual copies 3.) VCs are selected -> delete all keywords in the box on the right side 4.) Export 5.) VCs are still selected -> delete 2. - 5. in total only 6 clicks It worked in my version Greetings from Vienna Franz
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    Monitor for photo editing and RAM Makes very useful tests, comparisons and so on. Also in English Franz