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    Forum software upgrade

    Good work VB, looks good !
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    Quad Core vs Dual Core

    I have a 15" and 13" MacBook Pro and I don't really notice much difference in performance, however, I do prefer the 15" screen and would choose it every time over the 13" for Lightroom.
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    Adobe Sensei, automatically tags your photos

    There is good chance the Tags aren't even human readable so may not be much use too you anyway.
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    Is Lightroom Classic end-of-life?

    My guess is Classic will eventually go. The new Lightroom will have everything that Classic has by then with the option of cloud or local storage. (Hopefully) I expect the current code base has become a bit of a monstrosity after all these years of development. A new code base built from the...
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    Has anyone figured out where CC cloud library appears in CC Classic

    Lightroom Classic doesn't use images in the cloud. I don't think it will download anything, you have to export the file from LR CC (Cloud) and import into Classic locally. - I could be wrong though as I haven't looked into it that far yet, maybe they can share file information across their...
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    Has anyone figured out where CC cloud library appears in CC Classic

    The local CC copies are stored inside the catalog on your external hard drive. Whether they are used or not during editing is anyone guess at this stage.
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    New LR Classic - installed and humming away

    Seems to work pretty well at this stage although it is very basic. I can't tell if I have jpg or raw file displayed when working unless I go to the info panel. This is quite annoying for a dual workflow so I'm hoping they add metadata overlay soon. I wonder if Adobe will eventually replace...
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    Where is Lightroom CC (Cloud)

    Good point ! I forgot to try that, should have known better having been putting up with the flaky CC app for a long while now ;) It worked - thanks !
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    Where is Lightroom CC (Cloud)

    Is the new "Cloud" version of Lightroom CC supposed to magically appear as a download in my Adobe CC Apps drop down ? or do I have to do something to get it to appear? I can't see it, I have the Photography CC Bundle at present and have checked updates.
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    Adobe Cloud Storage Details

    I'm having trouble finding details of Adobes Cloud Storage on the Adobe website. With the recent announcement of the new Lightroom I have some questions before diving in. Where are the data centres that store the data ? What DR capability do they have ? What (country's) law can be appropriated...
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    Not sure how to phrase question, changing White Balance

    Its still a background process which is what I was alluding to. You don't have to wait for them to continue your "foreground" processing / work.
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    Not sure how to phrase question, changing White Balance

    Yes, the thumbnail updates happen in the background and can take a while. The export will honour the changes you have made to the image settings.
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    trying to achieve effect

    click on the numbers and the images will show in another tab/window. They remind of Fuji Classic Chrome film simulation.
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    Google Nik Collections now free, should I install in Lightroom

    I agree SFX is definitely the best of the tools in the NIK collection.
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    How to use XMP sidecar files for JPEGs in Lightroom

    I think if you make the jpgs read only then LR will create an xmp file because it can't write to the jpg. It did this in earlier versions but I haven't tested it in years.