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    EXPORT TO issue Help Please

    HI . thanks again. I have set these setting correctly now and will let you know if this gets rid of my issue .:-))
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    EXPORT TO issue Help Please

    HI again. What I find happening regularly is that the export dialog forgets my previous export...all the i have to go to the export setting and re click on my User Preset which I have created. I use Control shift Alt E ( export with Previous) and it works some of the time, but then...
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    EXPORT TO issue Help Please

    Many thanks for this. Export with Previous seems to be the one I need to use all the time :-)
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    EXPORT TO issue Help Please

    Operating System: winows 10 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info):Lightroom version: 6.5.1 Hi I wonder if anyone could tell me why this happens: When I have worked on a photo and want to export it as a Jpg.....I find that every time I have to go back and click on "Add to this...
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    Lightroom will not validate HELP PLEASE

    Operating System: Yosemite Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info):CC 2015 [1014445] Hi . I have been sending pics by email from Lightroom for ages. Last week I had to change my email password and today tried to send a pic from Lightroom. Lightroom will not send emails, even though...
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    edited pics always go to the right in the film strip HELP PLEASE

    HI There I wonder if anyone could explain, or direct me to a page somewhere that explains the following: For example, If I merge a few photos, once it is merged it comes back into the strip on the far right hand side. I then have to use stacking (auto stack by capture time) to get the merged...
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    CATALOG confusion help please

    HI there I have a question which is puzzling regarding making backups of my existing catalog Heres the scenario: I always back up all my photos regularly but It occured to me recently that although I back up my catalog when I exit lightroom, I should also have a safety back up of this catalog...
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    Can I copy a collection from one catalog into another

    HI Im still fairly new to Lightroom. Any help would be appreciated Can I copy a collection from one saved catalog into another easily. Or do I have to just import all the photos into the current catalog and process all over again? Many thanks for any help
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    Filter wont work on part of the photo HELP PLEASE

    Im not sure about the edit Pins.....but however I sicovered this morning that if I click on the Crop tool and then the Adjustment Brush it seems to release this restriction and then lets me place a new filter wherever I like. Again thanks for your help
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    Filter wont work on part of the photo HELP PLEASE

    HI there . thank you for your reply, and your explanation. I do understand how the filter works, but I see I did not express my problem correctly. When I say that the filter wont work on the top half of my photo, what I mean is: if I try to make a new filter, it will not allow me to insert...
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    Filter wont work on part of the photo HELP PLEASE

    HI Occasionally I try to use the Graduated filter and find that in wont operate on part of the photo. For instance it will work on the lower half of the picture but not the top Any advise would be really helpful Many thanks