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    Edits in data base only?

    You must have saved your metadata to file, either in a sidecar file or in the DNG file if you use them. As ACR uses the same rendering engine as LR it can read and apply your edits from those files.
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    Epson Print Preview Question

    That suggests she has the wrong profile for the paper she's using. Make sure that in the Printer Preferences the color management option is set to "off", and then in the LR print module make sure the correct profile for the paper is selected before printing. If it's still not working post...
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    Epson Print Preview Question

    Unfortunately I think the print preview is only available in Epson's print drivers for Windows, and not for Macs. Perhaps a Mac using Epson owner will be able to confirm that.
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    Adjustment brush color is too faint.

    When the coloured mask is visible, try pressing Shift-o to cycle through the different colours available and see if that helps the visibility.
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    Backing up Catalogues and Collections

    One further thought, although it might just be a matter what you mean by "synced", but be aware that you may not have a reliable backup in all circumstances. If you were to accidentally delete a photo, does your synchronisation software automatically delete it from the NAS as well? If you have...
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    is there a way to publish directly to Instagram/

    I don't do instagram either, but just moving the photos into the folder won't publish them, in a publish service you need to explicitly do that by pushing the button labelled "publish" in the top right hand corner when you view the collection. Did you do that? If not, give it a try, if you did...
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    Trying to edit to Nik Collection, crashes Lightroom

    See this thread for help with resetting the preferences file: Resetting the lightroom preferences file - updated
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    Best noise reduction options

    I'm not sure there's a 100% "clean" way to sort them out, but if you want to keep your presets stored with your catalogue then you should be able to copy the Nik presets from the default location to your catalogue location and have them work OK. Try this: In preferences, on the "presets" tab...
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    Best noise reduction options

    In your LR preferences, do you have "store presets with catalog" checked? If so, try unchecking it and see if they appear in the "Edit in" menu then. The Nik installer puts them into the default preset location.
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    Export Question/Concern

    Welcome to the forum Glenn. The first thing to check is the colour space you are selecting when you export the images. If, for example, you are exporting the images with an AdobeRGB profile but are viewing them on a screen that's only capable of displaying sRGB, then they will look dull and...
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    Printing problem

    In the long term, no, you shouldn't need to go through this for every print unless you're doing commercial work and you must exactly match colours (like the UPS brown or the John Deere green). Assuming your aim is to produce prints that you are happy with then it's a matter of gaining the...
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    Printing problem

    Hi Hawk. Is that preview one that is generated by your printer driver (that is it appears in its own window after you have pressed Print in Lightroom)? If so it's not surprising that it looks different; Lightroom has prepared the image using the printer/paper profile, and when it's displayed on...
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    Exporting Raw (kind of)

    You don't really need to do an export, simply make a copy of the raw files and associated xmp files and open/import them in the other software. Assuming that software can utilise xmp files then keywords and other metadata should be read in too. The develop information in the xmp files will be...
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    Storage limits???

    Welcome to the forum from me too Tim. Cletus has covered most of your questions but I wonder if part of your confusion comes from the name "Creative Cloud"? Despite the name, Lightroom CC does not run in the cloud or require any cloud storage to operate. The application runs (as it always has)...
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    2 Sync folders with same photos?

    I don't think you can delete the "Lightroom Photos" collection that appears in LR mobile. It's the equivalent of the "All Photos" collection in LR desktop and it contains all of the photos in LR mobile. If you sync another collection from your desktop then those photos will appear in the...