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    Switch to Library - Default to Grid View

    What are you looking for exactly? G is the default for going back to the Grid view, just like you asked for
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    Map not really working since update

    I'm on Big Sur so i can not test it but what's happening exactly?
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    What's the white tab in de lower left corner?

    I forgot what's this white tab for and i searched for a while now. Maybe someone here knows the answer by heart?
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    Print editing workflow

    There is a plug-in which does, i'm using it to keep notes about clients and worfkflow, i don't want to ' abuse' my Keywords for this. It's called Daisynotes and you can annotate folders, collections and smart collections: Another handy plug-in is 'Big...
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    How do you catalog your photos?

    My advice is to read the DAM book from Peter Krogh. In my opinion the best resource on this subject!
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    Lightroom 11.3.1 so slow... (Mac Monterey)

    Some other tips can be found here:
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    LR not importing all photos

    Did you not import them before?
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    How to write the file creation date of the scan into capture time field of multiple files

    Did you take a look at ? It is possible to change dates of multiple images at once
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    Access a Roll of Processed Film
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    ?limit to number of stacks that can be collapsed at once

    I'm with Johan on this. Don't save those derivates, just generate them again when needed. To answer you question; there is a one situation this option is missing and that is when you are 'in' a smart collection. Could this be the case?
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    workflow for old photos?

    Do you know this resource? However Peter Krogh describes a camera scanning approach he is going deep into the whole proces. I found it very valuable
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    Enlarging the Caption Field in Metadata

    I did not know about this behaviour but LrC does it on my system as you described. When i type in more characters than fit in one line, the field is streched to a second line and so furher. LrC 11.1 and Mac OS 11.6.2
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    Find duplicate photo with teekessechen

    I'm not familiar with this plugin otherwise i would share my experiences. I think it does not delete the duplicates it finds but only marks them so you can decide yourself what to do with them. Welcome to the forum by the way!
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    Find duplicate photo with teekessechen

    Did you take a look at the tutorial at ?