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    Moved LR 3.6 to Win7 64 Bit and have HTML issues

    My Win 7 machine is 64 bit. I'd have to guess LR3 was installed first, but I honestly don't know. I never use IE. If you don't need IE 9 then I would let sleeping dogs lie and move forward with out it. If you want to tinker you could try reinstalling IE 9 and see what happens.
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    Moved LR 3.6 to Win7 64 Bit and have HTML issues

    That's great news! It has to be more than just the presence of IE 9 though as I have that installed on my Win 7 machine and could not reproduce the issue with either LR 3 or LR 4.
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    Moved LR 3.6 to Win7 64 Bit and have HTML issues

    Thanks for the screen captures. If your presets/templates are in the default location then Lightroom 4 will see them just fine. When you launch Lightroom 4 it will prompt you to upgrade a copy of your LR3 catalog, but you can skip that and just create a new (empty) one for testing purposes. It...
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    Moved LR 3.6 to Win7 64 Bit and have HTML issues

    Hi Bob, Could you post a screen capture of what an HTML gallery currently looks like? Could you try installing the Lightroom 4 free trial, importing some test photos into that, and comparing?
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    Unable to see External HD in Lightroom

    The folders panel will only show folders that have been imported already. You can click the Import button and import existing photos on that drive, which will make it appear in the Folders panel, or go to Library > New Folder, then navigate to an existing folder (or create a new one) on that...
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    A little problem in LR3 Library left panel

    I am seeing an increasing number of people reporting this to me as well. I too think it is a bug, but I can not replicate it, which makes it really hard for me to report it as such. Can everyone who has had this happen report it here:
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    Help with creation of slideshow?

    No, don't think that will work. You might try running a slideshow from that folder through Picasa on the second monitor, while doing all your editing work in Lightroom on the other.
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    Changing external editor from CS4 to CS5

    It should be automatic. If you go to Lightroom > Preferences > External Editing, what version of photoshop is listed above the first group of settings: As an aside, you can set up multiple additional external editors...
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    LR 2.6 RC expired, LR won't open at all

    Because "RC" stands for "Release Candidate" which is essentially a sort of beta version. You want the final (non-RC) release of 2.6.
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    Starting over with new operating system

    I think Victoria's tutorial on migrating to a new system will help you out:
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    Text entries in LR

    Good call Gene! I can't think of any way to do that on an entire collection though. At least not inside of Lightroom. One thought was to publish a web gallery and add all that info to the web gallery. Prolly not what you are looking for though.
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    PhotoshopWorld in Las Vegas

    I agree with your assessment. This was a great show all around.