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    LR and Thunderbolt

    Thunderbolt drives should pose no issues as they are wired drives just like Firewire or USB. If your files are on the drive the Catalog will have no problems accessing them. Even if your Catalog is on the drive there should be no problem. You will have problems if you try to save the Catalog...
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    LR3 Smart Collection For Un-Published Photos

    If you use a smart collection that states Publish Collection Doesn't Contain (name of collection) you will be left with a collection of images that have not been published. Is that your goal? You can have as many instances of the Doesn't Contain as you have Published services. In your case, 2.
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    Hard drive file transfer, old topic but newb is going to ask it anyway.

    You dont mention whether Lightroom is currently monitoring the 500GB HD's as separate catalogs or a single catalog. I will assume a single catalog. Since your duplicates have different names but are visually the same then sorting by filename wont necessarily help. You could use other metadata...
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    Help with Workflow & Portable Harddisk

    1. if you choose to keep the original folders you can still stack by time by selecting more than one folder in the Folder panel then select all images in the resulting grid display 2.To create a new catalog: > File New Catalog 3. When creating the new catalog, simply select the location where...
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    Printer profiles

    The Epson Profiles are installed in a package: HD/Library/Printers/EPSON/InkJetPrinter/Profiles/SPR24' R25'.profiles Right click on the .profiles and select "show package contents". Open the Resources folder and there they are. However, that is where they should be so if they are not...
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    Backing up Catalog to Network

    It is my understanding that the OP wants to utilize the network drive as a means of backing up the catalog, not to actually run it from the drive. (This cannot be done via the backup to location dialog upon starting Lightroom.) - Edit. Scratch that. It can be backed up to a network drive. You...
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    Linear Tone-Curve After PS

    Yes it is ok and perfectly normal.
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    Blank Catalog

    Yes it is terrible. What steps have you taken to recover? New catalog / import Backup of catalog Reintstall Trash preferences
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    stars and color coding for folders and collections

    Not exactly sure of your workflow but it seems that the Smart Collections would be the way to go. Only you can determine what is "Done". Using that criteria, be it a crop, a color label or star etc. you could create Smart collections that match your folder names. Then when the number in each...
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    How do you combine catalogs?

    Actually you only need to import one catalog into the other. Making a new one is not necessary. The location of the files may be another matter if they were not stored on an external drive for example. In that case you would need to take the files from the PC to the MAC. and after the...
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    Logistic advice on catalogue please

    Anthony, Im not entirely sure I understand what your plan is but I'll make some suggestions. First. A single catalog is the best option for you. Now what I dont know is when the images are stored on Cd's are you then removing them from the hard drive? If so, and this would be acceptable...
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    When a source file is a JPG or TIF

    No because the act of opening as a smart object will force a "save as", thereby leaving the original untouched. You can make any enhancements within LR, open as Smart Object which will reflect those changes but at time of saving you will be forced to save as. Worth noting too that if you do this...
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    Import Dialog

    This has to be a PC/Mac issue. I am saying on a Mac it most certainly does work as intended. Lee Jay states, "Okay, if LR isn't running and I insert a card, I get the autorun window allowing me to run LR and import. I don't get the import window if LR is running already." If Lightroom is...
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    lightroom 1.4.1 question about acr update

    Good point. When students tell me that they cannot open a CR2 or NEF file in Camera Raw my first avenue of attack is to convert to DNG using the standalone converter. The case usually comes up because they are using a newer camera and the school has yet to upgrade to the latest version of...
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    When a source file is a JPG or TIF

    Its not the DNG format itself that is non destructive but rather the process itself of using LR to create changes to images. The fact that a DNG or RAW file cannot be "saved" makes it non destructive by default. As to whether you should convert Tiffs and Jpgs, I see no reason. Its the process...