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    Fixed bugs in LR 11.0.1?

    Yes. This is the Crasher Jim mentions as his item 3
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    LrC 11 metadata issues

    Jim has been rocking this question over at the Adobe Community Forums too!
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    How to Force an Update to LR Mobile 6.3?

    iOS App Store Updates roll out on a gradual basis and take ~ 5 days to reach everyone. You can normally go into the App Store and search for an app and force the update but auto updates are at the mercy of Apple's App Store lottery. Android has a similar roll out (7 days) but there is no way...
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    Adjust very small crop of an image by dragging the lines of the crop: the raster / grid is too rough?

    Collapse all panels while in the Crop mode [Shift]+[Tab] will gain you some additional real estate on a small crop. [Shift]+[F] will gain you slightly more control as well.
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    Luminous and Raw Coverters

    Stating the obvious: If people continue to subscribe to Lightroom Classic it will continue If people cease to subscribe to Lightroom Classic... What would any business do? The future is literally in the customer's hands. It is also why development is active and robust for Classic today. Its...
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    Lightroom mobile (iphone) not syncing to desktop; desktop collections will sync to smartphone

    As with all sync issues when you have a device and a computer involved - check the cloud Online photo editor | Photoshop Lightroom first. If the files are making it to the cloud then you know which instance to troubleshoot. If the files don't make it to the cloud, you also know which instance to...
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    LR Classic crashing

    I am sorry but Adobe no longer offers support for Lightroom 5.x. Current supported versions are 9.x and 8.x. You would need to update to one of those versions and see if the crash is still present. It does explain why I could not find the report however as I only search on currently supported...
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    LR Classic crashing

    Dan, I've checked for crash reports under your Adobe Id and find none in our system. Is it Lightroom crashing or the OS? Do you get a dialog? Is it the OS dialog or the Adobe dialog? You may need to post a video of the crash.
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    Caption / Description Metadata Fields

    I've logged a bug for this Matthew
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    Keywords - Characters < and > stripped on import

    I've filed a bug to update the Preferences Dialog and sent in the changes for the Help doc. The help doc should be updated quickly. The Pref's dialog may take a bit.
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    Caption / Description Metadata Fields

    Thanks. I am glad to see I wasn't on the thread and identified as the culprit ;) That post is pretty ancient and didn't have a lot of Me-Toos so I am not surprised it is lost in the shuffle. Interesting aside- that was my 3rd day at Adobe although I was working on the Spark Team at the time and...
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    Caption / Description Metadata Fields

    "And while Adobe consider this to be the correct handling of that scenario" . I would really love some context on that statement.
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    Win 10 and CS2

    See this 7 year old post: Activation server shut down for Creative Suite 2, Acrobat 7, and Macromedia products
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    What's your new years resolution?

    300 PPI