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  1. RikkFlohr

    New "Home" view does not show, Samsung (Android) tablet

    I've made the request for changes to the What's New page.
  2. RikkFlohr

    New "Home" view does not show, Samsung (Android) tablet

    See: Lightroom for mobile: Support interactive tutorials on Android tablets | Photoshop Family Customer Community
  3. RikkFlohr

    Another Adobe price increase thread

    Additional information added to my post above.
  4. RikkFlohr

    Another Adobe price increase thread

    This particular test involves testing photography plans with higher levels of storage. If you’d like to purchase the 20GB plan, go to Adobe Checkout, or via phone at 1-800-585-0774 or at major retailers. Edited with updated information.
  5. RikkFlohr

    Difference Between Auto Settings and Auto Tone

    See Simon's recent post on this thread for an explanation: Lightroom Classic: Auto Tone of a batch of photos gives different results than if you do them one at a time | Photoshop Family Customer Community
  6. RikkFlohr

    Asking me to sign-in

    Nice how you kept me anonymous! If that fails to fix it, try the tips here: Adobe Creative Cloud signs you out or asks you to sign in repeatedly
  7. RikkFlohr

    print setting button missing

    It is one of the few differences between Mac and Windows when using Lightroom. Windows has one button - Mac has two. Corrected
  8. RikkFlohr

    LR files don't open in Photoshop

    A workaround (temporary) For Classic: Select multiple images (instead of one) - Edit in PS CC is not affected
  9. RikkFlohr

    File renaming issue

    Hot sure how you are going about your 'renaming in batches' but the Renaming command might help here. Here is a test preset that should revert the name. Of course test it on an image or two before turning it loose on them all....
  10. RikkFlohr

    Videos to watch

    Another source: Adobe Photoshop Lightroom
  11. RikkFlohr

    LR-6 current version/release?

    Lightroom 6.14 is the last version of Lightroom 6. It will receive no further updates. It was a perpetually licensed product. Lightroom Classic CC is the next iteration after Lightroom 6 and is currently on version 8.1. It is a subscription product.
  12. RikkFlohr

    Missing tools at bottom of image I am editing

    [ T ] is a shortcut for Lightroom Classic CC. 2.0.1 is Lightroom CC - it is a different program.
  13. RikkFlohr

    Lightroom CC 2.0.2 update

    Jim is correct. A couple of minor bug fixes to correct an installer issue.
  14. RikkFlohr

    Lightroom 6 standalone trial

    Download Lightroom 6.0 from this link Download Photoshop Lightroom Install Download Lightroom 6.14 patch from the same link Install. You should have a 7 day trial. It may say CC2015.14 but it is the same.
  15. RikkFlohr

    Problem with LR Mobile sync

    There was a brief issue yesterday that may be responsible. Can you check again and see if it restored?