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    when was first version of LR with geotagging ability released?

    Version 4.0 officially released March , 2012
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    mask presets

    Local Adjustment presets (AKA Brush Presets) are available in a limited fashion. There are a group of Adobe Supplied presets available but User created presets are not yet available.
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    Lightroom for iOS October 2022 enhancement

    Please see the information here: "Until Apple resolves the capture failures in an iOS update, LR will hide the UW DNG option. The alternatives are to either...
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    Local Storage puzzle

    While behaving as designed wrt reporting more space than the drive can hold - the values are still not correct given the data. We have opened a bug for this.
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    Version 11.5 New update requests driver update Need to switch off request.

    Quite simply: Code changes that are 'as-designed' can occur at any time - even in conjunction with the only most recent version. The code changes that cause this warning dialog to appear are new to version 11.5 so it would have not been possible for it to show in previous versions. It is not...
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    Version 11.5 New update requests driver update Need to switch off request.

    It isn't a bug. Meaning, it is behaving currently as-designed. There is an active feature request to have a "Do not show this again" check box for those of you who don't disable your integrated GPU via BIOS.
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    Version 11.5 New update requests driver update Need to switch off request.

    When LrC launches, it performs a GPU test. If the results of the test indicate an issue may exist, you will see the update message. A couple of things I noticed in the post: "Gaming Driver" Generally perform poorer than the "Studio" drivers Multiple GPUs - Best to disable the onboard GPU in...
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    Latest Lr update

    Technically, the fix which was applied was to provide this dialog rather than failing silently or unexpectedly with no customer guidance. It does not mitigate the need to grant full disk permissions but rather gives the customer a clue as to where to go to solve the issue.
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    Weird Caption problem

    Do single quotes instead of double quotes fix the issue?
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    Anyone found a good workflow for getting HEIC images from Android camera into LR Mobile?

    See this: update from earlier today.
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    Library module Two bugs in Lr 11.3?

    It looks like that bug report was lost in the forum migration. I have located the bug and the migrated thread in the Community Forum and cross-referenced them. See:
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    Publish Services Random republish flagging

    Viewing an image can, under certain conditions, cause a new preview to rerender - wonder if that is it?
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    Publish Services Random republish flagging

    I saw it but can't reproduce on those instructions. I have asked the team for a definitive list of conditions which result in a change of status from Published to Republish. Perhaps that will yield some additional clues.
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    Publish Services Random republish flagging

    After 12 straight days of testing - I am still not reproducing...
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    Publish Services Random republish flagging

    We would love reproducible steps to be provided. FYI I have been active on the thread and testing items in the above thread and am running a test to try and reproduce this failure. After 14 days of hammering on it, it has yet to fail for me. If you can make this happen repeatedly and have a...