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    Adobe feedback mechanisms ... what changed

    About 2 years ago (this very week) the material at was migrated to . In that migration, there were criteria for migrated threads vs orphaned threads. Orphaned threads existed for about 6 months before being consigned to oblivion. If you have a link...
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    AI Powered Red Eye Reduction

    Lightroom Desktop (Currently version 6.5) has AI red-eye removal.
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    Preview unavailable for this file

    The Help pages will be updated Wednesday Night. Nothing was premature. If anything it was 12 hours late.
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    Zoomed too much on photo | Add negative space?
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    No thumbnails in Import Window

    Likely this:
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    Does LR have the new AI features?

    If anyone is interested, this is the list of shorthand that we use in Community Forums. •LrD: Lightroom Desktop •LrM: Lightroom Mobile •LrMiOS: Lightroom iOS iPhone •LrMiPadOS: Lightroom iOS iPad •LrMA: Lightroom Android •LrMAChromeOS: Lightroom Android on Chrome devices •LrW: Lightroom...
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    Syncing Collections to Adobe requires restart of LrC?

    Lightroom Classic will attempt to sync a file (4) times. After that sync will be idle until restart. My guess is that you have a file that failed to sync previously and it is blocking the path for the others. Restarting causes Lightroom to reattempt a file that has failed previously.
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    LrC 12.3 - built-in AI-powered DeNoise, finally

    See this:
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    Lightroom not opening on imac

    Roll back would have to be to 11.5 in any case. Removing the metrics.json is the least painful method.
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    ALERT: Syncing Bug in 12.2 for Windows 10

    Please see this post for fix information:
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    ALERT: Syncing Bug in 12.2 for Windows 10

    For everyone on this thread, if you could join at the community thread Victoria's linked above and provide your: Operating System Version? Date of last file successfully synced?
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    Catalogs LRC 11.2 (Mac Monterey) will not re-launch with a different selected catalog - common glitch?

    Bug reports can only be submitted against current versions. Writing one for 11.2 will be likely be converted from Bug to Discussion
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    Thank you, Victoria!

    Thanks to Victoria is always overdue. I am very grateful for her, this forum and all of you. Enjoy celebrations however and wherever you are.
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    when was first version of LR with geotagging ability released?

    Version 4.0 officially released March , 2012