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    how post Lightroom Classic library desktop on zoom meeting

    Can you possibly post screen shots? That might help by showing the problem. I have seen some videos on platforms like Zoom and I cannot say that I recommend that approach if the video is long or if a lot of detail is needed for the viewer due to bandwidth issues. Some folks provide a link and...
  2. Replytoken

    Do I really need Denoise AI to denoise?

    That will all depend on your needs, expectations and skill level with either program. It is easy to try out the NR features on two identical images and see what your experience tells you. Many use LR's NR features, and others prefer third party NR. There is no one right answer; it's what...
  3. Replytoken

    how post Lightroom Classic library desktop on zoom meeting

    Did anything show up on their screen from your computer? Zoom does allow you to share your screen and you have to choose the window to share. Can you describe what you did and what happened? --Ken
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    Hello from a disorganised hoarder.

    Another variation on Cletus' suggestions is to use a star rating system. The idea is to do a sequential passes to keep refining your images until you have a small group that is worthy of post processing. So, in your first pass, delete anything that is obviously a clunker and then give the rest...
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    Export Exported image colors are much more saturated than I see in LR

    Assuming that you are using the same monitor for all viewing and you are exporting as sRGB, then that rules out a couple of variables. And if you do as John suggested and turned on color management in the programs, that should also take care of another variable. When you say that it is better...
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    Export Exported image colors are much more saturated than I see in LR

    Welcome to the forum. First question, are your monitors calibrated? Second, what color spaces are they capable of displaying (at 100%)? Third, what color spaces are you assigning to your exported files? Also, did you soft proof your images to see if they were out of gamut? And what program...
  7. Replytoken

    Hello from Maine

    Welcome to the forum. The import has a lot of options, but you should feel free to use what you need. Using its most basic functions, like importing the files into LR is perfectly fine. Adding metadata is useful if you need/want it, but it is not a requirement. Feel free to post your...
  8. Replytoken

    Archiving original images?

    Following up on Linwood's advice above, you can make an archive copy, as I do when I rename and before I import files into LR, but bit rot can attack an archive as easily as any other file on a storage medium. I think that validation sounds like it will address your concerns. Good luck, --Ken
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    Understanding how a photographer gets his look on lightroom

    Welcome to the forum! This type of question comes up about 3-4 times a year, and unfortunately there is no simple answer as you are basically trying to reverse engineer somebody's style with little information except a final product. The good news is that you have identified what you want to...
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    Canon's Cloud - data lost

    Ouch! --Ken
  11. Replytoken

    Lightroom mobile APP on IOS vs Android

    Do you have specific models in mind? There are a lot of models in both lines and the performance can vary quite a lot. In general, the iPad Pros are always at the top of the heap for performance, and I am not sure if Samsung even has a flagship model that can compare. Are you planning to use...
  12. Replytoken

    Preview Size

    Correct. --Ken
  13. Replytoken

    Family photos, how do I tackle multiple people and multiple generations?

    If you do consider a site like Ancestry, do make sure you understand their privacy terms. Many of these sites will share your data and it is not always made clear in their terms and conditions. --Ken
  14. Replytoken

    Family photos, how do I tackle multiple people and multiple generations?

    You can create a private "family and/or friends" group on Flickr and work from there. This will allow you to tag the photos and share them easily. I know some consider Flickr a bit past its prime, but it does offer good controls and features for this type of project. You may want to at least...
  15. Replytoken

    Import Image appears in Mac Finder, not in LR Import Window

    Welcome to the forum! What file type is the image (e.g. jpeg, raw, tiff)? Is there an associated image that was imported? For example, you imported the raw version of that file, but perhaps not the jpeg? And, what happens if you move or copy the file to a new folder and try to import it? --Ken