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    Using External Hard Drive on Another Laptop

    Two questions. Are you bringing your existing catalog because you want to work on existing images or because you want to add the new images (or both)? And, why do you not want the catalog to reside on the EHD? If you are just wanting a catalog for new images, I would create a a new catalog...
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    Setting aspect ratio in camera vs cropping in LR

    I shoot cameras with both ratios as native. When shooting, I try to keep in mind the final product and then leave room accordingly so an image can be cropped with less loss than expected. For example, I shot an event for my wife in 3:2 format , but knew that we would be printing out 8x10...
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    Advice on MacBook Pro purchase

    What is your budget and what software do you want to use? And, will you also have a desktop machine? Laptops are not easy to upgrade other than memory and drives, and event these often cannot be upgraded. So, if you want your machine to last, I would splurge on RAM, your drive, and then the...
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    Difference in color and light

    Are you downloading raw or jpeg files? And what do the files look like if you view them in another program? --Ken
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    Splotchy, banding disappears with 1:1

    I am suspecting that LR created a 1:1 preview when you went to view the image for the first time or when you switched to view it at 1:1 in the develop module. Do you know what preview you have selected for creation on import? --Ken
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    I lose all the editing from develop mode to libary mode the picture looks really good in develop mode as soon as I switch back to library mode it go

    When you export an image out of LR, what software program are you using to view the image on your computer? Can you post any examples for use to see what you are describing? --Ken
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    Laptop advice please

    My biggest concern with the machine specs that you have listed is that it is not clear how much of the sRGB color gamut the monitor can reproduce. If you are concerned about color fidelity, you would ideally want machine that can reproduce at least 100% of sRGB. Some displays are even capable...
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    To Jpeg or not to jpeg

    If you are trying to decide on the best file for printing, I would suggest that you work backwards. If you are printing at home, then as Johan said above, a 16-bit tiff file in ProPhoto is a good choice. If you are sending a file to a lab, you need to know what they will or will not accept and...
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    To Jpeg or not to jpeg

    JPEG is a lossy format, and each time you save or re-save in jpeg, the image slowly degrades and artifacts will eventually appear. And in the initial conversion from raw or tiff to jpeg, a lot of data is lost. So, if you plan on possibly working on your images again in the future, you will...
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    Lightroom & iPadOS 13

    I cannot say where the problem lies, but if you are beta testing and can report back to Apple, you should do so in either event. They are working out lots of bugs (and sometimes creating new ones) with each beta release, and this may be one on their side. If not, it will be called out as an...
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    Lightroom 6.14 - download source?

    Glad it finally worked for you. --Ken
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    Lightroom 6.14 - download source?

    My understanding of the installer file is the same as what Johan said. Several members have reported that the installer should take you to 6.14. Are you looking at the version from within LR after running the installer? --Ken
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    Lightroom 6.14 - download source?

    Welcome to the forum! Try here for a download: Download legacy versions of Creative Cloud apps . --Ken
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    How to start

    Welcome to the forum. As has been mentioned above, LR6, the last perpetual version of LR is no longer supported. While you may be able to locate a copy and install it, Apple's Mac OS updates will probably cause you issues when you do your next update. The eBooks that Victoria mentioned are a...
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    What colors for publishing? Photos (colors) look very different in different viewers?

    You need a colorimeter (aka a "puck") to properly calibrate a monitor. Software alone cannot do it. The puck contains reads what the screen is outputting and works with the software to make corrections to your computer. LR is a color managed program and will be consistent in how it shows...