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    Keyboard and mouse....time to dump the wireless?

    How old is your machine? Are you using wireless USB or Bluetooth (I am assuming the former since you mentioned having a dongle)? And are you using a laptop? I ask the latter since folks often forget to disable their trackpads and that can cause erratic cursor movements. --Ken
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    Keyboard and mouse....time to dump the wireless?

    If you are having issues with different keyboards and mice, then the problem is most likely not with them. If you do not want to problem solve to find the culprit, then going wired makes sense. Good luck, --Ken
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    Laptop or iPad Pro With Lightroom Cloudy On The Road

    It is also worth noting that a 12.9" iPad Pro with a keyboard cover weighs about the same as many laptops, so it important to consider how the tablet will be configured if weight is a consideration. --Ken
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    Are full-size and smart previews regenerated and saved after develop edits?

    This thread is prompting me to reconsider my workflow with respect to previews (currently 1:1 on import) as I update my hardware and software next month. Thanks, --Ken
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    I believe that Samsung offers software with their 8X0 series of internal hard drives to clone drives for installation that makes the job pretty seamless. Is there anything in particular you are worried about, and are you putting the drive back into the same machine? I know there are some...
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    Color Space sRGB or RGB with sRGB Monitor

    Good calibration hardware and software should show you your monitor's profile both before and after calibration. If you are still on a budget and want to upgrade, Dell has some decent models in its line-up as well as a few other brands. I like NEC monitors for their hardware and calibration...
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    Hard drive size

    It shouldn't be an issue. If you have a large number of images in your catalog, you might want to move them in batches just to be on the safe side. I find that I have less potential issues with any type of file management (inside or outside of LR) when I handle files in smaller batches. And...
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    Iphone 11 Pro Max vs Canon 70D Sample Images

    While I am sure that the new iPhone does take nice images, I am not sure your comparison is apples to apples? Did you compare raw files from each? And if you were comparing SOOC jpeg files, did you adjust the settings for each or just let them run at default? Every manufacturer tunes their...
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    Where should you store the catelogs and backups

    Ouch! Sorry to hear about your SSD and catalog issues. When you say your backups do not work, can you be more specific? What is happening and are you receiving any messages from LR? Have you also tried them on a different computer if one is available? With more information we can hopefully...
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    iPad Pro hard drive connection problems

    Are you running iPad OS 13? And if so, is it a Beta version? --Ken
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    exporting raw pics as jpeg without saving LR changes

    You cannot avoid processing as Cletus has described above. You can avoid additional processing, but any software program has to make some decisions about how to render a raw file, regardless of what happens to it next. So, the file you created has some basic assumptions in its rendering, but...
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    Laptop advice please

    I do not know the screen quality of the two machines with respect to brightness, color gamut and accuracy, but I would not be interested in a 1080 screen on a 15" laptop. I would take the smaller screen, higher resolution and larger drive (and Intel processor), but those would be my choices...
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    Preparing and sending 500+ photos of wedding photos to daughter - Guidance required

    Jim, Just to make sure I, and future readers understand you correctly, when you are referring to syncing to the cloud, I am assuming that you are referring to LR CC ("Cloudy")? --Ken
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    Jpeg vs tiff vs original RAW file

    I wasn't certain if Sony had moved away from Lossy, and that was why I qualified my post above with the links in case they did. --Ken
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    The Grand Experiment

    I will be curious to hear how it goes for you. Good luck, --Ken