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Recent content by Redmark

  1. Redmark

    LR Catalog and images back up question

    Thank Johan , will do, appreciate your input.
  2. Redmark

    LR Catalog and images back up question

    Ok Johan, so if I was to do it with LR, first I would "Export as catalog" ( to new location, in this case a different drive). ( this would create a lightroom Catalog.Irat)Second, drag and drop the images over. Is this correct? Remember I just want a backup or copy everything of my current...
  3. Redmark

    LR Catalog and images back up question

    Hi Johan, thanks for that. Are you saying I should drag and drop the cat to new drive and the images? How do I make a mirror copy of all my master external hard drive to another external drive, within LR or drag and drop ?
  4. Redmark

    LR Catalog and images back up question

    Hi all, if I copy (drag and drop) my main LR Cat and LR Library from one external drive in another ( name the Cat say, the date I do this) would I navigate to the drive and LR will be able to open that Cat with images? Or should I do it within LR and how to link it? Is there any differences to...
  5. Redmark

    Lost my Flag images

    I lost all my Flagged images within Lightroom. The Cell Icons in Grid View is tick but somehow the flags photo are missing. Any ideas?
  6. Redmark

    LR5 email question

    OK, I'm a monkeys uncle, I am trying to send images via my gmail account but it comes up with "Failed to send email. Fail to estabish with the out going email server. enter the email account and password correctly". The thing is I have put my email address in from the file> e-mail drop down...
  7. Redmark

    Photos has wrong date from camera

    Thanks RikkFlohr, you beauty, it worked a treat. Listen my new friend, how does one edit to update my profile? I want to change my LR version and Primary OS on the forum. Thanks again Take care Spike your hair
  8. Redmark

    Keywording suggestion for me

    Hi all, at the moment I have for example CONTINENT - Asia - Nepal, along with the rest of the country's I have visited in Asia. Now I am going back to Nepal and other country's in Asia. Would you create say ,Nepal 2014 ,or just keep putting images into what is already there as to keep it...
  9. Redmark

    Photos has wrong date from camera

    I borrow my friend canon PowerShot and move the images I took into LR5. Now I place them in by date (yr- mth- day) and that's all good as they reside under the correct year, but under Library Filter on one of the drop down with Date, it tells me those photos are 2013 Jun. They should be...
  10. Redmark

    Help: Backing up cat

    OK, I have stuff it somehow,I have 2 external drives ,one my LR5 Lib Master, its H drive. The second LR5 Lib Backup G drive. Now I tried to back up the master by opening the backup drive to import from the master cat, but nothing came into it, only now I have extra in H drive and when I open...
  11. Redmark

    How to put in Location tags in ?

    Hi all, I am in the process of trying to organize photos a bit better. I want to put in Library metadata, the Country-State- City in the LOCATION drop down. I have started using country in my keywords list but this doesn't reflex over in the Location drop down. I know I will have to go...
  12. Redmark

    How to delete Temporary Folder in import interface

    Thanks cleeo1l, success. I keep reading if you do something within LR then you must remedy from there.In this case not so. Still learning, all is well.
  13. Redmark

    How to delete Temporary Folder in import interface

    Hi all, I had a crush while importing some images. It's all good as I re-imported them. However a folder has appeared as follows: Temporary Folder E4F91B4D5E4F91B4D It is an actual folder in the hard drive. When I right click it won't give me the option ti delete it.( only "Show in Explorer"...