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    Luminar 2018

    Has anyone tried Luminar 2018 yet? I bought it for $49 (since I already own Aurora HDR) and started experimenting with it. There are a number of very cool filters and effects that complement LR very well. I'm using it both as stand-alone and plug-in for LR and PS. I would be interested in...
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    Mac OS Mojave Update - Yay/Nay

    Works fine for me on MacBook Pro.
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    Cloud storage

    I've used CrashPlan, Amazon, Dropbox, and Backblaze. CrashPlan uses excessive resources on your computer (slows everything else down) and is limited to smaller backup sizes; they won't tell you this, but I found out the hard way! In addition, upload speed is limited and inversely proportional...
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    Classic CC much slower than LR5.x ?

    You did not give any details on the notebook hardware (memory, storage size, speed), but I suspect your bottleneck lies there. You may also have other background programs taking up CPU time. Do this test: open Resource Monitor after booting up and see where it settles in terms of CPU and...
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    PSD files in Lightroom

    I use both PSD and TIFF out of Photoshop. My Lightroom has no trouble importing the PSD files; the layers are preserved and the files open properly in Photoshop. I have maximize compatibility on by default in Photoshop preferences. I suspect there is something else going on. Are these...
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    Best way to convert various RAW files to JPG?

    While you could do this in Adobe Photoshop or Bridge, I find that Lightroom makes it much easier. I second Jimmsp's suggestions.
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    To DNG or not to DNG

    I've been using DNG files ever since the feature was available. For me, not having the XMP files is a plus, since it's a problem if any of these are lost or corrupted during backup operations. My concern with camera-specific RAW files is support by the manufacturers for the formats in the...
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    Anyone using LR 6 licensed version with High Sierra Operating System

    Running LR 6.14 on 10.13.4 (High Sierra) on 2017 MBP without any issues.
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    Adobe CC on Mac El Capitan

    Have you tried to safe boot the Mac?
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    It it true there is no option to print in the new LRcc

    There is no excuse for Adobe to publish a product that requires immediate updates to correct oversights.
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    Lightroom importing photos to wrong year

    Check the metadata for one of the photos; what is the capture date?
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    Any news on enabling multi-user collaboration for Lightroom?

    I currently use the Dropbox approach but it's tragically slow; exporting folders as catalogs with the original images included is the path we chose, but the upload/download process with Dropbox takes a very long time if you have any substantial number of photos. How about using Dropbox as the...
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    Any news on enabling multi-user collaboration for Lightroom?

    Is there still no solution for multiple photographers working out of different locations on the same catalog? Not simultaneously, of course! Creative Cloud doesn't seem to provide and answer or does it?
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    Recovering from a labeling error

    Thanks, Victoria! I did some work, so I'll have to find a way to transfer that to the backup.
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    Recovering from a labeling error

    My son was trying to help me the other day and accidentally changed the color labels and stars on all :shock: 70,000+ images in my LR catalog. Needless to say, I was in serious shock! I use these labels and stars to indicate the priorities and editing state of my shots. I do have backups of...