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    Both versions of new LR question

    Operating System: Mac - High Sierra Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): Lightroom Classic CC I have just had a major problem with my MAC machine and have lost the last month's worth of Lightroom editing on two recent weddings (sadly my fault - last back up was mid Oct) I...
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    How do I stop a new keyword going into a parent keyword group?

    Thank you DGStinner - I think that's been the problem! - I did know about the asterisks in the keyword field. Look forward to booting up tomorrow and finding out if it works!! Thanks for taking time to reply.
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    How do I stop a new keyword going into a parent keyword group?

    Operating System: Mac OS10.10 (5) Lightroom Version: LRCC - CC 2015.12 [ 1125239 ] (Please go to Help menu > System Info to double check the exact version number) Question or Description of Problem: Whenever I assign new keyword to an image - it always gets listed under the parent keyword of...
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    Using Print Module to create a border.

    Hi I have created a white border around selected images using the print module in LR CC 2015.9 I have exported them as jpegs by selecting 'Print to jpeg' in the print job section - my question is - can I export them this way with their associated keywords still attached ? so that when I...
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    How to delete in-camera locked images (Canon) from Lightroom

    Hello - I have the problem described in the initial post which I need to sort on my Mac and in LR CC. I cant perform the operations in the answer by Clee01l because I cant locate the locked images in Finder! - Please can you explain it in more detail! Thanks Joy
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    Can you use images from different collections in print template?

    HI I am using a custom lr template to create a collage of images in the print module - when I go to a different collection to get other images , the image that is already placed in the template disappears! Is this correct? - Can I only use images from one collection? I am using the latest...
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    Develop Sliders unresponsive on imac

    I have 12GB Ram - my main harddrive is quite full, The images and LR Catalogue are on an extrenal drive connected via thunderbolt connection. Also I am still using Yosemite - could that be the problem - although it is inconsisitent - sometimes works fine but other times LR is at best very slow...
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    Develop Sliders unresponsive on imac

    Yes - it is the latest version 2015.6.1 Raw 9.6
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    Develop Sliders unresponsive on imac

    Hello I am a LR CC (monthly subscription) user and I am having major problems with the Develop sliders become unresponsive after about 10mins of use. I am working on an imac running Yosemite. Also if I switch the program off and on again it doesnt seem to have saved adjustments I made when...
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    Removing Images from Web Gallery

    Hi I have been looking at the web gallery module in LR CC and have mistakenly imported the whole of my LR catalogue (24,000+ images!) into a gallery template. My question is simple but I cant find how to do this! - How do I remove the images individually or clear the whole gallery to start...
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    Transferring LR catalogue from PC laptop to Mac Desktop

    Hello I have recently been on a Birdwatching holiday and I took an external drive to store my images and build the LR catalogue from my laptop which has LR6 I created a NEW catalogue saved it in the same folder on the external drive and did a number of hours work on editing and keywording...
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    Exported phoos

    Is it possible to do a search for photos which 'havent been exported' - or vice versa - in LR5 please Thanks
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    Transferring LR Adjustments

    I have imported RAW versions into LR5 and made adjustments in Develop module. Is there a way I can quickly copy these adjustments and apply them to their jpg equivalents? Thanks Photofan
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    Image size and reolution

    Hi I have to produce jpeg images which are exactly 4000 pixels on longest side with an aspect ration of 3:2 I understand how to do this on export so that is fine. However the final image has to be between 2 and 4 MB in size. Is the size taken to be what it says in Explorer/Finder (mac) - ie...
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    Removing Keywords from a keyword set but not from images

    I have somehow got a lot of keywords which have inadvertantly been placed into the wrong keyword set. Can someone tell me how to remove the keywords from the set but not from the images which they are associated with? see screen capture: all the keywords within the 'family'set need removing...