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    How to keep shooting date as creation date when exporting

    The file is a container whereas the image is the content inside the container. They are 2 different objects and as such have with their own metadata. The file is is a computer thing. It's creation date is set by the OS when this object is created, in your case when you did the export. (Note that...
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    Automatic preview purging.

    This wonderful and welcome feature works fine on my sysytem. On my 3 catalogs, it reduces the size of the preview folder by 50% in average.
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    Need Help with edit

    For RAW files, this is normal. White Balance is a development setting. It has been applied by your camera when generating the jpeg image from the captured RAW data. But LrC does now nothing about the WB setting on your camera and apply an estimated WB when it generates the image from the RAW...
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    EXIF Question on Exporting files from LR Classic.... Getting rusty

    After the export, were you looking at the file creation date (which is expected to be the date of export) or at the image capture date ?
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    A Question about images in the Lr 11 catalog

    With 2500 photos, I think the 2GB is the size of the catalog folder, not the size of the catalog itself. The catalog folder contains not only the catalog itself (the .lrcat file) but also some folders like the "<Catalog name> Previews.lrdata" folder wich is in fact a cache of the previews shown...
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    lightroom and windows 11

    It's not arbitrary. Windows assigne the first available letter in alphabetic order, unles a letter has been assigned manually (as you describe). Instead of a letter, you can also assign a fix path (ie a folder). Clic"Add" instead of "Change" and select an empty NTFS folder. Such a fix path will...
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    Sort by "Added Order" in Grid View

    The date-time of import is not stored with the metadata but internally in a separate table in the catalog.
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    Lost Keywords during backup and restore

    Since associated keywords are stored in the catalog (a database), I doubt than the lost has been caused by the restore of the catalog. I would suggest to open the old backup catalog and check if the associated keywords are there. I strongly suspect they're not. You don't need to have the...
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    Is there a way to copy "edit history" ?

    I don't understand why you need a second copy of the RAW files registered in your catalog. In case of disk failure, you can always have LrC see the restored RAW files wherever they are. If the photo path is not exactly the same as before (say the drive letter has changed), you just need in LrC...
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    Lightroom Classic and video cards

    LrC should use your video card. You can verify it in Edit>Preferences, tab "Performance".
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    Nested Keywords

    "Enter keywords" as it indicates, shows the keywords you've explicitly entered, whereas "Keywords & Containing Keywords", as it indicates, also shows all the keyyword contained in the image. This seems logical to me.
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    OK to put "my catalog -v.11.1 Previews.LR data in trash?

    1:1 previews take a lot of space, especially now than the the images generated by the cuurent camera are bigger than 10 years ago. In the Catalog Settings, verify than LrC is set to remove 1:1 preview when unused : What I do is import using the embedded preview (it's faster), then let LrC...
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    Lightroom Classic catalog database schema

    For the current version (LrC 11), the file names (current as well as the original if different) are stored in the table AgLibraryFile. In each record, there is a link to the folder name wich is stored in the table AgLibraryFolder.
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    OK to put "my catalog -v.11.1 Previews.LR data in trash?

    Yes you can... but as soon as you'll view photos in LrC, LrC will regenerate the previews for these photos and therefore this folder will grow again. However, you won't have preview for the old photos until you view them. This might lead to a folder smaller than before. Do you generate 1:1...
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    lightroom and windows 11

    Instead of using a drive letter, you can also mount your drive in a folder, then your drive path will never change. I use to have a root folder called Ext in which I have a folder per external drive, USB key, etc. I find having a meningful folder name instead of a letter easier to manage.