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    Can this be achieved?

    You can create virtual copies and apply a preset to each VC. So, you will have different images from the same original and you will be able to compare them side by side. This is a manual process, I don't know if a script doing this does exist.
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    How to show samples of art photos to prospective buyers

    Also, since the customer is viewing with it's own screen and computer (PC, tablet or phone) you can almost be sure he won't sse the image exactly as you see it on your screen. The customer's screen may not be correctly calibrated, or he might not be viewing the photo via a color managed...
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    C Driving full

    Thanks for raising this point. I agree with you and I forgot to mention that moving the temp folder should only done on an internal drive, not on an external drive.
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    C Driving full

    To add to the previous comments, you can mode the location of the temporary folder outside of the C partition : 1. In a partion other than C, create a folder for temporya files (call it, say, "D:\Temp") 2. In the search field of the task bar, enter SystemPropertiesAdvanced.exe and validate. 3...
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    Printing issues

    If your monitor is calibrated, did you try to see your image in LR using soft-proofing ? If so, how does it look like ? This could help determine what are the real colors stored in the file and if the problem is in the file or in the printing. Also, when printing from LR using the ICC profile...
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    Locating images in the catalog.

    You could use the filter on all the photo in the catalog to filter on the capture date. It show show the photo.
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    Semi OT Question re File path on Windows

    It's very usefull if your store your database and photos on an external drive to use it with different computers. On windows, this avoid to have to deal with the drive letter from one computer to the other. Opening the catalog is enough to have LR find the files, whatever the letter the extrenal...
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    Semi OT Question re File path on Windows

    absolutePath contains a Drive letter (e.g. "C:\) when created in a Windows environment. Only if the partition is accessed via a letter. If the partition is mounted in a folder, then it's the mount path (via the folder) that is stored.
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    Semi OT Question re File path on Windows

    I checked in my catalog on Windows 10, the separator used is the slash ("/"), in both AgLibraryRootFolder and AgLibraryFolder.
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    Lightroom Classic folder structure

    Once you're sure your import settings are as you want, I suggest to save them as an import preset and use it for the next import. That way you'lle be sure to always have the correct setting. To save as an import preset, go down to the bottom of the import window, rhere is a bowx named "Import...
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    Organising photos...

    Since you are used to store by date, continue, it's fine. I've been used to do this way since my first negative in the 60s. Each negative is identified by the date of the first photo and complted with a small description (year, event, location and people). Recently, Ive been asked to print...
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    Color shift during exporting

    The windows Photo Viewer (the viewer included in Windows 7) is color managed and is still present in Windows 10 although not activated. There is an easy step to activate it in Windows 10. Why the Windows 10 photo application is not color managed is beyond my understanding...
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    Color shift during exporting

    JPeg have color coded with 8 bits, while Tif can have color coded with 16 bits. This more precise color coding in Tif might lead to a small difference when the image is displayed.
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    Library module External hard drive issue

    This makes the path to access the file change and that's why LR says the file are missing. To fix that, in LR, righ click on the top level folder, select "find missing folder", then bowse to the folder in the EHD to reconnect. You said that you tried to recoonect the photos and it failed. How...
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    Transitioning from LR 1-6 to Adobe Photography Subscription

    Only module Develop and Map are disabled when LR Classic without a valid subscrition. All other modules are fully functional. Note you will still be able to make some developement to your image using the Quick Develop in the Library module.