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    Starting over in Lightroom

    As someone who has come to regret it, I would suggest sticking with your current catalogue and moving files and folders around inside it. I'm still only part way through my reimport which was mainly to realign directories. Now a caveat to that is that if you are renaming all your files while...
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    Import exported images from a Facebook download.

    To add to @Johan Elzenga observation, you need to look at the metadata in the image download from FB before it's loaded into LrC to see what the issue is. The " ℹ (information)" may be pulling information from an internal catalog rather than the photo.
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    Epson Advance B&W

    It sounds like you are using printer managed colour (B&W) processing as opposed to LR. If you don't find anyone here with experience with Epson Advanced B&W (which printer BTW), then you may want to try and Epson Print Forum like Printers and Printing Forum: Digital Photography Review.
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    Noise apps = higher ISO settings?

    Thanks @Johan Elzenga, great technique I'll try on my D5300. I'm curious to see how it behaves.
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    Noise apps = higher ISO settings?

    I'm still confused about using expose-to-the-left. Do you do this when the required ISO setting for an image is: In range of the native ISO In the extend/extrapolated ISO's Only if your camera is ISO Invariant.
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    Noise apps = higher ISO settings?

    I'd say that is the challenge. How ISO invariant is your camera?
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    LR6 is dying on me. Advice needed...

    I struggled the same as you as a long time LR6 user. I still have LR6 on an old MAC I use for travelling with. I explored free/perpetual alternatives as it sounds like you did. I don't know how much of LR6 you use, but you also have to think about how you move information from LR6 to an...
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    Noise apps = higher ISO settings?

    "ISO Invariance" is definitely a subject which causes "Mr. Gumby my brain hurts". I'd forgotten about it (hate headaches) but decided to dive into it once again more for more own education on letting the ISO float. I found this article to be very useful "ISO Invariance Explained" (I have no...
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    RAW File vs DNG

    Thanks @Roelof Moorlag and @clee01l . Very informative link and reply. I learned a lot which is what I wanted to do.
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    RAW File vs DNG

    I have been getting confused by the many references to DNG as a RAW file especially with tools which promote "Convert to RAW" when the output is DNG,. A RAW file contains sensor data which needs to go through a converted into an image format like DNG or TIF. I know that Adobe promotes DNG as a...
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    Noise apps = higher ISO settings?

    I think the first question is how noisy your sensor/camera is, as the ISO increases, even before considering denoise software. My shooting style is to manually set the shutter and aperture and let the ISO float. I was not satisfied with the noise level of my D5300 at ISO 6400. I opted to move...
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    Metadata Lightroom Plugin

    This is an exciting concept (at least for my wife who is into Genealogy). However, I think you have some challenges. The following are some observations and thoughts which I hope you take as as review rather than a criticism. A challenge I can see is your premise of "This recommendation makes...
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    Topaz deNoise in LR workflow

    You may want to share your experience on a separate thread. I'm sure there would be an active discussion ;-)
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    Can't Import

    If @Johan Elzenga Preference reset has no effect, check your system activity to see if there is any I/O. If you are not getting the 'No Photos Found' message it could be LrC is still searching and my be stuck. Have you added any new devices lately?
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    Can't Import

    Weird. I take it you are not seeing the standard 'No Photos Found' message regardless of the From/Source selected