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    Lightroom 6

    Your images are held locally, so they are there for you anyway. Also, check our post that looked at what happens if you stop your subscription:
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    Lightroom 6

    by the sound of it Lightroom Classic will be your choice, but you asked for a comparison:
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    Continuously scrolling through selected filmstrip photos

    Oddly, I just had this happen again yesterday - Develop Module, 900 photos to run through, after a couple of dozen LrC just kept flashing through the Filmstrip at the bottom. My disappointment? Brand new machine, different OS (now Monterey), latest version of LrC (11.4.1). And I am absolutely no...
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    We sorted your email as requested. Please specify the actual version of Lightroom Classic when posting.
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    Duplicate and Triplicate Imports since 11.4.1

    Hi Chris Just to pick off the second one - yes, that's expected, see Blog:
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    Standard Previews being recomputed

    Lightroom will re-compute if you've made adjustments to the image(s), as the Standard Previews will be out-of-date. Smart Previews work differently - they are used as a proxy file if the main photo isn't there, or in place of the original if you have the box ticked in Preferences to use them...
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    Login Problem

    Are you using Lightroom Classic or Desktop (Cloud)? If Cloud, have you tried going onto your cloud version - does that work? What exact error are you getting from the CC App?
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    Adding copyright in Lightroom mobile

    Interesting, Jim! I just ran through it again this morning...and it worked. I know the steps were the same; yet there must have been something!! I shall carry on trying to repro then (I tried it several times since your post, can't break it now!!!
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    Adding copyright in Lightroom mobile

    I can repro it here (just using a simple text watermark) - Share via email, no Watermark. I'd suggest report it as a bug to Adobe - see link at the top of this web page.
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    Brushes is missing

    Here's a blog we wrote in November explaining:
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    What has happened to Lightroom? Can't import from Drobo

    This is more likely a permissions issue, there were some recent changes to Monterey. Lightroom is dependent on what the OS presents, there's been no changes in its operation. Check through this blog (check Full Permissions)
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    Moving catalog

    Basically yes. Here's a Blog that explains:
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    Classic Painfully Slow

    Given the recent events you mention, I suspect it's simply that previews haven't been built, and each time you're moving to the next photo the preview needs building. To check, select all the photos in the folder you're going to work through, then Library > Previews > Build Standard sized...
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    Classic Painfully Slow

    You don't specify the version of Classic you're currently on; there have been two updates in 2022. Can you check which you're having the issue on? Then try reverting to the previous version, see if that rectifies? It's hard to comment without knowing actual versions. Then we can come up with...
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    Cannot sign into Cloud-based from Chromebook?

    Try connecting using: This should then let you log in and check your Adobe Account. Let us know how things proceed.