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    Will an iPad Pro replace my aging rMBP?

    Hi Cletus I haven't replaced my MBP, but have used the iPad Pro quite extensively while away and found it very workable. Upload speeds obviously affect it in the field, but I found pretty good results with using the mobile app for processing (always tweak when back of course!) I love the total...
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    Just upgraded to the Latest LR version. Some questions.

    I believe you need to be on 10.14.5 or above to get the full benefits of GPU options. However, I believe it's a limitation of the Graphics card (I have exactly the same set-up but with Mojave) Photos should look the same between 8.3 and 8.4 (assuming no changes to the photo or PV or course!)
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    LR classic cc

    If it's a large number of photos, personally I'd move in Finder / Explorer and re-link after in case there's any computer issues during the move. Within LR is fine and correct for smaller numbers. Check this Blog post that explains the two methods...
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    Favorite/recent sources menu - alternative way to access it?

    Hi You can. Hit 'T' (with or without the Filmstrip showing) and it'll appear.
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    Numpty rookie error

    Chris They should be part of your backup plan (what if the disk failed?)
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    Catalogs Moving to another computer

    Hi Bruce I'd suggest download the free eBook (look in downloads when logged in) - this covers all the things you need to know and the pitfalls to avoid.
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    Reset old adjustments when re-developing?

    Hi Auto on photos already processed will treat the Basic panel like it would from scratch, but won't touch any other panels you may have altered (such as HSL) It'll also base its calculations on the cropped area should the image be cropped.
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    Printing same PSD from Lightroom and Photoshop gives different results

    Hi Russell In Lightroom Print Module, what have you got Color Management set to? Managed by Printer?
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    Virtual Copies syncing with LR CC only sometimes? It's getting really frustrating.

    Hi and welcome! Sounds frustrating. With the ones that aren't appearing in the synced Collection, are they appearing in your All Synced Photos? That might help us track it down a bit further!
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    Numpty rookie error

    Thanks for the reminders. Yes, the naming really doesn't help! But being able to download fairly easily from the CC App helps.
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    Olympus TG-4/5/6 RAW support

    Unfortunately no. LR needs to understand the information contained in the raw file and DNG converter does this for it. The location of the file is immaterial.
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    Olympus TG-4/5/6 RAW support

    Link to the DNG Convertor if that's the direction you decide to take: You can update your Lightroom to 6.14 and therefore use the TG-5 of course (as above)
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    Lightroom Classic August 2019 release (version 8.4)

    I've found it very stable, good to have some flexibility on GPU use.
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    Duplicate photos

    Not sure what you're meaning from this? And where do you see the duplications? Are they on the iPhone camera roll?