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    Externals editirs not working with LR4???

    Hi Willem, I had the same thing and just decided not to mess around too much and updated the apps from the standalone. Maybe there's a quicker way but at least it works (and updating doesn't take so much time ;) Cheers, pAk
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    Lightroom Splash Screen

    Agreed! You should try a screwdriver (things to do tomorrow... :sneaky:)
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    Flickering in Timelapse

    Hi Pontus! There's a wide range of reasons why this happens. The video shows you used a tripod but which metering mode did you use? What was the time lapse among frames (if it was the same)? Did you cover up your viewfinder? The project you described requires a very specific technique which...
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    Lightroom 4 External Editing Issue.

    Hi both, and thanks for the question and the support! I had the same thing (but I read the dialog box :bluegrin:) and first thought that "Open anyway" was the way to go... but Surprise! No way! It definitely doesn't understand the adjustments :crazy: What surprises me is that I've ACR 6.7 and...
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    Slideshow - individual captions, transition pages & to save or not??

    Hi Peter, Although I've never used it regularly, I had the same problem and I've solved them following these to links: At the time it worked for me in the end, and I know the metadata info is...
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    Picture culling question

    What about combining this with adding a location in the map module? You add the Eiffel Tower location in the map and them you select the folders and add the pics related to that location in Paris. BRs, pAk
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    I've been tidying up!

    Wow! Impressive! Thanks a lot, Victoria. It's just been a couple of days since I've joined and there's been so many changes! Cheers, pAk
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    Merge Laptop Catalog into Desktop Main Catalog

    If you can manage to have your main computer and the laptop on a network or to connect them both, you can also import the laptop catalog to the main one as Cletus said. that's what I do and it works! pAk
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    Problem with print module

    Hi Alan, I've just had the same thing and I solved it by optimizing my catalog. I hope this works for you too! pAk
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    Hullo from Brussels

    Hi there, I'm pAk and I'm just so glad to have just joined the forum! I hope I can learn a lot and help everyone as much as I can. BRs, pAk
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    LR4 Seems a Lot Slower Than LR3

    Hi Tom, have you tried to optimise your catalog?