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    DNG - why one should keep your raw anyway

    To my way of thinking, the most important reason for using DNG is futureproofing. Whether or not a scintilla of information is lost in the process is purely academic to all but the most dedicated pixel peeper. Just like the discussions in bygone years about how to store our negatives -...
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    Why I gave up on using Wacom tablets

    I'm amazed that anyone can use a mouse with Lr or Ps. I used to use a tablet with Ps but always found it awkward because it was positionally absolute. By the time I started using Lr, the touchpad had replaced the mouse for many Mac users, and this is the perfect Lr input device in my view. It...
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    Lightroom Freezes when I press IMPORT

    As a dyed-in-the-wool MacMan I don’t claim any Windows expertise, but 2 GB total memory and 14 GB free drive space strikes me as very, very restricted for today’s memory hungry applications. 2 GB RAM is the minimum Lightroom requires, but Adobe recommend 8 GB. As for drive space, a good rule...
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    Is upgrading graphics card worth it?

    At the risk of thread creep: Cletus’s description of the benefits of GPU “acceleration” matches my understanding of it, and in my experience there is a simpler and much more effective way to boost Lr performance. Some time ago I moved from using a MacBook Pro as my main computer to a MacMini...
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    Hello ! :)

    Not sure there is a limit, but the way they are arranged on one line makes them too small to be of much use beyond 8 or 10, depending on screen size. If only Apple had kept a "classic" layout for that as they have for many other things :rolleyes:
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    I messed up !!!

    Or maybe you did not Copy or Move but Add the photos - in which case the files would have been left where they were:
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    Make browns more golden

    Thanks Phil. I'm getting that whiff of change as well. Dunno if it does any good to start a thread on it; I'm just trying to prepare for the eventuality :eek::confused:
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    Make browns more golden

    Thanks for the rant Hoggy; useful background information. I love Lr and don't want to change, but sadly feel I need a cat flap for the day Adobe dumps us stand-alone users.
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    Hello ! :)

    Hi Lincoln, you must be the last OS 10.6 user in the world ;) Surprised Lr 6 runs on it. I stayed with 10.6 until forced to downgrade to 10.7, which I absolutely HATED; it nearly made me switch to Windows until I came to my senses (ashes and fire were words people used a lot). 10.8 was a bit...
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    Make browns more golden

    Thanks Phomich, that’s similar to what I have heard othes say. C1 is a super editor but a crap DRM. The problem, apparently, is that it is designed for a session based workflow, i.e. working with relatively few pictures at a time, and their catalogue solution is a bolt-on that doesn't work very...
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    Lost photos...

    OK, that puts you a bit further away from the coast than I thought :-)
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    Make browns more golden

    I’d also use the HSL panel, but differently. I’d shift the orange and yellow Hue sliders to the LEFT, towards red, to the extent that suits your image: and then make a new Preset: But of course it depends on what you mean by "brown". If it's deep brown, like this chocolate icing...
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    Adobe Photography Subscription Survey Regarding New Subscription Pricing

    My view exactly. When I saw that Adobe were offering the Lr+PS package at half the monthly cost of PS alone, far from jumping at it, it made me wonder what they were up to. No good, most likely :( I don't mind paying for what I get - including updates - but I won't be held over a barrel...
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    Lost photos...

    Hi Ian. Yes, my island is slightly smaller than yours :) Only about the size of Clarke Island not too far from you. And I agree - collections are only useful inside Lr. Which is why I do everything with Lr - organising, editing, outputting, the lot. Why make things complicated? :)
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    Hello! New to LR with a beginner's question...

    Since you have now organised your 80K+ photos in, presumably, a new Catalog, it makes sense to get rid of that old test Catalog. Deleting it is as simple as deleting its .lrcat file and associated .lrdata (previews) file. Same goes for your old Lr5 application. It's just wasting disk space. But...