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  1. nIkedoni1a

    Library module How do you hide child keyword folders

    Okay, that makes sense. I was wondering if there was something more direct I could do right from the keywording module like putting a minus sign in front of folders to be excluded. Thanks.
  2. nIkedoni1a

    Library module How do you hide child keyword folders

    Parent folder is the name of my town and contained in that folder is the name of the town high school which contains sports photos etc that i don't need to share with extended family. Parent folder is "centralvalley" and child folder is "centralvalleyHS". I would like to create a collection...
  3. nIkedoni1a

    Develop module How to use new Lr CC tools on images imported with earlier versions of Lr?

    I have images that i imported into Lr back in 2010 using whatever was the current version of Lr was back then. At the time I only performed only very basic edits and upon reviewing them now i know i could do much better now with the new tools in Lr CC. I thought that when Lr updated the...
  4. nIkedoni1a

    How to check for Keywords Already assigned to an image

    Is there a simple way to see what keywords have already been assigned to an image?
  5. nIkedoni1a

    "Hide Lightroom" Command is Grayed Out

    On my macpro desktop running el capitan version 10.11.6 and using Lightroom 6 perpetual I can click on "Lightroom" in the menu bar and choose "Hide Lightroom " from the drop down menu. On my macbook running high sierra 10.13.6 that command is often, but not always, grayed out.
  6. nIkedoni1a

    Survey View, How to unlink pick and reject flags so they don't label entire survey with one click

    while in survey view i understand that clicking the x on the bottom right of an image removes it from the survey and the remaining images resize to fill the space. my question concerns the pick and reject flags on the bottom left below the image. it used to be that when i picked or rejected...
  7. nIkedoni1a

    How to export a slideshow (slide show) that will play as a continuous loop?

    I would like to export a silent slideshow of stills and video clips that I can run in my office as a continuous loop. I would prefer to put it on a flash drive or dvd rather to run it from lightroom. Is anyone aware if any of the output formats are amenable to that or software that will...
  8. nIkedoni1a

    Using LR6 on two Computers

    On a desktop mac at home I started editing images in LR6 that I have stored on an internal drive. I am traveling and want to continue working with images in that folder so I exported that folder "export as catalog" to a external drive. I have LR6 installed on my MacBook and want to continue...
  9. nIkedoni1a

    How to delete a catalog?

    thanks johan for the speedy answer. the previews.irdata file takes care of itself?
  10. nIkedoni1a

    How to delete a catalog?

    Operating System:Mac Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info):6 ok i made a rookie mistake and removed a high parent level folder from my catalog and lost all of the folders inside it. i don't know whether command z would have worked but i did some other clicking around before it...
  11. nIkedoni1a

    How do you create a collection of just one person?

    I would like to create a slideshow for a particular individual. Photos can have other individuals in them but every photo should also include this one person. I have clicked the face icon in the task bar and have confirmed the vast majority of faces in multiple folders so Lr seems to...
  12. nIkedoni1a

    How do I Sync white balance for before and after images?

    Thank you, They grey card solution became obvious to me as I wrote the question but I was not aware that it would not work with jpgs so thank you for that. The ring light is another excellent suggestion, however, I have the rooms all stocked with point and shoots which means a camera upgrade...