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    LR Preset purchase?

    I think though, since he is new to LR a little fun with presets wouldn't do any harm. It offers a good starting point for someone new. It allows you to see what the sliders are doing. Sure, why not purchase a small bundle. I would Google "Lightroom Portrait Presets". Think there are a lot...
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    Problem with large font

    Yes, yes. Thanks so much.
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    Problem with large font

    I was tryng to make the LR font a little larger. In my effort to do so I tested the Large (150%) Font. That was way to large. Back to the Preferences I tried to change the size to something smaller, but because of the huge size I cannot get to the Save button on the bottom of the UI...
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    Auto on Import

    Today, I heard that the new version of LR automatically adds Auto when Importing. I have not been able to find out anything about that. Is it true? If so, how do you stop it from happening.
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    Moving folders in the Folders panel

    I have been moving Folders and Files in LR for years. I don't remember LR ever losing the images. The only times images get lost is when my clients move them without me watching (LOL)
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    Web Galleries

    What is a cloud app? Also, the place to find the albums online is This will hold all the albums. Having to go to individual albums to open them in Classic to get the Link #seems like a very round about way to see the albums.
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    Web Galleries

    That is what I mean. Though, what if I had three different albums, shared with three different people?. According to what you are saying, I would need to have the url for the link for each one. There must be somewhere that the albums are held.
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    Web Galleries

    Sorry, I meant Lightroom Album, not gallery. I shared an album I made but I don't know how and where to find it.
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    Web Galleries

    After watching several tutorials I was able to make a web gallery. I was also able to send a link to share the gallery with someone. Now, comes the big question, how do I find my web gallery or more than one gallery?
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    Library module Deleting files from disk

    I have been having this problem for years and have not been able to get the help needed on this forum or elsewhere. I have asked about this several times. There have been others having the problem as well. When deleting from disk, the images come out of the catalog but they DON'T get deleted...
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    Font Size

    I was talking about the Menu Bar and working with a PC. Uploaded 9.1 and the size of the fonts changed
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    Font Size

    The Tool Bar that has File, Edit, Photo is very small. How to enlarge.
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    Looking for People

    thanks to all for the help
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    Edit keyboard shortcuts

    Think the Shortcut is Ctrl +. That will make a Virtual Copy on Windows.
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    Advice for a Reluctant Lr Consultant

    My Heirarchy is 2019 1-2 San Francisco 1-4 China Town 12-25 Xmas 2020 1-1 New Years Day Party I use...