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    Lightroom Slideshow Export

    What the little program does is works out from the file extension of the parameter given, in this case index.html so .html, what program Windows needs to run. In this case it should run the PC's default web browser with index.html as the first page and viola, an auto running web gallery.
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    Lightroom Slideshow Export

    It does. What you need is a Shell Exec program copied to the root of the CD/DVD. I found mine on a Microsoft Office CD when looking to see how they ran a web page directly. The file is called SHELEXEC.EXE. There may be copies scattered around the Internet. Best bet is to check any software CDs...
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    It's a tough life but

    Very nice Geoff. Lightroom really shines.
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    Moving masters from Lightroom to Bridge

    Are you using the option to Edit in Photoshop from the Lightroom menu? When using this option, Lightroom creates a photo file in the same folder as the original with the same name as the original plus "-Edit", of the file type you specify in Preferences, TIFF or PSD. It then imports the new...
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    nav buttons

    Sean McCormack has just released Vertical and Horizontal scrolling galleries that have link buttons you can set from within Lightroom.
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    Horizontal Scroll Lua Gallery V1.0

    Cheers Sean. I think it was your original that I poured over and it gave me a far better understanding of how Lightroom and these work together. Let's see if I can understand the Lua version :shock:
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    Vertical Scroll Gallery

    Scrolls nicely on Firefox Sean. Thanks for the updated version.
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    Colorspace Issue between LR & CS3

    Perfect Victoria. If you've time, your post deserves to be in Tricks and Tips.
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    Exif data not available after exporting

    Hi Karyn What file type are you exporting to? If I export to TIFF, Windows doesn't show date and time which means it may not be there. If I export to JPEG, date and time is included in the file.
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    "Find" command applied to Presets??

    The short answer is no. The longer answer is a question. What are you trying to achieve as there may be another way?
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    I use YYYYMMDDHHMM_ followed by the camera generated filename. For scans or photos from friends and family, I generally set DDHHMM to '''''' if not in the metadata and make an educated guess at YYMM. Batch rename works well here. Renaming is the first part of my workflow and has focused the...
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    Graphics card requirements

    On a PC, it uses DirectX IIRC. On a Mac, I can't remember.
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    Remote Keywording

    Yes you can. Select the folders or photos you want to work with and export them to a new catalog, including previews. If you want to use existing keywords that are not attached to any of the photos in the exported catalog, you'll need to export keywords from the Metadata menu, which creates a...
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    Lightroom Catalog...1, 2, or many?

    I prefer the single catalog idea because if you use keywords or other metadata for finding specific selections of photos, you can't search across multiple catalogs.
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    Metadata - inserting Fullpath to image into 'File Name' field

    Hi Johnathon A question and an answer: How would you use the full path to the file in the metadata? There may be a better way. The operating system won't allow slashes in file names because they are used by the OS as directory separators in a path. Lightroom treats certain characters as...