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    Creating several VC's from a single image; unexpected results

    This what I have done for several years using my scanned photos. I have many thousands of scanned photos and the cropping and editing of each is an ongoing process. I found that it was difficult to keep keep track of where I was and so over time I developed the following protocol :- 1. The...
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    Installing LR6 on new computer

    If that was the case would a possible solution be to install the trial version of Lightroom Classic on the OP's new computer thus allowing the later version of the catalog to be opened ?
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    EXIF Files

    There is no such thing as a perfect exposure. On what basis can such perfection be determined ? Every exposure mode on your camera will result in a differently exposed photo. Who is to say which is the correct exposure mode ? If exposure perfection could be determined then every camera would be...
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    When Do You Use Collections Instead of Keywords?

    As the article states, you need collections to sync from Classic to the Cloud. Also, sometimes I want a collection of photos that cannot be done simply with Smart collections. For example I might want only 3 out of 100s of photos of Sunsets, all of which contain the keyword Sunset. A smart...
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    How do I access all my private messages?

    Below "View Cart" there is a little envelope. Click on it and then "view all". You have to be signed in ;)
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    Lightroom Horrors

    Myth. You are free to use any software you like. You are not tied to Lightroom. Any work you have done in Lightroom is fully retrievable even after your subscription has expired. How does he know Adobe are not happy with him ? How have they expressed this unhappiness ?
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    Catalogs Backup without exiting. Please see (and like) my response

    I like it just the way it is. Can't understand why anyone would want to back-up a catalog mid work flow.
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    Help! How do I convert xmp files to dng files to sell as Lightroom mobile presets??

    Interesting thread. I have a few questions for the OP. 1. Did you get the RAW files converted and your site launched. 2. What kind of "editing" goes into your Presets (do they have a particular theme or look). 3. Have you managed to sell any yet.
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    Keyboard and mouse....time to dump the wireless?

    Same here. This solved my mouse issues too.
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    Seeing file extension in LR mobile

    Didn't know that one. Bit fiddly if have fat fingers but yes much better.
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    Seeing file extension in LR mobile

    When you are looking at a particular photo select "info" from the top left drop down menu. This will tell you the file type.
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    Wider sidebar?

    Well that isn't fair is it. A case of operating system "ism" ? Is it an operating system issue or a LR issue ?
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    Catalog Upgrade

    First impressions are that it is very slick. Not laggy at all. But it took an age to sync 1 photo. The Adobe server must be busy which may explain the long time upgrading the catalog.
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    Catalog Upgrade

    Ok. After posting it suddenly zoomed along and is now done. Took about an hour.
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    Catalog Upgrade

    Just downloaded the latest Lightroom Classic version and upon opening it stated "Catalog Upgrade in Progress" (and moving and compressing sync data). That was 45 mins ago and still under 10% complete !! Is it supposed to take this long. I do have a lot of smart previews synced in the Cloud.