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    Custom Sorting Photos in a Folder that contain Virtual Copies

    The problem is now resolved but I thought I would share my experience. I had approximately 200 photos in folder which I imported into LR problem I re-ordered the photos using the custom sort.. no problem I renamed the photos XXX0001 to XXX0200 inorder that they would have the...
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    One particular photo simply will not sync from LR Classic to mobile

    I also had this problem. Nearly drove me mad. Just completely remove the photo from LR starting with "all synced photos" (if its there). Then let LR complete any other syncing that is going on, turn off LR and even reboot your computer. Then try reimporting. If that still doesn't work then try...
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    What Am I Missing??

    Agree. If you are viewing on your phone then its much better to use the "Adobe Photoshop Lightroom" app. I have only ever used the Web site when my access was limited to a 3rd party computer.
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    What Am I Missing??

    If you have already created a collection then just drag those photos into it. If you have not yet created a collection then select the photos > Library > New Collection. Yes otherwise the photos will not sync. I only pause when editing. Yes they are only virtual. If you delete the collection...
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    What Am I Missing??

    I hope that in the next round of name changes Adobe adopt the term "Cloudy version" as coined by Cletus ;)
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    What Am I Missing??

    Yes this is a very important point.
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    What Am I Missing??

    Ken, Yes I do this directly from the Lightroom App on my phone. I simply click the share Icon (square box with an arrow pointing upwards) and then get a list of options. Choose the share option (same icon) and this then prompts you to choose a file size. You then get the usual options for...
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    What Am I Missing??

    Here is a link to an earlier post of mine. Please note that my explanation is rather long winded but its actually very simple. As Phil and Jim have said try to keep it as simple as possible. My way of doing it is convenient for me but others may find simpler ways. I suggest you have a play and...
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    What Am I Missing??

    Completely agree. However, I do use the Cloud to transfer my phone photos to Classic. I also sync smart previews of all my photos from Classic to the Cloud which does not take up any storage allowance and which allows me to view them remotely on my phone or other device and also allows me to...
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    Why is JPEG image changing after RAW file is Imported ??

    What you are asking is often asked by users new to LR. I asked the same question when I started. When LR converts the RAW file to a view-able photo it cannot replicate the camera produced Jpeg. This I understand is because Adobe do not have access to the camera makers algorithms. All it can do...
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    Keyword updates in LR Classic CC don't sync to the cloud (Lightroom CC)

    Yes I have. What you say is exactly how it works. As Johan states it works the first time you sync provided that xmp files have been saved and you have not created smart previews for those photos. Before syncing therefore I just select all the photos to be synced and save to xmp (Ctrl+S) then...
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    Create import keyword with date and time

    It is probably not a feature because the import date is a meaningless value to most people. If you really want to have the import date as a keyword you can achieve this manually to hundreds of photos in about 5 seconds upon import, provided you remember to do it.
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    Importing different subjects

    Apples and oranges in more ways than one !
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    Unable to delete rejected photos

    In the Library Module in the LH panel under Catalog click on "All Photographs". Then filter for rejected photos. All (and only) photos that have been "x" rejected should then appear. Select the photos you want to delete (presumably all of them) and then right click "Remove Photo..." and click on...
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    new iPhone, new sync?

    Jim I think you misread the OP. It appears that the photos are not duplicated on the Iphone. They are only duplicated in the "Adobe Cloud" because the Iphone Lightroom CC software didn't recognize that they were already in the Cloud. This issue doesn't appear to have anything to do with ICloud.