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    Is there a "master switch" to temporarily turn off all processing in a set of photos?

    Are you shooting JPEG? If not, the initial state is not "exactly how the image came out of the camera". There's no such concept for a raw file. If you're shooting raw, the closest you can come to that idea is to extract the embedded previews from the raw files.
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    Does Lr keep track of exported photos

    Welcome to Lightroom Forums, sorry it was trouble that brought you here... Lightroom has no knowledge of exported photos. So you're right, moving exported photos to the trash should be harmless enough. (You can also just export over them a second time; you would be prompted for whether you...
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    output jpg with caption on image

    Wouldn't viewing them in Fullscreen (press F) accomplish the same thing as using them as your Windows background?
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    Can setting a label be made to export?

    Do you want assigning the label to immediately trigger an export? Or are you asking whether you can select too many photos, then have the Export process skip all those that don't have the label? If the former, no. If the latter, no, not really, but you can certainly filter for the label...
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    So Where do I post a general question about a Lightroom Problem.

    Right, but can you cause it to get stuck, so when your mouse is NOT hovering over the filmstrip, it still shows the wrong photo?
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    Unwanted automatic cropping

    What a great success story. Thanks for sharing!
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    Brightness value in LR

    One of the examples given in the Exif specification is that you can tell whether the photo was shot in darkness, and therefore look for noise that you might wish to correct in post. But you can tell that yourself from the ISO/aperture/exposure time triad, so I'm not sure it's of any real...
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    So Where do I post a general question about a Lightroom Problem.

    This is a known bug that I've reported at least twice -- the picture shown in the Navigator is different than the selected photo while working in the Develop module. Switching modules to Library and back to Develop doesn't fix it, but mousing over filmstrip does. I have never found a way to...
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    Brightness value in LR

    This is the value of the Exif field "Brightness" or "BrightnessValue". It represents the camera's assessment of scene brightness in APEX units. There's a very brief explanation in Appendix C of the Exif 2.3 specification.
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    Imported 7D Videos Suffer from Random Pixellated Distortion--Help!

    You're welcome! And don't feel bad, I wouldn't have been able to identify the issue quickly had others not done exactly the same thing many times before. :-)
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    Sub-folders Don't Copy

    No, that's not what you wanted. You re-imported. Re-importing is almost never the right answer to any Lightroom problem. By doing so you've lost some information about your files, like collection memberships, virtual copies, Develop history, and stacks. Did you import into your existing catalog...
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    Imported 7D Videos Suffer from Random Pixellated Distortion--Help!

    I don't think the 3.0 reader in a 2.0 port is likely to be the problem, but things like bad readers and bad cables have been known to cause similar problems in the past. I think it's unlikely Lightroom is at fault. Here's Apple's page on running diagnostics:
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    Imported 7D Videos Suffer from Random Pixellated Distortion--Help!

    Those look like corrupt files, or less likely, bad RAM. I would back everything up right away, then run system diagnostics. Another possibility, surprisingly common, is that the files were corrupted in the process of copying them from the card. Are you copying straight from the camera or...
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    Sub-folders Don't Copy

    You're making it more complicated than it needs to be. No need to export, you can just move the files from hard drive to the other. There are two ways to do this, both pretty easy: outside Lightroom and inside Lightroom. To do this outside Lightroom, just copy the folders from the old...
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    Match Total Exposures in LR

    You're welcome, glad to help!