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    How to download pictures from the LR Cloud

    hey john, as soon as I posted this message, I went to LrC on my iMac and .... well, yes, I saw the RAW files ... It's like going to the dentist when you have a tooth ache and as soon as you enter the office, all pain is gone ... so, looks like it was a non issue. tks for the help.
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    How to download pictures from the LR Cloud

    I have a love-hate relationship with LR (the cloud-based version). My normal import workflow is the following: on my iMac, I import my RAW files in LR where I select the good and discard the bad ones. I like doing it this way as I often use my tablet to do that work. I will use LrC to edit and...
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    Sharpenning in Lightroom

    Having recently switched to LR4 I have noticed that on pics imported using the new process (LR 4 2012?) the default sharpening settings are something like +25 as opposed to +0 with LR3. This refelct reality better, ie that LR4 does automatically apply some sharpening on input.
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    Sharpenning in Lightroom

    Tks Trevior, did not I could be stating WW III LOL
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    Sharpenning in Lightroom

    This will sound oh so stupid but reading Mark Evening's book on Lightroom, I just discovered the Sharpen command. I shoot RAW with my Nikon D90 and I have up to now never used any sharpening. So, the "oh so stupid question" is: - Should I sharpen and if so by how much? - Also, should I...
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    Lightroom & Photostream

    You will find the answer on my blog here:
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    Changing a large number of really bad time stamps from different cameras

    I am struggling with a large number of pictures (1,900 of them actually) stored in Lightroom 3.6 under “Our Wedding” folder. These pictures come from six different cameras all with different times and with only one that I trust. I have started by individually changing some of the time stamps...
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    Lightroom iCloud Photostream integration

    I have not seen this question asked before on this forum and I have only pieces being discussed elsewhere, so here goes. I would love to know if some sort of LR plug-in exist that would allow integration with Apple iCloud Photostream. I have heard of PhotoStream2Folder as opne solution. Is it...
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    Just bought CS5.5 - should I move to LR from Aperture

    No you do not need to. But you could. I did. See the reasons why here on my blog:
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    Lightroom Development Workflow

    Clee, this is an awesome workflow - or more precisely, this is an awesome way to use LR to assist you with it. When I was still working with Aperture, I posted this workflow on my blog: Now working with LR3, it hasn't changed...
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    Bug with hard disk publishing service?

    I recently posted a thread about HD pub services. Got the answer. Tks. I posted the solution on my blog here. I also viewed this video on Adobe TV that mentions a few "gotchas" to be aware of when exporting for iPad viewing. Two things that need to be done: 1) Rename files (more on a possible...
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    Hard Disk publishing service

    Guys, I just wanted to let you know that I posted this on my blog about my "learnings" for publishing services. Thanks to you and this forum. Max
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    Hard Disk publishing service

    Guys, thanks for the quick answers. My post was the kind of post one should NEVER post. As soon as I posted, I found the "reveal folder" option (not sure of the name as my LR is in French). There I immediatly understood the folder/file structure. Bingo. Now as for John, I will ask. Nicely...
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    Hard Disk publishing service

    I have recently migrated from Aperture to LR3. Although I have totally in love with LR; I can even say that I prefer its UI although most people, including LR users, often say that AP has the upper hand here. One thing I miss is the ease of synchronizing albums to the iPad. In AP, under a...
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    Please reassure me one last time before I make the move from Aperture to LR3.

    Keywords Do not forgat to ask AP to write your keywords within the files. This will also work for Faces and Places if you tagged them. You may want to read this post on my blog about a similar experience...