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    I cannot log into the Adobe Support Community site.

    Can you try a different browser or delete the cookies/cache?
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    suddenly my photo's in Lr have become smaller

    For what it is worth, LR 6.14, W10, mid-resolution monitor, both fit and fill expand an absurdly small image to fit/fill the image space (heavily pixelated). I don't have a 4K to experiment with. Maybe delete the preferences?
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    Computer crashing during export

    Good, I am glad it is fixed and thank you for your kind words too.
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    Slow LR 6.14 Catalog Backup Problem

    When I exit LR (6.14) I check and optimize the catalogue and back it up. The total time is a minute or two. Of that time, the initial checking takes a good proportion of the time and the progress bar barely moves, LR then goes to optimise various other aspects and right at the end of the...
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    Computer crashing during export

    Do you have a cooler that came with the CPU (an air cooler)? Those are less expensive than water coolers usually? 70 degrees at idle is far, far too high. Try another cooler, something is very wrong. You might have convection helping without a working pump. The CPU will auto throttle back...
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    Computer crashing during export

    Call me too cautious if you like, but I wouldn't leap in and re-seat the cpu's thermal compound until I had tried removing dust and checking that the whole cooling system is looking to be performing correctly. For what its worth, this (W10) machine is currently mostly idling right now, the CPU...
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    Slow LR 6.14 Catalog Backup Problem

    Some data. I am running LR 6.14 under Windows 10 latest, 64 bit. I have some 115k images in the LR catalogue. The catalogue is 1.6GB The backup (which as a compressed file crudely indicates how much 'unique' data is actually in there) is 170MB. Exiting LR, I always prompt for a full...
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    Error message "can not post to internal server" Gmail acct is validated.

    At a guess, something outside LR6 has changed and as LR6 has not been maintained for years, it isn't going to work. If you need to use external to LR functionality (ie, when LR uses interfaces to other products like email), then you are likely going to need to switch to a current version of LR...
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    Nikon Z6ii and Z7ii white balance consistency issue

    Could you copy the WB setting from one image and paste it into the others? This would force them to same (LR) WB temperature. However, there does seem to be a bug in LR if it doesn't treat the 6 and 7 raw files in the same way, given the camera is in manual WB temperature mode, so it is unclear...
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    file not found in develop module but not the usual issue

    Delete or rename the preferences file and see if that fixes it. LR will create a new (default) preferences file.
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    file not found in develop module but not the usual issue

    I presume the files are where they are supposed to be. That being the case, they are possibly corrupt in some way. HTHs
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    New Mac: SSD/external drive

    At the moment (May 2021), in the UK, an ultra-fast M.2 2TB SSD runs around £400 (inc VAT) as a bare device.
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    Lightroom 6.14 - download source?

    Could be an out of date certificate perhaps?
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    Sharper unprocessed image

    You probably don't mean that. If you would like to see the unprocessed raw image (or something close to it), a free raw processor called rawtherapee can do it. You will get a green biased image and it will look a mess. A raw file goes through many stages of processing before something like a...
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    Edit in PS command causes misalignment in PS

    This sounds like it could be a graphics card problem, are the drivers fully up-to-date?