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    Backup using Raid 1

    And if the unit develops a damaging fault, is stolen, hacked, catches fire etc. you lose the lot. In the UK, after an oil storage depot blew up a few years back, the advice for commercial business continuity backup is a minium of five miles separation, with 20 preferred. There were businesses...
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    Develop module Synchronize multiple cameras

    You can, however it depends on the type of display. Some digital displays are flashing at high speed and the photographic image can be difficult to read to the exact second. Analogue clocks with hands are 'safer' (ie, more reliable) in this usage. I have been known to take my own clock. I...
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    Develop module Synchronize multiple cameras

    Possibly not accurate enough for what you are trying to do, but when I have multiple cameras at an event (including ones that aren't mine but they are going to give me their images), I aim to get everyone to take a picture of the same clock with a sweep second hand. It doesn't matter when in...
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    Help Required PLEASE

    Left-click on the Windows icon (it is that four 'square' thing usually bottom left) and type the word 'snip'. W10 will offer you 'Snip & Sketch', it is the new snipping tool. (W10 still offers the old snipping tool too.) HTHs
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    What is the best method to resize / compress already exported images?

    This might be one of the very rare occasions when creating a new LR catalogue makes sense. But only if you intend to throw it away after the new exports, ie lose the work again. If you might want to do work in the future (and that is what got you to this place last time), then you are much...
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    Importing RAW + JPEG, but only RAWS visible in LR

    I've an idea there is an 'un' missing from this, the second time. So ...but if it's UNchecked, the JPEGs are hidden and "attached" to the raw file...
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    Secure delete files from MacBook Pro SSD ?

    Oops, first time should read: dd if=/dev/zero of=anynameyoulike (make sure you have changed your directory location (cd) to be on the disk you want to wipe, du will tell you what is mounted)
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    Secure delete files from MacBook Pro SSD ?

    If you can get to a command prompt, then first delete the files and second use dd (Unix/Linux systems) or cipher (Windows systems) to wipe the free space. dd if=/null/zero of=anynameyoulike (make sure you have changed your directory location (cd) to be on the disk you want to wipe, du will...
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    Where are My "Develop" Settings?

    David, how are you searching for LR catalogues and backups? Windows is astonishingly bad at finding files that are certainly there, somewhere. Assuming a non-corrupted version of LR6 was installed, it would migrate your current LR 5 catalogue, leaving the LR5 catalogue behind as an untouched...
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    Lightroom has stopped working error message

    I would put 6.14 on your W7 machine. You have nothing to lose trying it out. I'm surprised W7 wasn't listed as supported, W7 is in service until Jan 2020, but all businesses have to decide how much backwards compatibility testing they are prepared to do. Just because LR6 isn't listed as...
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    Lightroom failing to import some photos from a card

    Everyone has their own preferred workflow and I'm not saying that one is better than another. I prefer to use the OS to copy files from the card. I drag the whole folder from the card reader into the parent folder where I keep raw images (for me, the parent is usually the year, though if I have...
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    Problem updating from new install of LR 4.1 on Mac OSX

    Glad you found it, like I said, it should be there and hopefully the email can remind you which account you used. However, you tripped a thought that I should check to see if I can still find my old serial numbers and I can. They are found under 'register a product' (which was not the first...
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    Problem updating from new install of LR 4.1 on Mac OSX

    If you purchased the v6 upgrade from Adobe, your v6 licence key should still be available on the Adobe pages, you need to login to your Adobe account.
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    Destructively crop RAW DNGs in LR?

    You need to decide why you want the DNG at all. If you are happy with your edit, what is wrong with the jpeg? Or, you could create a 16 bit TIFF (which will be big compared to the jpeg). You could even import the TIFF back into LR and export as a DNG, but as a DNG derived this way it won't...