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    Problem moving files within LR Classic

    This can happen and uninstalling Lr won’t fix it Right click on folder with your pictures reveal in explorer Once in folder select all select copy Carl c Go to folder you want them in paste Now. Go back to Lr cancel move click x might take some time to end Now go in Lr to folder your images...
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    Conflicting metadata problem

    This is normal and no update is going to correct it, if you look in Metadata panel showing it ,will tell you what app might of caused this issue. EXample is Photoshop simply select read from disk this issue has occurred since LR 1.
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    Library module Just to make sure...

    If you write your Metadata to disk Ctrl S or CMD in LR you can then remove folders from LR but save changes to disk first this will generate Sidecars with your edits to the pictures. you can check this by revealing folder and looking for the xmp files might need to change settings to show hidden...
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    Copying spot removal (for dust bunnies)

    you Sync Settings to copy spot removal since normally would be in same location on the images.
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    LR - Photoshop problem

    When you open an image to external editor , LR auto names the file so in the Ext Editor you select save to have the image appear in LR, If you select Save as your renaming the file, so image would not appear in LR Catalog, but you can select the folder in LR Library and right click or Ctrl click...
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    DNG and sidecar????? Is this a bug?

    dng files the sidecars are in the dng file not in the folders. You did not mention if this was an internal Hard drive or an external one? Thing to try is move the dng files into there own folder, and the Raws files from your camera in there own folder does the questin mark go away, In this...
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    LR Import not showing previews of RAW files

    issue with some canon cameras not showing previews if using lr 1.2 the previews show but in 1.3.1 they do no only seems to affect canon cameras, what compression you use on the CR2 files?
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    Printing poor quality with HP

    Hp normally does not provide ICC paper profiles and one has to Remember LR is using PRO Photo for color management , you have to tell LR to do no color management and it should print fine.
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    when will ACR be 300 dpi

    No the fact is even though these are raw files and the ppi is 3'' LR should read this data funny apple aperture does read them at 3'' and as to the acr being a plug in major issue is to get latest ACR you need to download the program again this was a big mistake on there part.
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    Lightroom crashes when trying to export

    export to burn Can you export to folder with out burning hmm you say you can't open the catalog now Ctrl click LR on desktop keep ctrl key down create new catalog then import some images into it Make sure the catalog goes in the LR folder in windows it is my pictures for xp and pictures for...
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    LR 1.3 print problems

    vista driver issues your settings for Lr are kept here Hold down the windows flag key (windows logo) on key and press R Flag R then in the run type this %appdata%\adobe locate Lightroom, Right click it and choose Cut then pasts this folder to your desktop or documents Now real issue is that...
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    when will ACR be 300 dpi

    Biggest issue with lr is dpi is only 24' dpi not 3'' dpi my camera shoots at 3'' dpi plus and when exporting I have to make sure to change this to 3'' dpi, ACR should read the data on my raw images which my camera software does read correctly. This and ACR should be a plug-in not embedded in the...
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    Large Catalog Performance Issues?

    yes making them are std preview might help of you can delete the preview file if need to know where this is let me know Lowolf
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    Editing RAW in CS3 via Lightroom

    If you make LR write Meta data to a sidecars (disk) then Bridge would see these settings as well ( in Lr go to file catalog settings then meta data settings tab select all then write these changes to disk when you open a file from LR you are in fact brining it into Psh with ACR already done why...