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    Inexpensive Tablet that can run LR reasonably?

    I'm curious if someone can recommend (based upon experience, not speculation) an inexpensive tablet capable of reasonably running Lightroom.
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    File Renaming?

    Operating System: Windows 10 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): 6 (it's at home, so I don't know the exact version). I've been using a program by Breeze Software called Downloader Pro to pull my photos from the card(s) and rename them according to a data/time scheme that I like...
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    caption to flickr description?

    I know that at one time, when I published to flickr, whatever I had in Lightroom as the caption for a photo, was on flickr as the description. It doesn't seem to be that anymore or at least it isn't doing it for me. Is there a setting I need in order to make this happen again?
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    Multiple Catalogs and People Recognition

    Mine is just slow when first starting up. But I really was relying on the advice of others. My preference would be to continue with a single catalog. I hear that's bad; bad for performance.
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    Multiple Catalogs and People Recognition

    I currently use just one catalog in Lightroom, and it has photos from several years of work. For performance, I thought maybe it would be good to start a new catalog each year or two, but I'm afraid if I do that, I would lose the benefit of the people recognition feature, that I've managed to...
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    using mobile only as a preliminary remote edit, but move photos (w edits) to desktop

    Is there an easy way to run Lightroom mobile on my windows 10 surface computer, do preliminary edits on it, and then when I get home, copy the photos (with edits) to my desktop to be further edited in Lightroom? I don't want to use collections. I want to be able to move those photos with...
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    can I safely remove previous versions?

    I just wanted to make sure that if I did that, that it wouldn't hurt the new installation.
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    can I safely remove previous versions?

    I have 5.7 now. Can I safely remove the 2 previous versions without damaging the newest version?
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    Preset for Pro Contrast?

    I am a frequent use of Nik Software's Color Efex Pro, which has a Pro Contrast filter. I typically use the Dynamic Contrast preset within that. I like the results, but wish that for most things, I wish I had something similar that I could do within Lightroom 5. I was wondering if anyone out...
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    export to hdr pro hangs on last file

    I have 80 gb of free space. The images are all present, and aren't corrupt as far as I can tell.
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    export to hdr pro hangs on last file

    I have done this many times but suddenly lastnight, I started having trouble. I am exporting 3 images to HDR Pro, and it hangs on the last image. I ended up letting it sit there for a couple of hours, hoping that it would finally go, but it never did. Any ideas on how to fix this?
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    renaming: uniqueness?

    I'm intrigued with the script, just because of the additional options if I would want it, but it sounds like the functionality is there to take on a -1, -2 etc at the end of the filename. I'd prefer a _1, _2, but I can't complain. The functionality that I want is there.