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    Develop module Very slow performance on TIFF save

    It's tiff- specific, afaik. You can compress 8-bit-tiffs. But the compression of 16-bit tiffs is not defined in the tiff-specifications. It's not a Lightroom-problem, other software have this problem, too. The scanner-software Vuescan, vor instance. If you compress a 16-bit tiff, each software...
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    Iconoclastic Scanning Service

    My personal experience with faded slides or negatives: VueScan does an excellent job on them. Just klick a button in VueScan and you get pictures wihth nearly (nearly!) the original colors. Scans were done with a Nikon Coolscan V ED. Klaas
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    83MB size photos in LTR6.14?

    A lot of my files in LR are scanned TIFFs from slides, each with 112 to 115 MByte. No problem. The only limit is the speed of my WLAN, since I have my pictures on a NAS, while the catalogue is on the PC. Klaas
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    Flatbed Scanner Questions

    Sorry, but jou did a big mistake with installing working scanning software. Now you have to spend a lot of time (months or even years) with scanning :) I'm experiencend now, believe me :) But Corona and a closed nation are most helpfully for saving spare time for scanning :) The last two years...
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    Flatbed Scanner Questions

    A question about your Nikon 5000 scanner: Vuescan should work with your scanner, even with the multi-slide-feeder. At least this is mentioned at the description at the Vuescan scanner list, see the Nikon Coolscan page. If not, contact them, Mr. Hamrick is most supportive, as I found out. Klaas
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    Flatbed Scanner Questions

    I used Nikon Scan 4.0.3, but it didn't work either, so I de-installed it. Then I tryed the free version of Vuescan and this software works fine with my Nikon scanner. But then I installed Nikon Scan again and it suddenly works fine. Via the internet I learned, that Vuescan installed a driver for...
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    Import How can I import a PDF document?

    Spezialiced software like ABBYY Fine Reader can do the job. It stores PDFs in whatever picture format you want. Klaas
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    Flatbed Scanner Questions

    Two years ago I started scanning slides, negatives and prints and I faced the same problems as discussed here. I bought a slide scanner, a used Nikon Coolscan V ED. A flatbed scanner was already available. And now - what scan software for both scanners? I tested Silverfast and Nikon Scan for...
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    Commercial Scanning of Negatives

    The last year I scanned a lot of slides and negatives of the 35mm size with my Nikon scanner, with 4000 dpi each. I started with JPEG, but then I changed to TIFF, since only with TIFF a colour depth of 16 bit is available. TIFF gives you far better colours, especially, when you have colours of...
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    Image Quality, iPhone 11: DNG vs JPG vs HEIC

    On my iPhone XR I changed from HEIC to JPEG, since JPEG is a more common format. And my old LR-Version doesn't support the more modern HEIC. Apple did a good job with their processing software, I think. It's very seldom, that I have to do changes on the phootographs with my LR. Klaas
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    Anyone know of any photo library mgmt software alternatives?

    What about Daminion? Klaas
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    I need advice on whether my PC needs upgrading. Help!

    Is LR able to use the prozessor of your graphic card? Klaas
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    How to remove duplicate foto's

    Look for a LR-Plugin called "Duplicate Finder". Klaas
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    From RAW to saved format?

    When you want to see your pictures on TV or with a beamer via a WLAN a HD-JPG (1920x1080) is present within a glance, while a RAW of 20 or more MB or a TIF of 120 MB needs several frustrating seconds to show up. Klaas
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    Cannot import to imagfes stored on an NAs

    Did you mount the NAS on the import menu? I just tried to mount my NAS on the import menu without assigning a drive letter and it works. Klaas Windows 10 Home, Synology NAS, LR 6.12.