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    Menu command and/or keyboard shortcut for Set Poster Frame?

    I write macros in Keyboard Maestro to automate many tasks I face in Lightroom. I would like to automate setting the poster frame of a video at the current insertion point. The only way I know to access this command is via the unconventional drop-down menu that shows on the far right of the...
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    Culling before LR, versus culling inside LR

    IME, you have nothing to worry about. Lightroom is designed for grouping your Photos myriad ways. Culling a set of photos usually involves grouping them in ways that are meaningful, and eventually removing a portion from the set. Culling even a lifetime's worth of photos is a perfect use of...
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    Library module method for adding info to museum photos

    I catalog _photographs_ as art, as well as photographs of _artworks-that-are-not-photographs_. I suggest that you start with a clear distinction between title and caption (and author and copyright) of the _photo_ and those similar-by-name metadata of the _artwork_. All metadata fields are...
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    Searching for "portrait" images

    Whatever best fits your need ... but simply gang-selecting them in Grid View and applying a marker (flag, color label, keyword), or adding to a Collection is one of the things that is very easy to do in Lightroom.
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    Still generating conflicts in metadata. How to compare disk v. catalog?

    Thank you! I can confirm that the Photos that show a conflict in Metadata are all used in slideshows — but it's not as simple as just having been used in a slideshow. There is something in my making and playing slideshows that triggers the metadata conflict. I do not intend to do any further...
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    Being an Old Guy...…….

    Adding to the hopefully-helpful non-answers: I use PDF Expert to annotate manuals (the ones in PDF format, of course). In fifth grade we were taught how to underline, highlight, and write marginalia as study aids. I never stopped. That said, I recently purchased the new The Lightroom Queen...
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    Searching for "portrait" images

    To clarify, you do not want to differentiate between portrait orientation and landscape orientation — you want to differentiate between Photos that show "mostly head" and ones that show "more background than head"? That is going to end up being a manual distinction (afaict). There are many...
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    Still generating conflicts in metadata. How to compare disk v. catalog?

    Thank you Johan. That would make it a bug, no? It's disconcerting. I use Lightroom to _bank_ my digital _assets_. As such, I expect it to treat them as valuables, and to not generate reports alarming me that their status is in question. Ignoring the reports is an effective practice, but it...
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    Still generating conflicts in metadata. How to compare disk v. catalog?

    Even after resolving all metadata conflicts (I got no conflicts over the course of several opening/closings of Lightroom and several reboots of my computer, Lightroom continues to create/find conflicts in metadata. (Afaik, I'm not doing anything that might trigger these. No satellite or...
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    Quick ways to manually sort new photos into a collection

    Interesting quandary. Here's one way that works. I don't know whether it is worth it to you. Make nested Collections such as: - Slideshow Name {this is a Collection Set} - - Section One Cover Slide - - Section One Slides - - Section Two Cover Slide - - Section Two Slides {etc.} That would...
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    Quick ways to manually sort new photos into a collection

    Hi Rob. This seems to be one of those cases where — since Lightroom does not provide the functionality you want from it — it would benefit you to specify you exact use case so that others might offer solutions that provide the _results_ of the functionality you seek via an alternate workflow...
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    Lightroom to PS to Lightroom - image not appearing Library

    Are you completely closing the open file in Photoshop?
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    Import incredibly slow in lightroom

    A small fwiw: I have this happen regularly. Rebooting the computer has always restored regular import speed. I now reboot at least one per day.
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    Gah — used copy of Catalog & Catalog over three days. How to merge/recover?

    I'm sorry — I'm probably being a dunderhead, and being dunderheaded I can't tell. The problem I have in resolving my mistake of editing Photos in two copies of a Catalog is that I can't tell which copy has the most recent edits. (Lightroom _should_ make this distinction, but it does not.)...