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    Map not really working since update

    Thanks very much, I will give that a go.
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    Map not really working since update

    The map worked normally up until the update to 12.1 and now you can’t seem to drag photos into GPS positions, the map doesn’t refresh, you can’t click on the map icon to get it to go to the place on the map. This happened a while ago with an update, but then it was fixed. Hopefully that will...
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    Map not really working since update

    Hi Since the latest update, the mapping doesn't seem to be working properly. Has anyone else had this problem??
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    Can I update to

    Hi I would like to know how everyone is going with updating their Macs to the latest OS. I use an external drive to hold my photos and my catalogue because I use both my laptop and my desktop for photography. I think I read that there was a problem with external drives. Can anyone verify...
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    What files do I need??

    I have moved to an external hard drive and moved all the photos and the catalogue so that I can change between my MacBook and my iMac. I have ticked the box that says "store presets with this catalog". I would just like to make sure that I have all the files that I would need. Is there a...
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    Lightroom Classic and editing in Luminar Neo

    Hi Could someone please shed some light on this problem for me?? I use LRC and have my photos and catalog saved onto an external hard drive, so that I can swap between my desktop and laptop. I have the preferences set to store presets with this catalog (I think this is what it should be) as I...
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    LR 11

    Hi I have upgraded to Monterey and although the photo seems to take a long time to load, once changing between modules. It appears to be better now. thanks for your help.
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    LR 11

    Hi I love the new version of LR with the masking feature. Yesterday, I was playing around with it and got a photo looking just great in the Develop module, but when I went back to the Library module, it seem to revert back. Did I do something wrong?? thanks KIm
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    Canon R5 Camera Profiles Workaround?

    You can purchase colour profiles from Colour Fidelity, they are really good. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    What files are needed for a complete backup

    Can you tell me if you can have a time machine back up of your whole computer on one EHD and just a backup of your LR cat and photos on another, or do you have to have two full copies??
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    What files are needed for a complete backup

    Ok, so if my computer dies, I just need the latest catalogue backup and a copy of the original CR files. But preferably a time machine back up of everything..... Thanks Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    What files are needed for a complete backup

    I have been reorganising my photos and making sure that I have 2 good backups of the photos that are in my catalogue. Could someone please advise if I need to have the .xmp that seem to come with my photos as well in my back up. I would like to have a copy that heaven forbid, anything happened...
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    Syncing iPad LR with LRClassic

    Hi I can see that my lightroom from my iPad, syncs with a folder in LRC. It seems to send the photos to a folder in LRC, my problem is that when I delete photos on my iPad, they don't seem to sync out of the folder in LRC. Is this what it is supposed to do or do I have a problem. I want to...
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    Lens correction

    Hi I now have an preset that does Lens correction when I import my photos. How do I go back and do the lens correction in one go instead of having to do each photo??
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    Lightroom sync in Classic

    Thanks, so can you move them out of the LR sync folder and into another position.