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    Metadata slowed to a crawl

    There have been a small number of reports in the Adobe forums about extreme slowth in LR 11 making changes to metadata, and these reports didn't call out unusually large catalog sizes. The various versions of LR 11 have made changes to the handling of metadata that may be responsible for what...
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    Lightroom Classic - Face Recognition Getting Significantly Worse?

    I'd be very surprised if Find Faces Again uses a different algorithm from the initial recognition. But I wouldn't be surprised at all if there were some other bug in play. You could submit a bug report to Adobe, but for a bug like this, you'd have to spoon feed it to them in a way that ensures...
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    Which photos in a Published collection set have not been published?

    The Any Source plugin's Publish Collections command will list the collections that have photos needing to be published: You can click on individual listed collections to see the photos. You can then select one or more collections and click Publish. If you set Concurrently Published...
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    Photo Face tags

    When you apply a name to a face rectangle, LR stores three things in the photo metadata: the coordinates of the rectangle, the name applied to the rectangle, and a keyword of the same name. The Syncomatic plugin will copy those keywords from the JPEGs to the similarly named TIFFs, but it won't...
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    Is there documentation on the various choices for keywords in Smart Collections?

    It's a little more complicated than that, unfortunately. Keyword matching in filters and smart collections is a bit of a mess and neither well-designed nor well-documented. You could start with page 184 of the The Missing FAQ, which explains the basics of the filter/smart collection operators...
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    Lightroom Classic - Face Recognition Getting Significantly Worse?

    After face recognition was initially released, there was one significant improvement made a couple years later. The Library > Find Faces Again command was provided to let you discard the original face information and rerun it with the new algorithm. There haven't been any changes in the many...
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    In addition to export what else is now GPU accelerated?

    "I expect Adobe hasn't caught up with the latest Intel drivers. " LR uses the industry-standard interface to GPUs. So when a problem occurs, it's more likely to be a bug in the graphics drivers provided by the manufacturers than in LR. These drivers are released many times a year as the...
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    CaptureMonkey LRBarcodes Reader Plugin - replacement / alternatives?

    Here is the most recent thread in the Adobe forum about the plugin:
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    Can LRC's DNG files use internal compression?

    Right, that's the default lossless compression that LR's DNG conversion always applies unless you select Lossy.
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    Can LRC's DNG files use internal compression?

    It does -- that's what's used when you convert any raw to DNG in LR and don't select Use Lossy Compression. That's what accounts for the approximately 15% shrinkage from NEF to DNG I observed above. I think what you're wishing for is a DNG option that would convert the compressed CRAW data to...
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    Can LRC's DNG files use internal compression?

    That would be pretty much everyone's intuition. But the difference between CRAW and CRAW compressed to DNG Lossy may not be visually noticeable. These compression algorithms aren't like the 30-year-old JPEG algorithms that we were all trained to fear. I found a sample R5 CRAW online, with a...
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    Can LRC's DNG files use internal compression?

    DNG provides two compression options: Lossless (the default) and lossy. The lossless compression gives modest space savings compared to the original raws, while lossy can save more than 50%. I did a quickie experiment with two .NEFs, one with a fair amount of detail throughout the image, the...
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    Develop module ALL Presets have disappeared!!

    Glad you got it resolved. That's concerning that resetting from within Preferences > General didn't work but doing it at startup did -- that suggests they're not exactly the same.
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    Develop module ALL Presets have disappeared!!

    To test my understanding: You can see the Presets panel in the left column, with the title "Presets" visible. You can click the + button and invoke Manage Presets, and all the groups are checked. But the Presets panel is empty. If my understanding is correct, then these symptoms have always...
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    Export EXIF data from JPEG to xmp file

    The Syncomatic plugin can copy edits and metadata from JPEGs to their associated raws based on file names. Note that particular Develop settings applied to JPEGs may not give the same exact appearance on the corresponding raws. So best to examine them closely after syncomating them.