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    Lightroom Classic showing different images from Lightroom web

    Hello Jim, This ought to be really easy to implement; the tools to preserve custom order are in place, e.g., as used for albums. May I suggest that you submit a request to Adobe to implement it? You could surely phrase the issue and the solution in their language more clearly than I can! I'll...
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    Lightroom Classic showing different images from Lightroom web

    Jim has suggested several times that you try experimenting with a small collection, so that you can learn what works and what doesn't. This is excellent advice, and is an efficient way to attack difficult problems. He also suggested, I think, that one source of complications is allowing several...
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    Lightroom Classic showing different images from Lightroom web

    I don't use the Cloudy version so I can't offer any help with using it. But I can suggest that you make a small catalog in Classic, and try syncing it to the Cloudy version, and perhaps syncing it in the other direction. More generally, doing experiments on an unimportant test catalog should...
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    What is this?

    It would have been a courtesy to people reading your initial post to have said what "this" is. That is, a title or a brief text saying "What are these weird spots on the right side of the images?" I didn't even see the spots when I looked at the photos, but TBH I figured that, if you couldn't...
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    Exporting opens duplicate copy of target folder in Windows

    Bingo! Thank you. I wonder how that happened. Is it a setting that is a default with a new update of LR CC? I don't recall setting this on purpose.
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    Exporting opens duplicate copy of target folder in Windows

    When I export an image to a particular folder, if that folder is already open in Windows (listed on the taskbar) the export process opens a new copy of the same folder. To be clear, there aren't now new copies of the folder. Instead, the same folder is opened a second time, so that on the...
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    I suggest that you make up a small catalog (50-100 images or so) and practice on that until you understand the mechanics of keyword hierarchies. That way, your initial learning steps won't mess up your main catalog.
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    Missing photos help please.

    I'm not sure what the source of your problems is, but here are three suggestions, from the specific to the general. 1. Windows has a specific way to assign drive letters like C:\ , D:\, etc. Beyond D:\ it assigns the first available drive letter. So if you have several external drives, which...
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    Lightroom Unable to Megrge

    It used to be said that doing lens corrections in LR before trying to merge was advisable. I don't know if that's still sound advice. But from all the advice above it sounds like there are pretty extreme distortions from a wide angle lens. So it might be worth a try. Does PT GUI do lens...
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    Error in Creating Panoramas

    I'm no expert, but I vaguely recall hearing advice to apply Lens Correction to each image before starting the merge. Is this still considered good practice? At least it ought to minimize edge distortions. And, FWIW, I always do this (LR 10.2 and earlier) and don't get "Unable to Merge" messages.
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    Metadata Conflict

    "wrt" = With Respect To
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    High Anxiety: LR Catalog 140k Missing Files/Human Error

    One more thing: I don't know about Mac's or how one does backup on them, or RAID drives for that matter, but if your backup system writes to the RAID drive, probably automatically, it would be important to shut that down. Ditto for any process that writes to the RAID drives without your taking...
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    High Anxiety: LR Catalog 140k Missing Files/Human Error

    Others here can doubtless provide more authoritative advice, but I've always been advised to avoid writing anything new to a drive from which you hope to recover data. This was on PC's, and I bet it's the same with Mac's. The idea is that if you delete a file, the data are still there, but the...
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    A Confused Newbie

    One way to help you decide whether Lightroom works for you would be to start small. Make a small catalog and work/play with it a bit. Learn something about the power of keywords--they help you find photos without a highly elaborate folder system. I'd start doing this on something that's not...
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    Photos previously posted to Flickr are being marked "Modified"

    Thanks. I guess the good news is that I didn't do something to cause this. And who knows if the update had something to do with it. It started after I updated, for what that's worth...