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    Location for synced image files

    Just like you move any other images from one folder to another. In the Lightroom folder panel, select them and drag & drop them into the new location. Because there are so many, you may want to do this in batches rather than all at once.
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    LR2/GMail - Send exported images using your GMail account

    That first message is from 2009...
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    Long keyword List

    No, there isn't a shortcut.
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    Sign out of Lightroom Classic CC?

    You can only be logged in on two computers, so if you are already logged in on another computer as well, then it’s easier to log out on the old one. If you don’t, then it’s no big deal either, because then you will be asked to log out of another device when you try to log in on the new computer...
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    iPad configuration

    Full sized images are only stored on the iPad if you download the originals from your camera to the iPad in order to get them in the cloud. Even then they are only stored on the iPad as originals as long as they have not been uploaded yet. Once they have been uploaded, you can still select the...
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    How to Keep LR Classic on IMAC, but have Hubby add his photos on MACBOOK and then merge with my catalogue

    You say you use Lightroom CC, but in the version info you say you use Lightroom Classic. That is not the same app, so that leads to the question which app you use, or want to use, on the MacBook. You can use Lightroom (previously called Lightroom CC) the way that Dan describes, or you can use...
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    64-bit Drama

    Lightroom 6 is 64 bits, so it should run as long as it’s installed and registered before you upgrade. The installer and the licensing support apps are 32 bits, so if you ever need to reinstall or reregister you will be out of luck.
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    Catalogs Moving to another computer
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    Lens profile exists, shown in Library but not in Develop

    Most lens profiles are only for raw files. Very few profiles exist for jpeg files. What is shown in the Library is not the profile, but simply which lens you used. That info is recorded in the metadata.
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    Develop Presets with Lightroom 6.14

    Lightroom has changed names several times over the years, so it’s unclear what version you are talking about. When Lightroom 6.14 was the current version, there was a “Lightroom CC2015.14” which was basically same version as yours, except paid for by subscription. If those videos refer to this...
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    Multiple/Duplicate Catalogs

    Looks like you have a lot of catalog backups. The default location of those is a folder called 'Backups' inside the catalog folder. So look for the original catalog folder (its default location is your Pictures folder) and then inside that folder for those backups. You can safely delete these...
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    Moving my Lightroom CC catalogue and images cross platform from a Mac Pro external SSD to a PC SSD

    You can setup the iMac so that the external NEC monitor becomes the main monitor and the iMac monitor becomes the secondary monitor. I have used such a setup for years.
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    Moving my Lightroom CC catalogue and images cross platform from a Mac Pro external SSD to a PC SSD

    I would be the last person to advise you to go from a Mac to the dark ages, but your fear for the changeover of the Lightroom catalog is unfounded. It is really easy to do, so that should not be a factor in your decision.
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    New Installation

    And adding titles and captions does not take time? I think that it's faster to use keywords and not use titles and captions than the other way round. And date, flags, star ratings are very useful too, but they don't tell you whether this is a picture of a lion or an elephant. But like you...
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    Difference in color and light

    What do you mean with this? Exporting? Lightroom 6 resides on your computer too.