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    Adjustment brush issues

    Check the tool overlay setting at the bottom left below the image. You can’t change the visibility of the pins, however.
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    Is there an upgrade for 6.14 ?

    AFAIK, anyone can download and install the CC App, and log in with a free AdobeID. They would get an update of the CC App if there is an update. You don’t need a subscription for that.
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    preset for import

    There is no way to answer that. First of all, an import preset is something else than a develop preset applied on import. An import preset stores the settings in the right panels of the import dialog, so you can choose these with one click at the bottom of the import dialog. I assume that is not...
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    LR forgetting folder location

    Macintosh computers always come with the disk formatted in a single working partition that holds everything (system, personal files) and a small (invisible) rescue partition.
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    LR forgetting folder location

    It takes time to reinvent the wheel. That is why you came here for advice, didn't you?
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    Lost catalogs and pictures

    What do you mean exactly with "I switched to the cloud service"? Did you start using Lightroom (desktop), or Lightroom Classic? Lightroom (desktop) does not have a catalog, it keeps all the information and the images in the cloud. If you use Lightroom Classic, then all you need to do is double...
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    Open as layers in Photoshop does not work

    They could uninstall Lightroom and then install it again. Maybe that helps.
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    catalog upgrade

    Adobe changed the way that information is stored. The edit history is now compressed. That reduced the size of the catalog file considerably, so maybe the old catalog was from before that change (I don't remember exactly when they did this, but it was before the 8 > 9 upgrade).
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    Using the Color Swatch in the Adjustment Brush

    The brush is a color overlay. It does not replace pixels by the color you chose, but only changes the color of those pixels, not the luminosity. That means that bright pixels will remain bright, so you can't even brush any color into a white area, for example.
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    preset for import

    So is your question about a preset or a profile? And what exactly are you asking?
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    LR forgetting folder location

    Do update to 9.1 too. Holding off on the update because of possible bugs does not make any sense. Version 9.0 is a lot buggier than version 9.1.
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    LR forgetting folder location

    Are your images on a NAS? If so, do update to 9.1 because that will solve your problem, I believe. Version 9.1 fixes a lot if bugs, and I have not heard it introduces any new bugs.
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    So Frustrated w/ Lightroom

    It all depends on your workflow and your equipment. I often use three or four cameras for the same shoot. That makes it a lot easier to use one card reader of all of them, then to change connections four times. And my Canon EOS-1D X cameras cannot be charged by USB anyway.
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    So Frustrated w/ Lightroom

    My catalog contains 182,000 images. Some 90% of them was imported by means of a card reader, either by Aperture (before I moved to Lightroom) or by Lightroom. Never had any problem at all.
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    Displaying camera settings in images

    You can add a text field to the presentation, and fill that text field with the metadata you mention. Adding overlays to slides in Lightroom Classic