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    Wrong Metadata On Export Of Original File

    When you do the second export after correcting the title, the overwritten jpeg will show the Metadata Status warning icon on the thumbnail when you select it, at which point it's lot simpler to just click on that icon on the thumbnail and elect to import settings from disk. No need for that...
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    LR 5 Issues

    In the menu bar, make sure that the setting in the Library menu>Show Photos in Subfolders is checked.
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    Does anyone have a LR 6.14 licenec for sale?

    Lightroom6 was available as BOTH a perpetual license version and the CC version (known as CC2015). The CC app would automatically "convert" the perpetual version to the subscription version, but the actual installation code was the same. Should you ever manage to purchase a valid license you can...
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    Does anyone have a LR 6.14 licenec for sale?

    I don't see that as a problem. Perpetual users who moved to subscription didn't get any special "upgrade price", we paid exactly the same as subscribers who had never used or purchased Lightroom before. So if someone wants to sell their legally purchased LR6 license, I doubt Adobe would have any...
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    Library module Lightroom is creating virtual copies of synced photos, why?

    I'm sorry if you found my response disjointed or otherwise unhelpful. I was simply trying to provide a possible explanation to the issue that you are having. To be clear, I can only think of three possible scenarios (in the cloud syncing environment) in which LrC could automatically create VCs...
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    trouble with capture time when importing from IPhone

    The auto-add function is designed to only add any new photos in the camera roll that have been added since the last time it checked. So when you set it up, nothing should immediately import. After that it will check every time you start the LrM app and will import anything added since the...
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    trouble with capture time when importing from IPhone

    1. There are some sort order options at the bottom of the import dialog, one of which is Capture Time. 2. I do it using the cloud syncing, i.e. I have LrMobile installed on my phone and I have it setup to automatically import/add any new phone captures (though I mainly use the LrMobile camera...
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    Library module Lightroom is creating virtual copies of synced photos, why?

    Generally speaking, that situation (VCs created in Classic via syncing, with the master image not synced and the VC is synced) can usually occur when: 1. An image that exists in Classic is not currently synced (thus does not exist in the cloud), although the Classic catalog IS synced. 2. That...
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    The first image of the stack will show the number of images in the stack, the other images in the stack (if the stack is expanded) will only show the number when you hover over the thumbnail in the grid, but another useful indicator is that the cell colour of the stacked images will be darker...
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    importing large files (multi-row pano's)

    PSB support was added to Classic back in version 9.2, although it's still restricted to 65k pixels on the long edge, and a maximum size of 512 megapixels.
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    Anyone moved from LR Classic to LR Cloud?

    Welcome to the forum. If you really have synced smart previews of all 140k of your images to the cloud, they'll be taking up a heck of a lot more space that 2-3 each smart preview is typically between 1 and 2 megabytes each, 140k of smart previews will be taking up between 140...
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    Entire catalog shows files not found

    Can I just confirm that both the catalog (the .lrcat file) and all the image files are on the one portable drive, yes? If so, that sounds very strange. A couple of screenshots would help, in the Lightroom Library module a screenshot of the Folders Panel (we don't need the entire set of folders...
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    Synchronization warning on opening LrC

    You decide where it should reside, i.e. on what drive do you want the images to be placed. Then decide which folder you want them put in, creating it yourself if needed. A "valid" folder is one that already exists and Lightroom has read and write access.
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    Synchronization warning on opening LrC

    What that means is that you have selected the C:\Users directory as the location for Lightroom Synced images. Lightroom is not authorised to write to the root of the Users directory, hence the warning message. Go to the Lightroom Preferences>Lightroom Sync tab and change that location to a valid...
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    Lightroom 6 Access denied

    To be honest, memory not being what it was, I'm not sure that the perpetual license version needed to "phone home" once it has been authenticated. Yes, it needs to be online to do that, but I can't see why it would be necessary to continue to communicate....or maybe it may communicate...