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    accidently deleted smart collection unknown photos

    Never heard of such a Smart Collection, so if that indeed was the name I would think you would have created it which case only you would know what the parameters were. These are the only default smart collections that are created automatically by LrC: If it's one of these that...
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    cant import duplicates

    On the Preferences>General tab, there's an Import Option called "Treat JPEG files next to raw files as separate photos". You probably have that option unchecked, but if you want the Jpegs as well as the Tifs to be imported as separate photos you need to check that option. Currently LrC is...
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    Sharing photos

    Unfortunately, the current implementation of album sharing does not allow the end-user to add metadata such as ratings and flags to the shared images, they are restricted to comments and likes. That's an often-asked for function which I hope will arrive someday , but in the meantime you could...
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    Can you Import from camera device with Auto tone applied?

    You can do it that way but you don't "need" to do it that can simply create the preset in Lightroom desktop as I said in my earlier post, and it will sync from there to LrMobile.
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    Sharing photos

    IIRC, sign-in to an Adobe Account would be required if you've used the "Invite" procedure (certainly if you've set the invite option to either "Can contribute" or "Can Edit"). If you've set the album to "Anyone can View", then sent the link to your wife, she should be able to access the album...
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    Upgrading pretty much everything

    The official System Requirements for current version of Classic (11.x) categorically state that Catalina is the minimum version required, so if your iMac can indeed be upgraded to Catalina then you should be OK to upgrade your perpetual LR6 to the latest version of LrClassic...
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    Can you Import from camera device with Auto tone applied?

    It doesn't appear to be possible using LrMobile, but it can be done using Lr Desktop, so creating an "auto" preset there should see it sync to LrMobile. My "auto" presets have synced to all of my LrMobile devices.
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    Victoria always writes a "What's New in Lightroom Classic (and Lightroom) x.x" blog post. The one for 11.4 specifically mentions the Automatic Preview Purging:
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    strange behavior

    Yes, please send a screenshot of what you are seeing.
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    Import Lightroom, Drives, Ports and External Drive Confusion

    Now that you have done a successful import to a different Destination folder, that error message should not appear. It's only a warning that the last import was using a destination folder that is no longer available, so when you select and execute an import using a different destination that...
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    Import Lightroom, Drives, Ports and External Drive Confusion

    Because you deleted that folder from the disk, without dojng it from within LrC, it obviously still thinks those images are in the catalog and so prevents you from re-importing them. The easiest way to fix this now is to exit the Import, then right-click on the "Savy" folder that's listed as...
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    Import Lightroom, Drives, Ports and External Drive Confusion

    Ports don't have letters, only the devices connected to them are assigned letters. So it sounds very much as though your system has allocated the letter "E" to some other device (card reader perhaps?). As a result the drive that was previously labelled by the system as "E" is now presumably...
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    strange behavior

    It sounds very much as though you've activated the "Secondary Display" option, with it showing on the same monitor as the primary display. You can turn off that secondary display by clicking on the number 2 icon at the left-hand side of the "breadcrumbs bar" (immediately above the Filmstrip). If...
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    Library displaying names of files that aren't shown have imported "pairs" of NEFs and associated Jpegs, but in Preferences>General Tab>Import Options you have "Treat JPEG files next to raw files as separate folders" UNCHECKED. In that case LrC treats the two files as a "pair" as you see in the Grid (you'll also see a Jpeg "Sidecar"...
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    Any pitfalls migrating from Classic to LR cloud

    You should be in your browser, logged into the LrWeb app at