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    Double Images

    VCs can be created automatically if the user imports images directly (i.e. not by syncing) into one of the Lightroom cloud apps, and there is a LrClassic catalog which has been sync-enabled. Basically, once they have been uploaded to the cloud, the next time the synced LrC catalog is opened it...
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    First sync after transfer

    Assuming you mean using the Lightroom desktop app? In which case you'll be looking initially at a smart preview until you either zoom into 1:1 or start to edit a photo....if the original is not stored locally at that stage Lightroom would download the original from the cloud. However, in your...
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    First sync after transfer

    Everything still sounds good to me. That "discrepancy" isn't anything to worry about at this stage, as there'll inevitably be some overlap between the files being uploaded to the cloud, and the files being downloaded to your iDevices. Regarding the speed of upload, that's always a bit of a...
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    Saving the life of a corrupted catalog

    The caches names reflect the catalog if you have a catalog named Lightroom Catalog-2.lrcat, the library preview cache will be named Lightroom Catalog-2 Previews.lrdata, and the smart previews cache will be Lightroom Catalog-2 Smart Previews.lrdata. The "-2" on the catralog name...
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    Comments needed about moving from LR classic to LR mobile on iPad

    Well, you can't really load photos into "folders" in the same way as you would using Lr Classic. Folders in the cloud apps are equivalent to Collections Sets in Classic, i.e. they are simply a way to organise Albums into sets. The physical placement of your images in the cloud apps isn't really...
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    Saving the life of a corrupted catalog

    Just for the record, you cannot "merge" existing preview caches, all you can do is replace the current cache with a different version of the same cache to see if that helps at all. So rebuilding makes the most sense to me, though I understand the difficulty that would cause if you have the...
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    Saving the life of a corrupted catalog

    If the catalog is OK, and the images are still in place, you've lost nothing other than the time it will take to rebuild the previews. Understand that the previews cache can be deleted and rebuilt at any time, they are just previews of the images (and are constantly being updated as images are...
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    Likely timing for Adobe to get Canon R5 access in Develop?

    P.S. Support for those cameras has already been included in the latest beta version of the Adobe DNG Converter 12.4 (so you can convert your CR3 files to DNG and process them in Lightroom 9.3 already). It's also a pretty good indicator that raw support WILL be included in the eventual 9.4...
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    Likely timing for Adobe to get Canon R5 access in Develop?

    I'm a bit surprised at your surprise. Adobe typically does not develop an update explicitly for a single new camera, instead updates (which now typically contain new features, bug fixes and any new camera/lens support) are released in accordance with their update schedule (which is not...
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    Continual syncing

    Before you do that, could you explain in a bit more detail how you would do that? If you mean delete the local library via Finder/File Explorer while the desktop app is closed down, then that would be safe (but may not clear up the stuck syncing), but if you mean something else could you clarify?
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    Continual syncing

    Have you checked the Deleted album so see if you still have some deleted items still showing the sync indicator? It's a common issue when an image is deleted from Lightroom before it had finished syncing to the cloud. The resolution in that case would be to delete them from Deleted.
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    PS edits not showing up in Lr!

    It's not a Windows-only issue, it has affected many Mac users as well.
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    Lightroom Mobile

    All Photos shows all the photos that have been synced to your cloud account, so that should be the same on your phone and tablet. Any of those photos can be included in one or more albums, but don't have to be. So you can have photos in All Photos which are themselves not in any album. "On my...
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    Get Rid Of Preserved File Name

    See the response from @johnrellis (post #4 and 5) above.
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    Key Wording Options in LR CC

    Not sure how you reached that understanding about keywords, but it's incorrect. Lightroom (there is no product called CC any more) does indeed support keywords (and the associated search/filter capabilities), alhough it's different to Classic's, i.e. Lightroom does not support hierarchical...