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    Can you add watermarks in lightroom mobile yet?

    Watermarking is an export function, so it can only be applied to the exported file. Sharing uses the original images as the source, and as yet there's no option to "overlay" a watermark over those original images.
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    That's the default location for the catalog backups, but the usual recommendation is to change the destination for the backups to a separate drive. This can be done in the catalog backup dialog (only need to change it once, the destination location is "sticky"). No it doesn't. The default for...
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    batch build previews

    To be clear, Smart Previews are only used in Develop, and never used for image viewing/browsing in Library. So if you need to work in Library, you'll need Standard or 1:1 Previews. If you work in Develop you'll need either access to the original file or a Smart Preview of that file.
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    Can't Unmark Favorite Folders

    Before you right-click on a favourite folder, do you select it first? I've found that sometimes I have to do that before the Unmark Favourite option will appear in the right-click menu.
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    One photo not syncing from LR Classic to LR Mobile

    I'd try that first, though I don't really think there's just one particular image that's causing the problem. I've encountered this stalling many times when trying to store albums locally, and reported it to Adobe, but it still apparently happens from time to time. I know others here have...
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    No file renaming on Cloudy desktop?

    Correct, you cannot yet rename files in any of the cloud apps. If you are still using Classic as well as the cloud apps then you can rename the files in Classic and that change does sync to the cloud.
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    Google Map Error LR 6

    Just ignore it and return back to the Library or Develop modules (you've entered the Map module). Press D for Develop or G for Grid in Library (or unhide the module picker bar at the top of the page).
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    The contribute to shared album function

    Yes, it would be a useful extension to allow both parties to have edit capabilities in the same shared album. That's already been requested to Adobe, hopefully they'll take it on board for consideration in due course. For now, if you really want to have both parties to edit the same images, one...
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    Update from lightroom 5.2 to 5.7

    If you contact Adobe Customer Care they should be able to supply you with the 5.7.1 download.
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    Lightroom Classic update 9.1

    It won't be long....there's always a press embargo around updates, so the update can be rolled out without the user knowing what exactly has changed. Victoria will issue her blog post as soon as she's allowed to.
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    Help! How do I convert xmp files to dng files to sell as Lightroom mobile presets??

    No reason why that wouldn't work, though it's a bit of a roundabout way to achieve what you're trying to do.
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    Help! How do I convert xmp files to dng files to sell as Lightroom mobile presets??

    You're not looking for an image "with an existing DNG", you're looking for an image that IS a DNG, i.e. DNG is a file format. Some cameras can shoot directly to DNG, most cannot. If you want to convert a Raw image to DNG you can either use the Adobe DNG converter or you can covert them using...
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    Workflow Advice Needed (CC and Classic) with multiple compters

    Understand that any "originals stored locally" are copies of the "master originals". The latter are always stored in the cloud, which really shouldn't be a surprise as that is the way the ecosystem is designed. The Sync Staus filter for "Originals Stored Locally" will only return any images...
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    Workflow Advice Needed (CC and Classic) with multiple compters

    You can't tell in Lightroom where a collection was created, which is fairly logical as any collection, no matter where created, can contain images which were added in Classic (thus Smart Previews) and images which were added from any of the Cloudy apps (and thus originals). However, you can...