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    iPhone native camera app or LRm camera app?

    LR Desktop is the semi-official name for the desktop version of the cloud-centric Lightroom app. I assume you mean Lightroom Classic (or LrC for short), if that's correct you should try to stick to the correct names and save yourself (and others) from some confusion along the way.
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    iPhone native camera app or LRm camera app?

    To check the amount of Adobe cloud storage currently being used, in the LrMobile's settings menu tap on the "Cloud Storage & Sync" item. Yes, if you import photos taken with the iOS camera into LrM, they will be copied into the LrM space, thus taking up twice as much local space. However, once...
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    Lightroom Catalog corruption or miss-assigned pointers

    The indications are that one of the keywords in the Edinburgh hierarchy has been assigned to that image. So expand that hierarchy and let's have a look in there.
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    Lightroom Classic has become unresponsive

    No. In the Creative Cloud Desktop app, select the "All apps" tab and in the list of your installed apps click on the tri-dot icon at the right-hand end of the Lightroom Classic entry, and select "Other Versions". You will then see a list of older versions which you can install, click on the...
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    Can't get to 1st base with LR CC Vers 6 (Library or develop)

    There is no "Library" or "Develop" in the Lightroom desktop app, but that does not make the images "unusable" (click on the Edit icon at the top of the right-hand tool panel if you want to edit the images). As I said, you might consider buying a book that explains how the app works, or...
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    Easiest way to filter All Photos for "pics captured after a particular date"

    Johan, this thread is about Lightroom desktop, not Classic.
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    Can't get to 1st base with LR CC Vers 6 (Library or develop)

    There's no Screenshot (5), but Screenshot (4) shows that you appear to have selected a source called "2017", which I cannot see anywhere in the left-hand panel. So that's a bit of a mystery, but if you click on All Photos in the left-hand panel that should at least populate the grid and let you...
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    Easiest way to filter All Photos for "pics captured after a particular date"

    "By Date" is capture date order. "Recently Added" is date added (but only shows the last 5 imports). But there's also an "Import Date" sort option available in the grid.
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    Will be replacing computer soon…

    Or you can now even obtain an official Adobe download of LR6 (till the end of 2023):
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    Need Guidance - Using the Cloud with Photoshop and Lightroom Classic

    Have you had a read of the Sync chapter in your Missing FAQ book, that should explain how you can do that.
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    Lens change

    I would have expected the Tiff, on returning to LrC, to have Lens Correction unchecked by default, on the basis that Lens Corrections are assumed to have been applied in LrC before sending the image to PS (thus the corrections have been "baked in" to the Tiff). But even if you then try to apply...
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    Best practice for importing and managing scans that contain multiple images

    My reading of the OP is that the images are stored in the cloud using LrDesktop. The multi-image scans are then duplicated in LrD (which creates actual duplicates, not VCs....but with the same name). When syncing an LrC catalog, all the files are downloaded but LrC can't handle multiple...
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    Using the Library Filter bar, there's filter (called "Edit") which gives you the choice of selecting "edited" or "unedited" images in the selected source. There's also an Edit badge on the thumbnails of edited images when in Grid view or on the Filmstrip (provided you haven't deselected the...
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    Can't resize Lightroom Classic window on my iMac

    Shift+F once or (probably) twice. That key combination cycles through a couple of "full-screen" modes, so using it once or twice will restore to the "normal" view with the Red/Yellow/Green dots.
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    Nubie Questions: Lightroom Mobile for iOS Offline?

    No, you're doing nothing wrong. Folders do not "sync", only images inside a folder can be synced (a synced collection may well consist of images that are in multiple different folders, so the collection and its images can be marked to sync, but the containing folders cannot). The files...