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    Using a Touchscreen Laptop or Tablet with Lightroom Mobile, Web or Desktop

    That information is available to everyone in the LrD menu bar:
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    LrC shows 32 images syncing but Sync Activity empty

    From my own testing Portfolio seems very immune to changes made to to the sync status of albums shared from Lightroom. I setup a test album in LrD and added it to Portfolio (from the Portfolio edit mode). Once the contents were safely in Portfolio I then deleted the album in LrD (i.e. simulating...
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    RAW defaults

    Assuming you are referring to the Raw Default settings on the Preferences>Presets tab, that's very much a user decision. Simply import a few images using Adobe Default, then play with them a little in the Develop the Presets panel>Defaults section you will find presets for Adobe...
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    Question about uninstalling and reinstalling

    A simple reinstall doesn't create an empty catalog, that would only happen on first launch of LrC when no existing Preferences/Startup Preferences are present. So unless the user manually deletes those files after the uninstall, a reinstall would simply pick up where it left off.
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    What destination does it show in that dialog?
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    It should go to the last used destination, and in fact it indicates the destination on the "Previous Settings" option, as per this screenshot:
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    Moving LRC Catalog Location

    Close LrC, move the catalog folder to the new drive, then from that moved folder double-click on the catalog file ("stevep_191022-v13.lrcat", not shown in your screenshot). That should open LrC using the catalog in the new location, then check the LrC Preferences>General tab to make sure the...
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    Restored from time machine but no photos appear

    Can you explain what you were trying to achieve by restoring a 2 years old copy of the Lightroom Library? And what you were expecting to see in Lightroom after you did that? AFAIK, if you restore the local Lightroom Library from a backup, when next starting the Lightroom app the local library...
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    How naive of me - Lightroom for iPad is “Free”

    Yes, there is a free version (though that has some limitations). But it sounds as though you are logged in to an existing subscription account? If so, to gain access to the free version I think you would need to close Lightroom, then completely sign out of any existing Adobe account, then start...
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    Have you ever tried using the Adobe Lightroom Downloader?
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    This typically happens when/if the synced LrC catalog is changed, in that situation the new synced LrC catalog will download the entire cloud contents and if that included smart previews synced from the first LrC catalog then the "downloaded-smart-previews" folder would be created.
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    Lightroom "Cloud" and Local Storage: possibility for virtual copies

    In the local mode you do have the option to duplicate a locally-stored image, which creates a full copy of the original (with "-2" appended to the filename). Similar to the duplicate option in the Cloud mode, but obviously the local duplicate wouldn't impact your cloud space.
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    Upgrade from Monterey to Ventura or Sonoma with latest version of LR 7.1

    I would suggest updating to the latest version of the latest MacOS, i.e. Sonoma 14.3.1 However, looking at your intended use, I have to ask if you have purchased the correct subscription plan? Using Lightroom 7.x with only 20GB of cloud space will likely be a major problem unless you are...
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    Updated to Lightroom v.7.1.2, I now can't find my self-created presets

    Is the subscription new. i.e. did you sign up for that subscription in order to update from your Lightroom 6 something, or were you running that Lightroom 6 something under that subscription plan? We just need to clarify what you have upgraded from, as there are two possibilities: 1. You have...