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    Multiple PCs and licensing

    You can only be “logged in” to two computers running LR at the same time. When you try to launch a third computer a screen pops up that shows the other two computers you are logged in on. You have the options of logging out of one or both computers you’re logged into or not logging into the one...
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    iPad Pro hard drive connection problems

    The drive needs to be formatted HFS+ or FAT32. NTFS and ExFAT will not work at this time.
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    Exported photos OOF

    Are you using Mac/Apple Mail to send your photos? If, so Mac Mail May also be applying additional compression, thus severely reducing image quality.
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    New Graphics Card for LR 8.4

    I have the same 2017 iMac, with the same GPU. However, I get full acceleration. What CPU are you using, i5 or i7?
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    iPad configuration

    New iOS 13 will allow external HDD/SSD, flash drive, card reader etc. to attach directly to newer iPads. This should put less pressure on your internal storage capacity. Some drives use more power than others and require a powered hub.
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    HSL Targeted Adjustment Glitch

    Here is a work around that works for me usig latest Apple OS. If I initially go into HSP to adjust L the TAT doesn’t work. However, if I then go into S and click the TAT several times, and leave it active, it will be active when I go back into L. I hope this helps.