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    Where is "search" in the ebook?

    You can also see it in the edit menu. The ctrl-f and edit menu "Find" is actually used in many many programs, as well.
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    Catalog folder structure is to extensive

    Yep, everything in LR is non-destructive - unless you consider writing to the original files as 'destructive'. Don't forget though, about the checksum verification that is put into DNG's created from LR (native DNG's won't - you have to 'reconvert' them to get that in there). And also don't...
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    Lightroom CC won't recognize catalogs - Please help

    Oh wow.. I think that's the first time I heard of it happening that way. Live and learn!
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    Lightroom CC won't recognize catalogs - Please help

    ... Shows what happens when I shift focus for a bit. :) Or was it the case that for Windows people that did have problems, it affected all their backups made with LR 7.0-7.3.1 - but some Windows people didn't have problems at all? I was always kind of fuzzy on that part. All I know for sure...
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    Catalog folder structure is to extensive

    Glad you got things sorted out. But this is why as an extra measure of safety, I always recommend that people regularly do a 'save metadata to files'. For proprietary [non-DNG] raw files, this will write changes to a separate '.xmp' file - for others, it will embed your changes into the...
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    Lightroom CC won't recognize catalogs - Please help

    LR since v6 now zips all catalog backups - there is no way to change that. Also on Windows machines, ALL catalog backups made from [now LR Classic CC] v7.0 until, I think, LR 7.4.1 were being corrupted. So if something had caused you to needing to revert to a catalog backup that was made from...
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    Noise in jpeg, coming from raw files in LR

    You would want to go with high luminance noise reductions - and try lower luminance-detail, as well. The luminance-contrast slider is said by Jeff Schewe to bring back the plasticy look of aggressive luminance settings - YMMV with it though. Also follow Zenon's advice as well.
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    LR classic CC performance

    Like this - $125:
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    LR classic CC performance

    (Looks like Phil beat me to it while I was writing this, already.) Just as an FYI, though... This part is not at all the case anymore. They're now likely to far outlast a spinner. My prior 256GB SSD is in a laptop since 2012, and more or less retired a few weeks ago, wasn't even through 3% of...
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    Noise in jpeg, coming from raw files in LR

    This part actually isn't strange at all - and is actually 100% expected, as sharpening will sharpen noise as well. It basically works by detecting edges, and noise is many edges. The trick is to do a balancing act between NR and sharpening. And pay particular attention to the detail and...
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    Stuck on Lightroom 6

    <restraining myself> :speechless: :whistling: Anyway... Martin Evening's books are good too, IMO.
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    Learning Lua

    I just so happened to recently write about the 'why' in your other thread: " ........ At least I found my Golden Ticket function: 'LrShell.openPathsViaCommandLine'. My main interest in learning Lua is to create a fully functioning kind of "TPG LR Backup" that was abandoned -- with more...
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    Develop module Lightroom "Access Denied" when killing process, AND photo does not load at all

    Hmmm... Is it just that one photo causing the problem? If it's just that one, it might be possible for the jpg preview inside the raw file (which is what Windows Explorer is likely showing) to not be corrupted, but the raw data could be. If it's others as well, then I'm not sure.
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    Files with multiples versions

    You say you didn't create virtual copies... At least on purpose. But perhaps you accidentally did? If you have badges turned off, when you look at the bottom status bar that shows the filename, does one say something like ".../ copy 1"? (It's possible for the filename in the grid display to...
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    Map module Map view will be discontinued on this version of Lightroom

    Not a gimmick if you're anything like a location scout, for instance. Not a gimmick if someone has memory issues and wants to know where they took their photos. Or how about this: Why Geotagging Photos is Important to Me Or this: The Why and How of Adding GPS Information To Your Photos |...