Getting back into photography since getting my first full-fledged DSLR - a Pentax K-30. Prior to that, my most complex camera was a bridge - the Fuji S7000 from long ago (now wishing i had saved raw from that camera, but I didn't know how to deal with raw and hadn't heard of Lightroom back then :-/ ).

I do have a disabling case of Fibromyalgia, and am very limited on how long I can interact with the computer (a few minutes at a time), plus it causes hefty coordination and fine motor control problems. I also have severe cognitive and memory deficits, with bouts of amnesia. It took me several years to become proficient enough with Lightroom, but I eventually made it.. A little worse for the wear. :)
..... Soooo - if I seem to not understand (or forget) something continuously, please be gentle! ;) It'll also cause me to mess up words all the time, as it's difficult for me to change thoughts into words.

Anyways, since the K-30 I have also gotten a Canon S100, a Pentax K-3, several Pentax lenses, and then a Canon G7X.. So I have some awesome new toys -- I mean, gear - to play with now!! =)

Ironically, I'm in the disability process and have absolutely NO incoming money and no financial support anymore after my parents died. I'm desperately hoping, and banking on, that photography will help me earn at least some sort of income at some point, since I can do it when I can do it - and stop at any moment when I have issues.
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Cams: Pentax K-3, K-30 & Canon G7X, S100
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