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    which is better MAC or WINDOWS VISTA

    I've never used Vista (or Win7) but had no problems with XP. But I would go for 64-bit Win7 instead of Vista as this is a much more stable OS (told to me by various coworkers). But about 2 years ago I started working on a MacBook Pro and found that the GUI is a bit more intuitive to work with...
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    what do I do with the icon Lightroom3.3. on my screen?

    Double-click on the icon and it will open to reveal the installer package. Double-click the installer to install Lightroom and after this has completed you can unmount the Lightroom3.3 disk image.
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    Not Responding

    I've never imported directly from a camera so I cannot comment on the issue itself but as a workaround you could try using a card reader to import the images.
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    Adding GPS data after image import

    From LR I first import the images and save the XMP files (select the imported images and use Cmd-S). Next I use HoudahGeo to load the GPS track and match it with the imported images. Save the GPS data from HoudahGeo using XMP files; you can also write to the images directly but personally I want...
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    .PSD vs .TIF

    Can't help with 1 and 2 but I think LR defaults to TIFF. Just try to add a new external editor through the preferences and it will show the preferred file type.
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    fixing glare on glasses

    I don't think you can do this with Lightroom but any pixel editing software should be able to do this. Also, try using a polarizer filter when shooting to reduce the glare before any processing is done.
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    Day is Wrong in Lightroom

    See this topic:'269.'
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    Lightroom and Dropbox

    That's a nice utility. Although I use the terminal a lot, this is handy when you just have to create a symbolic link.
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    Lightroom and Dropbox

    I just created a folder in my Dropbox and in the terminal created a symbolic link to the Lightroom presets folder and it worked like a charm. Even on the Dropbox folder on my Linux server I can see all the files. Next stop, doing the same on the laptop and see what I get on the iMac.
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    Lightroom and Dropbox

    Yes. And I see how this could be of help with the symbolic link name being the same for each computer.
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    TIFFs in Lightroom

    I'm not 1''% certain of this but I believe that NEF files use the same file structure as TIFF files. You could copy one of the recovered TIFF files and rename this to .NEF and see what PS and/or LR can do with this file.
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    Lightroom and Dropbox

    I fail to see how this will work on different machines but I will try tonight and see if I can share things between my iMac and MacBook.
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    Lightroom and Dropbox

    I've tried to relocate the complete Lightroom folder from the "~/Library/Application Support/Adobe" folder to my dropbox folder and place a symlink or an alias instead but this crashes LR big time. Also, adding a symlink or alias for eg the invariant camera profiles from the Dropbox folder to...
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    Trouble with the touchpad

    Have you checked for updated drivers for your scrollpad? That fixed it for my HP laptop I used a while back.
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    LRFlickr-AbZahri - Lightroom Plugin - Flickr Publish Service

    Forgot to post the results of yesterday's exercise. As I didn't have much images on Flickr I just deleted everything on Flickr, removed the publishing service in LR3 and started anew. Setup was no problem and I could create a smart collection set that contained 4 images. I could only publish one...