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    Repair of corrupted catalogs

    An uninterruptible power supply might not be a bad idea.
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    Help with import button grayed out

    You could try resetting the Preferences. That often fixes strange problems.
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    Help with import button grayed out

    It's an experiment. See if you can import to a brand new catalogue.
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    What's in a DNG file?

    Cletus, Checksums don't have to be for a whole file. They can just as easily be for a subsection of a file. If you read that web page, he mentions that if you embed the original raw file in the DNG, Adobe saves two checksums, one for each set of image data. That clearly isn't one checksum for...
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    What's in a DNG file?

    I think it's so you can update the metadata in a non-Adobe product while leaving the image checksum intact. By the DNG standard, the image data is supposed to never change, so that checksum only need to be created once. Here's the entire page that I copied that text from...
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    What's in a DNG file?

    I'm pretty sure that is the case. From dpBestflow: "Unlike TIFF, JPEG, or PSD, a DNG file contains a source image that is never supposed to be altered. Any work to adjust a DNG is done by means of instructions. The changes are applied in real time as the DNG is opened in the image editing...
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    Keywords list

    If you simply want to know the keywords in the collection, you can select all the images in that collection (Cmd-A, I think), and look in the Keyword Tags panel on the right.
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    Lightroom 3.2.1 on Mac Catalina

    You are probably a victim of Adobe's poor choice of names for things. "Lightroom" is the new app that keeps all your images in the cloud, along with your catalogue. "Lightroom Classic" is the current version of the app that keeps your images and catalogue on a hard disk. Which do you want to...
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    LR 6.14 No Longer Importing Photos - What's Up?

    Could you show us a screen shot of your import dialogue showing the problem?
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    Cropping by fixed pixel not ratio.

    You'll have to use Photoshop for that. Lightroom won't do it. A few people have been asking for the ability for ages. That said, you can, by trial and error, create a crop of that size and then paste it onto other images. Setting a line of your View Options to "Cropped Dimensions" will help...
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    Shaded folders

    Yes. The question marks on your folders indicate that they are missing. That's because your external disk is not connected. I guess that LR dims them as an added hint. If you are wondering whether you can delete the catalogue from your external, why not just rename it and then see how things...
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    Lightroom Classic 9.2.1 - file format question

    Try using Google: "cr2 versus dng lightroom queen" You'll get lots of hits.
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    Catalog cannot be found

    Lightroom Zips the backups. Make sure that you unzip them before you try to open them.
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    Lightroom Classic 9.2.1 - file format question

    Cool! I never would have guessed that. Thanks. :)
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    Import Missing destination panel

    You have "Add" specified at the top, specify "Move" or "Copy".