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    Develop module Detach the Copy/Paste buttons

    No, you can't. F7 will toggle showing/hiding the left panel. Or you could use shortcuts for Copy (Ctrl-shift C) and Paste (Ctrl-shift V).
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    Lightroom has encountered problems reading this photo

    If the message sometimes appears on a file and sometimes doesn't on that same file, then you almost certainly have some kind of hardware problem. That's how hardware errors usually manifest themselves: intermittently. Eventually, they progress to the point where things are obviously broken, but...
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    Forum software upgrade

    Hoggy, Maybe you don't have spell checking turned on. Right click in the box you're typing on and make sure it's checked:
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    How can I remove a car number plate in batches

    Steve, Welcome to the Forum. Not in Lightroom. It would take some kind of artificial intelligence.
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    I don't use Collections. Tell me why I should!

    If you're happy, stick with what you're doing.
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    Is Lr Catalog Backup necessary if .....

    If the TM backup occurs while LR has the catalogue open, the backup may not be in a consistent state. It's better to back up through Lightroom and let TM back up the LR-created backup.
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    This is getting annoying now......

    Try re-booding your computer. If that fails, try resetting your preferences: Resetting the lightroom preferences file - updated
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    Import Moved photos from organized folders and want to go back!

    Do you have a system backup taken when the images were in their original folders? If so, restore them, delete the current ones from LR (not from disk, yet) and re-import, properly this time. After everything looks good, delete the files on disk that got moved to the wrong folder.
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    Sound when Re-sizing Brush

    I'm pretty sure that it's a windows thing. Alt+[ yields a beep in Lightroom and at least one other app, although it doesn't happen in Firefox. There's probably a clever programming trick to keep it from happening when you are actually using the keystroke for something, but Adobe hasn't applied...
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    From RAW to saved format?

    No. Saving as JPEG keeps all your edits. What changes aren't you seeing?
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    Cooling Fan Problem

    Steve, There's a fail-safe built into your CPU. When they start to overheat, they throttle themselves back to avoid damage. The loss of performance at that point is quite noticible. When my computer filled with dust bunnies, it slowed way down.
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    Noisier iMac fans with Classic

    Yes. Have you unchecked the 'Use Graphics Processor' box as Jim suggested?