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    RAW File vs DNG

    Linwood, The way I understand things, is that the same logic that allows LRC to support the raw format from a new camera gets built into the current DNG converter. You cannot use a DNG converter that was written before the new camera came out to convert that camera's raw files to DNG. DNGs...
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    RAW File vs DNG

    No. It stays raw.
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    LR6 is dying on me. Advice needed...

    Classic stores all your photos locally. The 20 GB limit doesn't apply.
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    Moving pictures

    Use the Text filter in Grid View:
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    Nikon Z6ii and Z7ii white balance consistency issue

    I think you can select them both in Grid View and use the White Balance control there. It is relative rather than absolute.
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    Random Photos being Selected

    Do you have "Click lock" turned on in Mouse Properties? That might explain what you're seeing.
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    Random Photos being Selected

    Do you use a mouse? Try using a different one. If you aren't using a mouse, plug one in and see if your problem abates.
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    C Driving full

    Lightroom is probably using your temp folders to keep temporary data while doing a merge. Those are on your C: drive by default. Bring up Settings and look at the Storage tab. It will tell you where your disk space is being used. You probably want to turn on "Storage Sense."
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    Lightroom BW conversion green tint?

    Does the histogram also show the green tint? If so, your monitor needs to be re-calibrated.
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    Lr printing problems - Canon Pixma Pro 100s

    I've heard that a magenta cast is due to managing colour with both the printer and LR. Make sure that it's managed by just one of them.
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    Problems Running Lightroom Classic Installation for new Creative Cloud user

    I don't know if this is your exact problem, but the referenced site might help:
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    Working With A Temporary Catalog

    Likely you were in the travel catalogue trying to import your main catalogue. You need to do it the other way round: open your main catalogue and import your travel catalogue.
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    any hope?

    Not unless you can find "new old stock" at some retailer. I don't like your odds.