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    Which is the fastest culling app you use before importing into Lightroom?

    I have been using Photo Mechanic for years, but have recently switched to Fast Raw Viewer. It’s a bit rough at the edges, but it is simpler and better, for my purposes, for culling based on RAW data.
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    Metadata slowed to a crawl

    It has been some time since I started this thread. In summary, I want to keep Lightroom to use its Develop module, which has improved considerably with its masking abilities. Yes, I can do the same in Photoshop, but only if I create a large TIFF or PSD file. An attraction of Lightroom is that...
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    Version 11.5 New update requests driver update Need to switch off request.

    Had this on my Windows 10 laptop. It suggested a new driver, which even my HP updater did not pick up. Went to Intel’s site which had a facility to check my configuration. It suggested the update and gave clear instructions how to replace the display driver. The old driver, which Windows and...
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    Metadata slowed to a crawl

    Will try this when I have a little more time.
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    Metadata slowed to a crawl

    This is my solution (for now) to the slowing down of my master Lightroom catalogue and its corresponding awful performance with metadata updates, particularly keywords, and also sometimes unresponsive develop functions. My goals are to : use Photo Mechanic Plus as my main catalogue...
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    Metadata slowed to a crawl

    Yes, every time I do this (which is all to often) it is a real "DOH" moment! I have not tried turning off the write to XMP option because I need this, and refreshing metadata to pick up metadata not written to XMP takes forever (I have collections to flag unwritten or conflicting metadata, but...
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    Metadata slowed to a crawl

    Thank you everyone for your helpful replies and suggestions. I have marginally improved, but not solved, the problem of LR's slow writing of metadata. Recapping or responding to some of the queries here: I have approaching 800k images in a single catalogue, almost all Canon RAW images of...
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    Metadata slowed to a crawl

    Thank you for the quick and helpful reply. Recreating by importing sounds a very good idea to try: I always import my travel photos from my laptop after I return using the import from catalogue command and that has always worked well, but I have never tried it for my entire main catalogue...
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    Metadata slowed to a crawl

    I am wondering whether I have reached the limit of metadata that Lightroom Classic can handle. I am running the latest Lightroom version (11.4.1) on Windows 10 Pro, i9 Intel processor, 48GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB (drivers fully updated), Lightroom catalogue on a dedicated internal...
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    LR Ver 11.4 Bug?

    Same issue, running Windows 10. It looks to me as if boundary warp works if there is an odd number of images, but does not work with an even number. Using spherical projection.
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    Imported keywords from another catalogue not being found

    Thank you, Paul - this worked perfectly. It would be difficult to think of more of a misnomer for this file than "Helper"! Graham
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    Imported keywords from another catalogue not being found

    Lightroom Classic 10.3, Windows 10. I keep my main catalogue on my home computer. When I travel, I create a new catalogue on my laptop (also Windows 10), import all my then-existing keywords from my main catalogue, then add my new travel photos and new keywords, often place names, into the new...
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    Lightroom Classic 9.3 annoying cloud sync symbol

    The new Lightroom Classic 9.3 has sprouted an annoying bright white cloud symbol to the right of the identity plate. Sadly it is not part of the identity plate itself, so cannot be hidden, unlike any of the modules to its immediate left. Does anyone else find this as annoying as I do? The new...
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    Lightroom chaos

    This can be a real pain. Whenever I have an external drive for which the drive letter is important (whether for a Lightroom catalogue, backup regime or anything else) I put the drive letter in the disk volume name (e.g. Drive X). Then when Windows assigns a different drive letter when it is...
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    Lightroom presets with local adjustments - how not to overwrite previous adjustments

    I have created some presets using local adjustments; relatively simple, but timesavers nevertheless. These work fine if I apply them before other similar local adjustments, but if they are applied later, after other local adjustments of the same type, the prior local adjustments are...