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    Lightroom on a PC won't recognize my SSD drive--need help!!!

    This seems to indicate that OneDrive has some impact on your Lr installation. I used the example of multiple Pcs sharing OneDrive Folders, but my main issue is that Windows moved Library Folders such as MyDocs, MyDesktop,MyPics,MyMusic, etc when I installed OneDrive Personal. This was...
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    Lightroom on a PC won't recognize my SSD drive--need help!!!

    I used One drive For Business (ie 365) for a small number of files in a small number of folders. I later installed OneDrive Personal (to assist a niece who had issues and could only use OneDrive Personal to see the files she wanted to share with me). Very soon afterwards I found all sorts of...
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    Random Photos being Selected

    I had a similar problem when using a laptop, so I disabled the trackpad and use only a wired mouse. I do not use a wireless mouse because I hate the random behaviour as the battery fades and use a gaming mouse because it is so precise and responsive. I did not have the problem with different...
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    Library module Quick tip for Import MOVE from a folder

    Hi Phil, Thanks for the tip. Remember, if importing from an SD card.... there may be multiple subfolders under the DCIM folder (especially where the sequence number hits a 9999 or 99999 limit). The risk is that the images in the second folder might be ignored. I sense you might be copying...
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    How separate JPGs from RAW files for deletion

    Tip for future use. I have set up my preconfigured export as jpgs to go into subfolders of the original folder with relevant names (I use FullJpg, Web). I use Web for email and images to be posted on social media etc. I usually only import raw files.... but occasionally I make a mistake and...
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    Stability Issues - Repeated Crashing

    I have seen disk drives corrupt in front of my eyes when connected thru a hub. Often, everything is ok when connected initially, but all usb connections are not captive and if the power source slips out (say when moving a keyboard) then there may not be enough power to keep devices working...
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    how to print fixed height strips with photos of different widths

    I am not aware of an automated tool to tile images as is frequently seen with fixed height on web sites. InDesign or Qimage may have such an option, but I have used both in the past and did not come across such a feature then. Both of these have tools to manually place images to your required...
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    Looking for a photo editing laptop

    A key decision is if you wish the colour space of the laptop screen to cater for the AdobeRGB colour space. This requirement tends to automatically push you into the higher price models. I am a Windows user, have recently bought a high spec Pc for travel, but if I was buying a laptop now I...
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    Problem with moving files inside Lightroom

    This may not relate directly to your issue, but is useful to know and may have some relevance to the exercise you are doing. If you wish to copy images from folder x to folder y.... there are 2 common scenarios. a. Folder x exists with images. You create folder y from within Lr and then you can...
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    View > People

    Also consider a mouse or keyboard with programmable keys.
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    Plugin to do math/arithmatic on metadata fields

    To compliment Cletus remarks above. Many people do not realise you can modify an individual filename using the metadata field for "File Name". Just put your cursor into the section of the existing field name you wish to edit. Do not change the file type. Very useful for individual file names...
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    Develop module Re-edit image in LRC while keeping previous edit

    If I am editing different versions of an image, for the original project/folder... I will use virtual copies. Exported versions of this will be in subfolders. If I decide I wish to use an image (either raw or a processed psd file) for a completely different project then I will export as...
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    LR Classic: stalled import from SD cards

    PhotoMechanic was built to deal with injesting multiple cards from multiple drives at the same time. Because, like you, I have unexplained images out of their sequence....... I have a question mark over the possibility of parallel processing during the copy to disk process (where my filenames...
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    How I got EXIFToolGUI to run on Windows 10

    I can understand why the process of generating machine code was automated.
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    How I got EXIFToolGUI to run on Windows 10

    One of the first serious programs I wrote was first coded in assembler. I then had to manually convert it to machine code. Memory locations had to be manually calculated. This code was manually inserted into the computer memory with a special keyboard to memory utility on a data prep machine...