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    how to keep files maximum size when exporting

    If possible, agree with printer service what file type (eg jpg, tiff, psd), what embedded profile (srgb,AdobeRGB or ProphotoRGB and for tiff or psd if you should use 8 or 16 bit files. For 3'x4' prints, the printing service may be using a workflow which re-sizes and sharpens the image to suit...
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    Upgrading hardware: Two BENQ SW monitors?

    I tried using 2 monitors of different sizes for Lr and Ps when I upgraded to a 27 inch monitor (and tried to use my previous monitor) .... and gave it up as a disaster. Dragging images from one screen to another results in differences that my eyes/brain could not cope with. I am now about to...
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    Windows 10 minimise maximise butoons top RH corner gone

    Cycle thru the short cut combination of Shift F to get to various combinations of how the screen is displayed. There are three options, one , at least, should provide the required symbols.
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    Catalogs Comparing contents of two LrC Catalogs

    I was going to suggest ListView or Lr/Transporter. You can generate a list from each of the full filename, including the directory url. Comparing the 2 lists should give you a definite list of what files are common or missing from each catalog. To do this efficiently you need good Excel...
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    Is there a way to temporarily switch to an empty cloud/library?

    This is just a thought..... If you are using this extensively for education then it may be worth having a second subscription for this purpose. In that way the labour saved in setting up for each session, plus the convenience may be worth the price. it also means you are not compromising your...
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    Photoshop's "Save As" Not Saving to Lightroom's Catalogue

    To answer the original post. It has been my experience that when I use Save As from Photoshop, sometimes the Saved As image is in Lr and sometimes not. If it is not, then I have got into the habit of re Synching that particular folder. If I have been doing a lot on a particular folder I...
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    Problem with Edit Catalog Settings

    I would be tempted to export your complete catalog as a new catalog (with a distinctive name you will remember), double click on the new exported catalog and see if the problem persists. Useful to make sure you remember the name of your existing catalog, so you can open that one if the test...
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    Library module Metadata Status - How to know what to do?

    If you are applying metadata to images via Photo Mechanic (PM) then PM will put that data into a sidecar xmp file and this data is then added to the catalog for that image on import. I used to save to xmp..... especially when travelling, so I could just import my images from my laptop to my...
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    FINAL EDITS IN LR: Convert to 8-bit, or leave 16-bit?

    I try to be as aggressive as I can during the import and selection phase, getting rid of the obvious misfires, but also the piles of images that are very similar. It is when the shoot is fresh in your mind is the best time to do this. Then, every so often I treat myself to a journey into an...
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    Saving the life of a corrupted catalog

    I agree with Cleetus and all who say you should rebuild your previews. Doing anything else is a massive waste of time, but what is worse, there is no guarantee after all that time that you will have a valid set of previews. Further, it is entirely possible that the various preview folders you...
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    Get Rid Of Preserved File Name

    Someone may have an answer for how to clear the 'Preserved Name' field. I am interested in the answer for this myself. Do you need the tiffs to be multilayered. Can you simply export the original multi layered psd or tiffs from Lightroom (say into a subfolder) using the metadata export...
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    Spot Removal Tool has changed how it works

    Also check if clone or heal option selected....
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    Import Image appears in Mac Finder, not in LR Import Window

    This may have some relevance. Apologies in advance if not relevant. On a recent field trip, I permitted a friend to use my camera to take some images. I left the card with my friend, so the relevant images could be retrieved. Yesterday, I got my card back. I have built my own application to...
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    Catalogs pc crashing whilst trying to backup LR Classic catalogue

    You could try exporting your full catalog to an external drive (or even a usb key fob). This has the benefit of checking the integrity of your existing catalog. If it works, then you have a newly built catalog that will be clear of any legacy database issues and give you options in terms of...