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    Need Recommendations

    I bought a new Ipad Pro, with the intention of using for short travel trips, but discovered too late that Lr Mobile will only work with images on the device itself. Its glorious Usb C port and my lovely Samsung T7 drives , will allow me use these external drives for backup, but not for use with...
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    Import duplicated into same folder - original import was 3956 files. Unintentional import double & duplicated the files to 7912 .

    In Library / Grid view....... Attribute Option. There is the ability to select or ignore Virtual copies... with a simple click. It is a pity there is no obvious means to select on date imported.
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    sorting through photos, is there a running total of selected for deletion

    John Beardy display is super.... As well as getting counts displays how simple it is to select all of the images from any of those groups.. ie. Select the rejected because you want to double check your selection for deletion is ok ....or ... Select all unflagged as you wish to review...
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    Screen display errors

    There is an option in the Ps Crop tool to make the crop destructive.
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    Moving from Lightroom Classic to Elements

    Fast Raw Viewer is a good tool to quickly look at folders and perhaps help selecting your keepers. It does not use a database, so spend a little time understanding the mechanism for selecting files. I used it for a while to select files based on raw or jpg or to select specific dates.
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    Moving from Lightroom Classic to Elements

    It is not printed in Large Capitals anywhere, but Photoshop Elements used to be restricted to 8 bit file types. I am not sure how this worked with converting from raw or if this still applies. This has major implications for even modest post processing.
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    Want a training course for Lr using an iPad Pro

    I tried to establish the limitations of Lr Mobile on iPad before purchasing a 256GB iPad Pro in advance of my first trip abroad for a long time. Despite my attempted research, I failed to grasp that Lr Mobile will not work with external storage connected to an iPad. Of course, I found this...
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    Want a training course for Lr using an iPad Pro

    I think that Iphone / Ipad focused books / documentation should have a big opening sentence clarifying that Lr can only operate on images which have been ingested to the iPhone or iPad. Lr mobile will not work with images on external storage. I spent days trying to establish this point...
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    Version 11.5 New update requests driver update Need to switch off request.

    I find the whole GPU business an exercise in frustration. However, I would be inclined to check if some part of your system is overheating, causing throttling of some sort, thus causing Lr to switch off iGPU. I have meant to find a method myself to either warn me of pending critical temps, or...
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    4-Year-old desktop

    I agree with Cletus. Your config is fairly decent and maybe borderline as to timing of upgrade /replace, etc.. My instinct would be to review your current disk storage situation, consider use of SSD for Catalog and maybe current years images. I would also watch prices of 3000 series GPU’s as...
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    iPad Mini 6: Is it Possible to Backup images directly from card reader to USB drive via Files?

    I talked to a techie in an Apple dealership re suitable hubs for iPad Pro. I was given a strong recommendation for the Satechi brand. If you check this link and the product description it outlines specific support for various iPads. I have purchased this myself and can confirm it works, and...
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    iPad Mini 6: Is it Possible to Backup images directly from card reader to USB drive via Files?

    For as long as Apple cripple the external storage options these mobile devices will not achieve their true potential. Not sure if Adobe or Apple are root cause of Lr Mobile external disk restraints. I would have got the smaller iPad air if I had know of the Lr restraints, as my iPad pro M1...
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    iPad Mini 6: Is it Possible to Backup images directly from card reader to USB drive via Files?

    This combo works for me. In this pic, I am copying directly from card to a USB fob. I am using an iPad Pro. Mostly I copy from card to a Samsung T7 ssd. I have no need to supply external power to this config. I use an app called FE Explorer. I know this setup works for others as well...
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    Lightroom Classic Very Slow Responding

    I saw the effect on a catalog with 800k images. It is not a guarantee of improved performance, but it is easy to check and does not cost a penny. Also, probably saves on power consumption, fan wear and tear and overheating components unnecessarily. Watch that the Spotlight feature is not...
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    LR or Computer (Video card?) dysfunction

    I have never used it myself, but I have seen several references to this app to monitor cpu and gpu temperatures. HWMONITOR | Softwares | CPUID