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Recent content by fullkoll

  1. fullkoll

    LR6 and Catalina

    Yes LR 6.14 works - my son updated to Catalina and it works just fine! Someone at Adobe must have known that it would work - why not say so instead of "it may work"........... How come Victoria?
  2. fullkoll

    Why no camera matching profiles with ALL supported cameras?

    In this thread I asked why there are no camera-matching profiles to my new Canon G5Xm2 camera - the CR3 files work OK, but there are no camera profiles. Today had the opportunity to try out CR3 files from spring 2018 coming from a Canon EOS M50 which also works with CR3 files - and it has...
  3. fullkoll

    Why no camera matching profiles with ALL supported cameras?

    OK - I just have to wait then for the support of the CR3-files. Thanks Victoria!
  4. fullkoll

    Why no camera matching profiles with ALL supported cameras?

    OK, I see........ and Sony gets that extra treatment, but not Canon :confused: Anyway - the most important thing is that the files from the camera are supported of course......
  5. fullkoll

    Why no camera matching profiles with ALL supported cameras?

    I just sold my Sony RX100IV (after also having owned RX100 and RX100 III before that). I was planning to upgrade to RX100VII but instead I bought a Canon G5Xm2, which still keeps the fast lens and has a reasonable lens range of 24-120mm. To my surprise the Canon does not have the Camera...
  6. fullkoll

    Download LR 6 - is it possible!

    I went on to LR Classic a few months ago, but my son stayed with LR 6.14 - he isn't really a very keen photographer and has up till now been using LR on a MacMini 2012- but is thinking about upgrading to a faster Mac for other reasons than photography. My view is that he should make a "clean"...
  7. fullkoll

    Import Extracting photos (and movies) from SMS text messages

    Sorry I was unclear....... when I read my own post I don´t understand it either. :D I use iCloud to sync my iMessages between my iPhone and my Mac. That way all pictures in iMessages are available on my Mac and I drag the photos from iMessage on my Mac to LR in the dock.
  8. fullkoll

    Import Extracting photos (and movies) from SMS text messages

    My method with photos I want to save in iMessages on my iPhone is to just drag the picture to the Lightroom logo!
  9. fullkoll

    Possible to adjust the default Auto ?

    Hi, I tend to use Auto on almost every picture to start with and I think it mostly does a pretty good job with the tones and I can then take over and continue working myself. But....... the Vibrance and Saturation sliders are often way over my taste in lots of pics - the majority actually...
  10. fullkoll

    Reset old adjustments when re-developing?

    Yes I noticed that the appearance changed drastically going from version 2 to 5 with a photo from 2004 taken with Canon EOS 20D........
  11. fullkoll

    Reset old adjustments when re-developing?

    I left LR6.14 a few months ago for LR Classic folder based and am re-developing my old RAW-files. With new files I always start with the Adobe Color profile and press Auto to have something to start editing with. In the old files there are already some adjustments done and my question is: Do I...
  12. fullkoll

    Using LR Classic on 3 Macs ?- sort of.....

    Thanks Johan - just as I thought! My only concern now is if my rather old MacBook Air can handle LR Classic....... I have so far used it with LR 6.14 and that worked OK....... but that can´t handle ARW-files from my new Sony 6400!