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    LR Classic 8.4 won't start - running at 100% CPU (MacOS 10.13)

    100GB?! I'm not sure if this is an accurate statement. Anyway, I think I read in some other posts / forums that the latest update doesn't perform well on macOS. So, one option would be to temporarily roll back to the previous Lightroom version. Apparently, Adobe is already aware of the issues.

    HDR and Panorama merges on an iPad

    Obviously, this is only a solution for iPhone photography. For bracketed shots with a DSLR, you could use Affinity Photo for iPad, that app does the trick.

    Lost it all

    For the future, I recommend an additional online backup as external hard drives fail, too. I highly recommend Backblaze which not only creates backups of the Mac, but also of the external hard drives. It saved my photos twice already in similar situations as yours. Well worth the 5 bucks per month.

    iOS live photos to Lightroom classic via Lightroom CC on iOS

    Yeah, at the end a live photo is nothing more than a combination of a photo and a short video. Hence, it makes sense that you get those two files when exporting from Apple Photos. So, you've just found your answer. Just export your live photos from the Photos app on your Mac and then import...

    iOS live photos to Lightroom classic via Lightroom CC on iOS

    As far as I know there's no way to preserve the live part of a live photo outside of Apple's ecosystem. That's not Lightroom's fault, but probably a restriction set by Apple. Maybe you can find an app that can export a live photo as a video out of the iOS Photos app? I've never searched for...

    Syncing Bug/Problem

    Okay, I solved it by clicking on one of the photos that showed up in LRCC's preferences >Lightroom Sync tab which brought me to the web version of Lightroom. There, I saw what the issue was for every photo (as suspected all photos were from my old phone and weren't yet uploaded) and I was able...

    Syncing Bug/Problem

    Thanks! That was already helpful! Looks like several photos from my iPhone are affected. 14 show the status "downloading" and 13 are "pending". Now I have to find out how to resolve this issue. I switched phones a while back and I suspect it has something to do with it.

    Syncing Bug/Problem

    Lightroom CC says that 12 photos are currently syncing to the cloud: The problem is, it shows this message for several weeks now and I can't find the bug. I let my Mac run last night with no other application opened and I have a fast internet connection. This morning, the same message with...

    Possible to have a workable workflow solely with the iPad app?

    Gotcha! Don't hold this against me as I'm not 100% sure, but I think that if you're instructing Lightroom mobile to keep the originals on the device, the "library" gets automatically uploaded with the normal iCloud backup of the phone. No need to keep the originals in the camera roll and sync...

    Possible to have a workable workflow solely with the iPad app?

    Not that I know of, but what comes to mind is that you can't do HDR merges and panorama stitching with LR mobile yet. I was recently involved in a similar discussion on another forum and you might wanna check that out. (I hope it's allowed to link this here). It is my understanding that this is...

    Personal style and workflow getting back to basics

    I changed my import settings so my preferred camera-matching profile would be applied to all my new photos instead of the default Adobe profile. So, for my Olympus camera, the Camera Natural profile is applied by default now. It's a better starting point for post-processing in my opinion. I...

    Reducing local storage on iPad and iPhone

    You could turn on "Only Download Smart Previews" in Lightroom's settings. That way, I think, the locally stored originals would get replaced with the much smaller smart preview once the originals were uploaded to the cloud, right?

    Which to edit?

    Do you run Lightroom mobile on your phone? If so, chances are high that it automatically imported the photos from your camera roll in the background. Chances are also high that Canon Connect put the photos you transferred into the phone's camera roll... in a JPEG format. And there's your...

    Which to edit?

    That's almost impossible. If you really shot RAW only and if you're importing directly from the SD card into Lightroom Classic, then I don't see any reason why you'd end up with a RAW file (CR2) AND a JPEG. The only other thing I can think of is that a version of these photos was already present...