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    If I hit the + reply to thread button one more time when replying to a post.....

    Its very very annoying. I sit there and type out a reply. My eye sees the big + REPLY TO THREAD button at the top left of the window (as that is what I am doing), rather than the small one on the bottom right with white text on a pale blue/grey button, and I lose what i have typed. Now I will...
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    SmugMug replacement that won't penalise me for printing in the UK?

    All I want to do is syncing with an online site that also allows printing in the UK. I have been waiting for SM to introduce UK printing for a while. Now they have, but I have to upgrade the to the top level account to get access to it! just not worth the money. I keep looking and looking and...
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    New Mac Pro, please support... Finally forced me to join
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    Lightroom 4.1 Release Candidate is now available for download

    Second monitor engaged no longer makes my machine feel like tis steam powered. however, i have enough time to go for a pee before it updates. when did they sell this s/w to ms......
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    Lighroom not importing suspected duplicates

    No prob. Being correct you should have started a new thread, as your problem is separate, and it helps people find it to help you. Do you have the "keep RAW and JPG separate" box ticked in the preferences?
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    I think LR4 makes my pictures look better

    Oh, I have figured it out, its the making it happen that I am still working on. (have £5m in the bank :) )
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    Which camera?

    I used to be PC based, but then.... Oh no, my bad :)
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    Choosing a preset changes my profile

    I am going through a B&W phase at the mo. Just noticed that when I use one of LR presets it changes the profile from the Vivd one I love so much back to the standard Adobe one. Not sure whether LR3 did this or not. Does this mean I have to resave each preset as a user preset to make sure it...
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    I think LR4 makes my pictures look better

    Sure, but as someone who has just been diagnosed with ADD at 40, I am trying to remove unnecessary complications in my life ;)
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    I think LR4 makes my pictures look better

    I agree it can make photos look better, it just takes longer to do so. And I need to keep moving each of the new sliders a huge chunk the first time so I can dramatically see the effect of it on each photo. I am most impressed with how with each version of LR they are able to better capture the...
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    LR4 importing jpg but not nef

    I have a D300 and the Sandisc FW800 CF reader. Not tried anything else, just ended up opening up LR3 and using that to import. I have had to turn off the second monitor as the performance is so pants with it turned on.
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    LR4 importing jpg but not nef

    Hi, just tried to import my first card since upgrading. Seems the jpg go in fine, but the import window doesn't even see the nef ( I keep both files separate) I did find someone over on the adobe forums who has the same problem, but no fix. Any one here have it? Cheers.
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    Is LR4 running slower than LR3?

    I have found that turning my second screen off has made it useable. Well, in as much as I have had to change my workflow to allow for only one screen!
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    LR CPU Pegging

    I run a Pro with two quad core cpus and dual screens on a Nvidia 8800GT card with 512MB. I have posted before about all cores pegging out when using LR for things like cropping. Sure, turning lens control off helps a bit, but it still is a major PITA. Well, it looks like tonight I have just...
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    confused by new forum titles

    Sure, most people look in most forums; seems even less reason to take a simple thing and make it more complicated; but of course that nothing other than my opinion. Will go and stick my observations over there, ty.