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    Nikon D6100 Tethered Import in Tiff

    Yeah, I mentioned that kind of thing to her, but that is an extra post step she would rather not have and mean double files stored. So they have to erase, them. They are using another software for managing the file database. I know Jeffrey and thinking of asking him if it is possible to write...
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    Nikon D6100 Tethered Import in Tiff

    Hey, gang, long time no posts from me here. Been busy in my day job... Hope you are all well. Seems I have come back to a major change in the forum software. :D I am asking for my boss. She runs a Museum Collections processing room where she has volunteers shoot a tethered Nikon D6100 to have...
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    New to this forum

    Hello! RGK. Sorry you are having problems with LR, but, many here will have problems with the idea that LR "morphed our of RawShooter." Hope you haven't opened a can of worms! :D :ROFL Don
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    Can I set LR 5 to open on last image used?

    Welcome, Trevor. Great first Post! :D Actually, I believe as long as you have an image selected, it will reopen to it whether your are in Library or Develop. Not so sure about other modules, because I usually close in one of those two. Don
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    Working with lightroom on a Macbook pro retina with only 256gb SSD

    What I have done with my MacBook Pro 15" l(non-retina) is replace the DVD Combo drive with a 240 GB SSD and put the DVD unit in a shell and have a standard HD SATA drive at 500GB for my images on board with System and Apps on the SSD. All this was done with stuff from OWC. LR works great and...
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    Upgrade to 5?

    Smart previews area god send to those with limited space, like on a laptop.
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    Lightroom 5.3 RC Now Available

    I love LR5.3 RC because it cleared up a longstanding issue I had with Publish Smart Collections and selections, as well as issues of switching to other areas in Library from such a collection after publishing. Life is sweet again! :D Don
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    Hi there from here

    An almost fellow Bristolian! Only I'm from Little Rhody, USA. Welcome, Ship shape and Bristol fashion! Don
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    Export to Google+?

    Yes, all your Google+ images end up in Picasa Web as the repository, anyhow. My Android camera uploads them there regularly as I shoot with it. Jeffrey's plugin is, as usual, an excellent one. Don
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    From Providence Rhode Island

    Welcome to a fellow Little Rhody! (Home town of Bristol.) You should have no problem loving LR and learning a lot here! :grin: Don
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    PDF import problem

    I expect Anne means .pef or .PEF nor PDF. This is raw from a Pentax. Much like confusing PNG for DNG. Anne, are you shooting Pentax? Maybe you are using a newer model now than before and LR does not yet read it in LR3.5? What Pentax model are you shooting raw in? :D Don Don
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    Cookie policy?

    Personally I think the Forum software got infected with a Google Widget. I see this too. :( Don
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    How to save / convert a Virtual photo into a Master

    One way might be to crop for each image individually as VCs, but the export to tiff each VC with some upscaling, with the export going to the appropriate folder and reimported. Don