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    Library module Just to make sure...

    All edits are in the catalog. If you're writing XMP sidecar files for raw images, most of the information will be there as well. If you're going to export a selected group of images along with their edits to a separate catalog, you may want to think about just keeping them in your current...
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    Library module Just to make sure...

    One option would be to export the edits to their own catalog before removing the image folder in Lightroom.
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    Sony a7ii

    An exclamation point means Lightroom cannot find the files. Did you either rename or move them outside of Lightroom?
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    Remove an object with spot removal?

    When all else fails, Photoshop will typically do it better.
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    Lost My Color Tagging

    You should see this .
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    Can't Import CR2 files to LR Classic CC

    You're surprised that images from a 2017 camera can't be read by a copy of Lightroom from 2015? You need to update your Lightroom to Lightroom Classic CC using the CC app, not checking for updates with Lightroom.
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    Edited images and uploaded ones have different names: how to find the originals the uploaded ones are copied from?

    You may export two different images because you want to print the image but also email to someone, or put on a website/facebook. Yes, you could use the full size image for everything.
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    Edited images and uploaded ones have different names: how to find the originals the uploaded ones are copied from?

    I think Cletus is saying you would export img_20233.cr2 as img_20233.jpg NOT 1.jpg. If you want to export a full res and reduced res version, you would export img_20233.jpg and img_20233_1500px.jpg.
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    LR Changed the name of my external HD to Macintosh HD??

    Finder also shows three volumes named Macintosh HD. Have you checked each of those? Lightroom does not have the ability to change volume names.
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    How can one move folders / images wihtout losing the develop settings and without needing to import the moved images again?

    Don't use the import screen to move images that already exist in the catalog. If the folder exists in the OS but not in Lightroom's folder panel, you can either import a new image from the folder, or move the image outside of Lightroom (using Windows Explorer) and then, when Lightroom reports...
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    How can one sort the images in the "Library" by the image size or file size?

    You could rename the files to begin with image dimensions, and then sort by filename.
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    Export Original File Could Not Be Found

    It sounds like you're confusing how Mac Photos works (where images are actually stored within the Photos library) and how Lightroom works (where it merely points to where the images are stored). The only thing stored in the Lightroom catalog are develop settings and other metadata. Many people...
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    How could one search for a preset?

    You could mark some of the presets as favorites. Right click on the preset and choose Add to Favorites.
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    What is the easiest way to copy the file name to the clipboard in the Library and Develop module?

    Highlight text then press Ctrl+C from the metadata panel in the Library module.