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    Should I convert Nikon raw NEFs to DNG on import? And should I convert existing NEFs to DNGs?

    Hi Johan, This is the very exact and definitive reason why I stopped wondering on this subject. Seem it now make years we are discussing this but it is always nice to remember :thumbsup:
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    Catalogs Not fill names when type first letter

    Didn't knew about this bug. Thanks Paul.
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    Catalogs Not fill names when type first letter

    In the Lightroom menu / Catalog preferences / Metadata, check the box to activate face detection. Let it work overnight if needed. You can press the letter "o" shortcut to get an idea of the progress and also check upper left near the Lightroom logo to see the background process' progress.
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    Help! iPhone Reference Color and Exposure work flow - photos of hay for sale must be accurate!

    With 1200 photo/day, that would be unmanageable as you have to create one profile for each target photographed (no easy way to find the needle). The nearest you can do is to have a photo of the target for each iPhoneModel/Lighting condition. You will definitely need to have your photographers...
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    Lightroom SQLITE Database Structure

    As a programmer myself, this is the kind of thing I was thinking about. Nice shot Hal but about the why of it... no clue either :whistling: My guess is that it may optimize the calculations time for some adjustments in the develop module. Again, just a guess.
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    Lightroom SQLITE Database Structure

    By having more than two datasets, maybe you can make a relation curve between ShutterSpeed column and 1/n shutter speed...
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    In the Book tab of Lightroom Classic 9.2, cannot find the Book Preferences menu

    You are right Todd but there is not much to be adjusted there. Bay be good for the next books tough.
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    Transfer files with LR Classic edits

    Note that by using the XMP method your editing history will not be kept. This is why the Catalog Import/Export is prefered most of the time when the question is to continue work on another machine.
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    Mobile device needed for presentations

    Scott, keep it simple. Old Lion system? Old Lightroom 5? No problem! Do it the old way :) For a presentation and for a Camera Adapter (the Lightning to USB cable you have is called such) JPG would be just fine. So, Export from Lightroom to JPG on a USB memory stick (key). Then plug the key to...
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    script that adds keywords based on star rating of 3 or better

    Rather than going into the trouble of making a script, I would simply filter for 3+ stars, select all in grid then add the proper keywords.
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    Multiple catalogs

    Shame on me :facepalm: Got confused by the mention of Catalina and Classic :confused:
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    iPad stuck synchronising one item

    So the only place I see on iOS/iPadOS to check for problems is to see if there are any exclamation mark on the cloud icon at top right.
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    Multiple catalogs

    Welcome to Lightroom Forums Claudel. But this intrigues me: why didn't you upgrade to at least Lightroom 3.6 (latest of version 3). Note that there are big new additions to teach from newer versions as Maps/Geotagging, Video Basic Editing and Export, Soft Proofing and more...
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    iPad stuck synchronising one item

    Lightroom Classic: Under Lightroom/Preferences/Lightroom Synchronization, you should be able to see an explanation for sync problems.
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    My Locations

    Is there a little black dot in the centre of this small tellow box? If so, this just mean that it is the result of your search. White circle only appear whan you select (or create) a saved location. Do we still miss something?