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    Need Recommendations

    I have a fairly high end Samsung tablet (I've never been tempted into iWorld) and like it very well, but I would not use it as my main editing platform - I just don't feel I'd have enought control with just the touch screen. All my editing is done on my desktop, but if I did need to edit on the...
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    Computer Advice

    P.S. Support has been easy to reach, by email or phone. You can get to talk to actual engineers!
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    Computer Advice

    Hi Chris, The only thing I notice is that it only comes with 500Gb SSD - no hard drive. So if your existing drives are external you could use those, or add an internal hdd
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    Computer Advice

    Hi Chris, Since you are in the UK I recommend looking at Chillblast. I got my last two desktops from them, and been very pleased - they use good quality components and assemble them well. Warning - they are not cheap! They make a couple of desktops aimed at photo editing. Their top of the...
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    Automatic preview purging.

    Please, where do I find it?
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    Print module won't remember printer model

    Have you tried trashing the presets? I've had a couple of printer issues (I think one was also to do with not retaining settings) that I resolved that way. I know it's not clear why it should work, but it's always a good thing to try.
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    Version 11.3 wouldn't even run

    It's probably a result of the endless war between marketing and engineering :rolleyes:
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    Preventing high quality photos from being downloaded from a Website

    To add to the technical options, on Chrome at least you can CTRL U and inspect the code. You can usually spot the image and download from there.
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    Lightroom Classic catalog database schema

    Not publicly documented frees Adobe to make changes as and when they wish, so I doubt they would do it.
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    Recommend a free DAM for Am Dram society (Windows)

    What happens if you start a Lightroom (photography plan) trial, and let the trial expire?
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    Pure Raw

    FWIW I also now start in PhotoLab. I find I prefer it's output as a starting point for LR, for my m4/3 photos. In effect it's a "soft cull", because only the images that I expect to need further work end up in LR. The others I still keep on the disk
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    Need help printing a B&W Photo

    I normally have Lightroom handle colour, as I guess most of us do. However,if I print a b&w image, I get a colour cast (in my case green) This can be avoided by having the printer handle colour, just for b&w prints. I don't know if it's related to your problem (I have a different camera system...
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    Crop First Or Last?

    I'm with Clee - crop early. If nothing else, the histogram will then reflect the cropped image, not the original full sized one
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    advantages with "Automatically Write to XMP "

    I take your point Paul, I guess it boils down to how quickly you are likely to discover a Catalogue corruption, and how widespread it is (say just one or two photos, or an unreadable Catalogue). I don't know - any ideas?
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    advantages with "Automatically Write to XMP "

    If you have a system backup with versioning, for a year, say, isn't that pretty much as good against Catalogue corruption?