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    Need help printing a B&W Photo

    I normally have Lightroom handle colour, as I guess most of us do. However,if I print a b&w image, I get a colour cast (in my case green) This can be avoided by having the printer handle colour, just for b&w prints. I don't know if it's related to your problem (I have a different camera system...
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    Crop First Or Last?

    I'm with Clee - crop early. If nothing else, the histogram will then reflect the cropped image, not the original full sized one
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    advantages with "Automatically Write to XMP "

    I take your point Paul, I guess it boils down to how quickly you are likely to discover a Catalogue corruption, and how widespread it is (say just one or two photos, or an unreadable Catalogue). I don't know - any ideas?
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    advantages with "Automatically Write to XMP "

    If you have a system backup with versioning, for a year, say, isn't that pretty much as good against Catalogue corruption?
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    Members and Guests

    I'm always surprised to see how many more guests than members there are online at any one time. If there is a forum type of site that I use regularly, I join as a matter of course. Other views? (I think only members can see the lounge, so this may be a bit biased!)
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    Dark Prints from Lightroom using soft proofing

    Can't help either (I assume that you've checked the simulate paper and ink box) However, with a more modest printer I find that I have to do something similar, also using Permajet Oyster as it happens. I have always assumed it was because my monitor (which is profiled and calibrated) is set too...
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    Culling prior to Import?

    From a different perspective. I'm used to dealing with the low hundreds of photos, not thousands. I find that for my m4/3 cameras DxO's PhotoLab gives the best raw conversion / noise reduction. So I view the photos in PhotoLab and export/import into Lightroom the "best" ones. I don't actually...
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    New Masking coming to LRC/ACR

    Here's a more detailed look: First real life preview of new LR masking capabilities: Retouching Forum: Digital Photography Review (follow the link)
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    How to show samples of art photos to prospective buyers

    You can disable right clicking, but if your user is savvy they can display the html, and it may then be possible to spot the url that takes you direct to the photo
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    WACOM tablet - best practices for usage in LR?

    Mmmm. If I was just using my desktop for photography then I could see the sense in putting the mouse away (even though there are activities that I think the mouse is better for). Certainly to get over the learning hump. However, in my case I should think that photo stuff is maybe 10-20 %, and...
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    Noise apps = higher ISO settings?

    I'm also confused. If I utilise the ideas behind ISO invariance and bring up the lightness in Lightroom, say, I gain dynamic range without noise penalty. If I ETTR and bring the lightness down in Lightroom, I gain the benefits of an increase in real exposure and I think reduced noise. Which...
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    Lightroom BW conversion green tint?

    (This may not be relevant, but anyway.....) I have found that printing a B&W image from Lightroom can give a greenish tinge (I'm printing on a consumer Canon photo printer, but I'm normally happy with it). I was advised that this is a result of letting Lightroom manage the colour, with colour...
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    Slideshow Software Recommendation

    Not sure how well you need to interface, and whether Export from Lightroom is acceptable. If you're going to be doing this a lot, have a look at PicturesToExe: PTE AV Studio - Photo Slideshow Software - PicturesToExe - WnSoft
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    Why isn't there a soft proofing Auto function?

    Leaving aside the out of gamut question, I'm just trying to think through what this would mean. I had imagined that the soft proof / "simulate paper and ink" controls were there in recognition that a monitor and a print cannot look the same. If we take brightness, the monitor's apparent...
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    Develop module Lightroom Summit

    (This may not be the right forum) I just watched one of the first day's broadcast on the subject of "range masks". Excellent! In fact I've shelled to have ongoing access to the lost.