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    Noise apps = higher ISO settings?

    I'm also confused. If I utilise the ideas behind ISO invariance and bring up the lightness in Lightroom, say, I gain dynamic range without noise penalty. If I ETTR and bring the lightness down in Lightroom, I gain the benefits of an increase in real exposure and I think reduced noise. Which...
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    Lightroom BW conversion green tint?

    (This may not be relevant, but anyway.....) I have found that printing a B&W image from Lightroom can give a greenish tinge (I'm printing on a consumer Canon photo printer, but I'm normally happy with it). I was advised that this is a result of letting Lightroom manage the colour, with colour...
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    Slideshow Software Recommendation

    Not sure how well you need to interface, and whether Export from Lightroom is acceptable. If you're going to be doing this a lot, have a look at PicturesToExe: PTE AV Studio - Photo Slideshow Software - PicturesToExe - WnSoft
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    Why isn't there a soft proofing Auto function?

    Leaving aside the out of gamut question, I'm just trying to think through what this would mean. I had imagined that the soft proof / "simulate paper and ink" controls were there in recognition that a monitor and a print cannot look the same. If we take brightness, the monitor's apparent...
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    Develop module Lightroom Summit

    (This may not be the right forum) I just watched one of the first day's broadcast on the subject of "range masks". Excellent! In fact I've shelled to have ongoing access to the lost.
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    PureRAW review on DPReview

    Also be aware up front, it's just a cut down version of PhotoLab, and it's not specially cheap. If it were me, I'd try and stretch to PhotoLab (I actually already did).
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    DxO Pure Raw

    I've been using DxO's PhotoLab for some time, as a front end to Lightroom, and I've read a fair bit about PureRaw. Obviously, PureRaw isn't of interest to me. Although DxO have broken out those features as described, I understand it has not included the Denoise controls that PhotoLab has -...
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    Color shift during exporting

    Yes, I can see them, but I'll leave it to the experts to comment!
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    Slideshow module Slideshow Issues with Upgrade

    A more expensive option is PicturesToExe PTE AV Studio - Photo Slideshow Software - PicturesToExe - WnSoft Probably only worth it if it's something you're going to do a lot of (and run Windows), but it can do pretty much anything.
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    Coming from LR 6 - Does an update to LR Classic make sense?

    Hello and welcome, I think it's a very personal thing. You can look at the developments that Paul has signposted to. However, for me, always having the latest version, supported, bugs fixed, compatible with new operating systems for what is, again for me, a very affordable monthly fee is just...
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    "What's New" page on LRQ seems to miss a few things ...

    I was also side effect free. (I had the AstraZeneca / Oxford one, but since I'm an Oxford graduate and worked for AZ for thirty years I could hardly refuse!) Anyway, I understand that younger people (Victoria!) seem to have more side effects, maybe because of a better immune response.
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    Are there glitches in Version 10.1.1?

    Not "glitches" but "previously undocumented features" :)
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    Another backup software question

    I'm now running both in parallel. It's taken Backblaze around five days to shift around 600GB of the 1TB I'm starting with. It hasn't reported any problems so far. I did a mini recovery test just downloaded a couple of files.
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    Another backup software question

    Hi, I've been running CrashPlan for several years now. I kept going when they ended the personal computer service, and kept promising myself I'd review it, but I never have Would there be any advantage in moving over to BackBlaze, as mentioned in a recent thread? Are the capabilities...