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    lightroom edits not showing in Finder

    Because, as Hal said, Lightroom does not edit the DNG. It just saves a list of adjustments into it's catalog or a sidecar file or attaches it to the DNG..... but the DNG or RAW file remains unedited. Further more the Lightroom adjustments can only be viewed in LR (or Adobe Camera RAW) so if you...
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    RAW files deleted after export

    Were the JPGs you exported from the RAW files in the destination location you selected?
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    Camera presets disappear after import to Lightroom.

    Not sure I understand your question. An in camera JPG would already have lens correction applied by the camera. A RAW file would be unprocessed but should include lens etc details in the meta data which would be read by Lightroom.
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    Vertical lines in images

    It is data corruption but, given the amount of time since they were taken/imported, it will be hard to work out if it occured while writing the the SD card, while transferring to the computer or due to a fault with the Hard Drive.
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    Searching for my name in the filter bar generates too many hits

    Did you enter a copyright message (which included your name) into your camera? Having checked my name shows up in three places in the EXIF & IPTC info as Artist, Creator and in the copyright message from the camera.
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    Problem with VC

    Virtual copies are virtual... they don't exist. The whole point of them is to allow you to have many different versions of an image without actually filling your hard drive with duplicate files. A VC only exists as an entry in the LR catalog. All VCs of an image use the same source image file on...
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    Advice for a Reluctant Lr Consultant

    OP, while you are at it make sure that your friends LR catalog backups are set to go to a separate hard drive from the one his working catalog is on. Also ensure that he has a proper back up regimen that backs up the image files, his presets (develop, import, export etc) as these things are not...
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    Develop module Different results when changing profile between lightroom files and photoshop files

    You could always create your own preset. Start with the Monochrome profile and then start adjusting sliders to get the look you like. Give that you want softer try starting with negative clarity, sharpness, dehaze and or contrast.
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    Camera presets disappear after import to Lightroom.

    In camera processing only applies to JPGs. When you shoot JPG you choose the preset and when the camera creates the JPG it applies those settings. When you shoot RAW the camera saves the RAW data to the card. It does create a JPG preview using your preset (this is what you see on the rear LCD)...
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    LR to IG Plugin

    You mean what version? v0.6.1594, the latest one.
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    LR to IG Plugin

    Don't think that is the issue because my PC based version of LR/Instagram plugin works fine.
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    Multiple folders

    Agree with the above. Folders are far less efficient/flexible than Collections. Not only is it more work to create all these folders but it then makes finding/displaying images much harder. You go to 8 air shows in two different years and the same one aircraft is at 3 of them. That means you...
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    Use of .dng

    Quite simply ask yourself what actual benefit do you get (now) from converting?
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    Catalogs Storing Lightroom Images and Catalog (was: How can a catalog best be placed on a DVD?)

    Can I ask why? I have 42,000 photos and climbing in my catalog and it seems pretty clean to me. Multiple catalogs mean that you can't search all images, you have to create a new keyword list (which won't be synced with the ones in your other catalog), collections/smart collections will only...
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    exporting raw pics as jpeg without saving LR changes

    No. A RAW file is not an image it is sensor data. To turn it into an image it must have some level of processing which will include applying one of several Profiles. - These are basically hidden Presets. Even though the LR sliders are at 0 a Profile will apply certain adjustments (what those are...